Pompoir: The Path Of Pleasure

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Benefits of Pompoir
• The Pompoir strengthens the vaginal muscles and the muscles of pubococcygeus of women and men, enhancing sexual pleasure of both.
• It is excellent for regulating hormones, since it activates circulation in the pelvic area conserving longer youth and libido of people who practice the pompoir exercises regularly.
• Its practice increases self-esteem, because pompoir is also a seduction technique. Thus, people who develop this art enchant and surprise her lovers.
• Many women considered frigid began to feel pleasure during sex and can even experience orgasm. Many doctors, like Dr. Kegel, confirmed the increase of libido and orgasmic potential of women who practice pompoir.
• There is significant improvement in the relationship of couples from the moment you begin to realize that their sex life becomes more creative and enjoyable by eliminating the monotony and spicing the lovemaking.
• It helps and prevents problems such as incontinence, falling uterus, bladder, vaginal laxity. Combined with psychotherapy, Pompoir exercises can help in the treatment of vaginismus, which is a sexual disorder that keeps very constricted vagina during penetration.
• Women who want to have babies should start exercising with some advance the pompoir exercises, which can facilitate the delivery and contribute to the rapid recovery of the vaginal muscles and the perineum after childbirth.
• Increases the time of erection and sexual virility of men practicing this technique. The pompoir also strengthens the male pelvic muscles, prolonging the sexual life of man until older ages.
Pompoir exercises are pleasurable for the woman and activate the sensitivity of several important erogenous spots such as the G-spot and the clitoris.
• Increases self-esteem and self-knowledge of your body, preparing the couple to feel more pleasure.