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  • Pointless Jobs


    Hey Comrades, This episode Thad, Red, and I discuss pointless jobs. Again it will be 3 weeks until the next episode instead of the regular 2. Pointless Jobs Notes: David Graeber Article Advertisements

  • Keys to Economic Prosperity


    Hello! So we had a bit of a gap in our releases. Sorry about that (we really do aim to have them regularly every two weeks, I promise), Red had gone on his honeymoon and the end of the summer … Continue reading →

  • Episode: The Third Industrial Revolution


    Hello all, In this episode Red, Thad, and I discuss the so called upcoming third industrial revolution and the possible futures that it could bring about. The Third Industrial Revolution -Tony

  • New Episode: Evergreen


    Hey there, New episode for you. This one we are discussing some issues that happened earlier in the year at Evergreen State College in Washington (state). We touch on lots of different topics from racism, to discourse, to tactics for … Continue reading →

  • Trump vs The World


    Howdy, This episode we’re discussing Trump’s foreign policy and more (where the conversation wanders around to). Apologies again for the electric noises, we recorded this immediately after the previous episode, so we were still unaware of the problem when we … Continue reading →

  • UK Elections


      Hello, So in an always timely manner we’re discussion the elections in the UK, that happened about a month ago. Nevertheless it’s a good discussion and one of us correctly predicts what did happen. Also apologies for the few … Continue reading →

  • Trump Land, Part 2


    Hello comrades, Here is part 2 of our discussion about Trump. First off I’d like to apologize about the eating sounds in the last, there are a few in this one that I wasn’t able to remove as well, so … Continue reading →

  • New Episode! Trump Land, Part 1


    Hey everyone, Been a while. You’ll notice that we say in this episode that we recorded this on the day of the French elections, which is a bit ago already. The reason for the lag is that we wanted to … Continue reading →

  • Episode 5-5: The Election


    Hi, This episode Red, Thad, and I discuss the election. Episode 5-5: The Election (39 Mbs, 51 mins) -Tony

  • Is America Already Socialist?


    No, but are government programs like libraries and public utilities socialist programs?  Could they be a path to a new society?  How can you use them to talk to people about socialism? Is America Already Socialist? -Red  

  • Episode 5-3: Talking Hegemony with Elena Levy-Navarro


    Hello everyone, We’re back (and yes we will be resuming our regular every other week release schedule). This episode Red and I sat down with a former professor of mine, Elena Levy-Navarro, to discuss hegemony. Episode 5-3: Episode 5-3: Talking … Continue reading →

  • Episode 5-2: Douglas Lain


    Hello Comrades, This episode Red and I had the pleasure of speaking with Douglas Lain, author, the publisher of Zero Books, and host of the excellent Zero Squared (formerly Diet Soap) podcast. We discussed Zero Books, radical publishing, the dialectic, … Continue reading →

  • Episode 5-1: We’re all hipsters, and capitalism is using that to rip us off


    Hello Comrades, We’re back. It is a bit later than we were hoping, but nevertheless it’s here. For the the next while we may end up not meeting our usual every two weeks. But rest assured we’ll continue to put … Continue reading →

  • Episode 4-16: Peaches


    Hey Everybody, This episode Red, Thad, and I did something a little different. We listened t0 the Presidents of the United States of America song Peaches (you can listen to here), and read a…post/article thing claiming it is a Marxist … Continue reading →

  • Ideology is Messy


    Ideology is not just sneaky, it’s also messy.  Thad, Tony, and Red continue their discussion on the Pervert’s Guide to Ideology and discuss how nobody has ideology under control and how it works in unforeseen ways. (32 MBs, 35 Mins) … Continue reading →

  • Ideology is Sneaky


    In this episode Red, Tony and Thad talk about how ideology works in many different ways, often ways that are not apparent or secondary to it’s primary purpose.  We also discuss the Slavoj Zizek film, “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”. … Continue reading →

  • Episode 4-13: Dem Debate


    Hey Everybody, For something a little different Red and I watched last night’s (11-14-15) Democratic Party debate with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley. This episode is our comments and thoughts on the debate. Episode 4-13: Dem Debate (47 Mbs, … Continue reading →

  • New Episode: Anarchy and Marxism


    You asked for an episode on Anarchy, and here it is.  Red and Tony discuss different types of Anarchy, it’s strengths and flaws, as well as some famous anarchists. Anarchy and Marxism 26Mbs, 28 Mins  

  • Episode 4-11: Manifesto Minute


    Hello Everyone, This episode Red and I read some messages you’ve sent us, and we discuss a passage from the Communist Manifesto. Episode 4-11: Manifesto Minute (42 mins 41 MBs) Links: A is for Atom Bomb by Steve Sheinkin -Tony

  • Capitalism and the Environment


    Red and Tony discuss the relationship between capitalism and the environment. Capitalism and the Environment 45 mins, 42 MBs

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