Zero Desease: The Birth Of The Collaborative Model (commons) Of Health. The Birth Of Health Smart Grid Digital.

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The book stems from the desire of the authors to disseminate tools and transformation of models in healthcare, inspired by Jeremy Rifkin’s theory `Zero Marginal Cost`.


The ambitious attempt to make an accessible and usable participative model of health, illness and treatment, meets the need of the human being to recover the relationship with himself and with the world around him. The environmental, economic, social and technological should be geared towards preserving the human being and environment he lives in. The inevitable repercussions on health will become increasingly avoidable using the new paradigm of communication, through conscientious choices and the essential support of the internet. The transition from a Hierarchical and Structured Medicine to a Capillary and Distributed Medicine, sees the human being involved in the role of being responsible for himself. The health-oriented community will be the arrival point, not only a starting point and a social duty prior to being a fundamental right.


A visionary shift, probably. However, in the words of our intellectual reference ”It`s Already Happening”.