The Legends Of The Jews — Volume 2

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Legends of the Jews is a chronological compilation of aggadah from hundreds of biblical legends in Mishnah, Talmud and Midrash. The compilation consists of seven volumes (four volumes of narrative texts and two volumes of footnotes with a volume of index) synthesized by Louis Ginzberg in manuscript of German language. In 1913, it was translated by Henrietta Szold.

Volume II: From Joseph to the Exodus

Chapter I: Joseph

The Favorite Son - Joseph Hated by His Brethren - Joseph Cast into the Pit - The Sale - Joseph's Three Masters - Joseph's Coat Brought to His Father - Judah and His Sons - The Wives of the Sons of Jacob - Joseph the Slave of Potiphar - Joseph and Zuleika - Joseph Resists Temptation - Joseph in Prison - Pharaoh's Dreams - Joseph before Pharaoh - The Ruler of Egypt - Joseph's Brethren in Egypt - Joseph Meets His Brethren - The Second Journey to Egypt - Joseph and Benjamin - The Thief Caught - Judah Pleads and Threatens - Joseph Makes Himself Known - Jacob Receives the Glad Tidings - Jacob Arrives in Egypt - Joseph's Kindness and Generosity - Jacob's Last Wish - The Blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh - The Blessing of the Twelve Tribes - The Death of Jacob - The Sons of Jacob at War with the Sons of Esau - Zepho King of Kittim - The Nations at War - Joseph's Magnanimity - Asenath - The Marriage of Joseph - Kind and Unkind Brethren - Treachery Punished - The Death and Burial of Joseph

Chapter II: The Sons of Jacob

Significant Names - Reuben's Testament - Simon's Admonition against Envy - The Ascension of Levi - Judah Warns against Greed and Unchastity - Issachar's Singleness of Heart - Zebulon Exhorts unto Compassion - Dan's Confession - Naphtali's Dreams of the Division of the Tribes - Gad's Hatred - Asher's Last Words - Benjamin Extols Joseph

Chapter III: Job

Job and the Patriarchs - Job's Wealth and Benefactions - Satan and Job - Job's Suffering - The Four Friends - Job Restored

Chapter IV: Moses in Egypt

The Beginning of the Egyptian Bondage - Pharaoh's Cunning - The Pious Midwives - The Three Counsellors - The Slaughter of the Innocents - The Parents of Moses - The Birth of Moses - Moses Rescued from the Water - The Infancy of Moses - Moses Rescued by Gabriel - The Youth of Moses - The Flight - The King of Ethiopia - Jethro - Moses Marries Zipporah - A Bloody Remedy - The Faithful Shepherd - The Burning Thorn-bush - The Ascension of Moses - Moses Visits Paradise and Hell - Moses Declines the Mission - Moses Punished for His Stubbornness - The Return to Egypt - Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh - The Suffering Increases - Measure for Measure - The Plagues Brought through Aaron - The Plagues Brought through Moses - The First Passover - The Smiting of the First-born - The Redemption of Israel from Egyptian Bondage - The Exodus

Sometimes weird, sometimes enlightening, always fun. Perhaps the best part is getting a better feel of how some Jews interact with their sacred text. And "interact" is a great word--they don't just read, they fiddle with, argue against, embrace, and treat the Old Testament as a living, breathing text with which they can have an open conversation. An invaluable collection of myths, stories, and passages from the Midrash.