Self-discipline [russian Edition]

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The best training on self-discipline from the famous Russian business guru Nikolai Mrochkovsky!
Only the most useful information on how to manage your life!
How many times in recent times did you postpone an important matter for later and as a result, faced with the sad consequences of such a decision: with hands, dissatisfaction with your work, lack of time? If you are tired of putting up with procrastination, laziness, inability to plan your time and your own lack of will - this training is for you!
A short but very effective course of the famous Russian business coach Nikolai Mrochkovsky will teach how to become more disciplined, manage everything and yet not feel tired and driven.
From this training you will learn:
- How to take the first steps towards developing self-discipline;
- Which time management system to choose and how to adapt it for themselves and their tasks;
- Where do you get the strength and energy to comply with your personal plan and achieve your goals?
- The secret tricks and tricks that will increase your self-discipline, and hence - productivity.
Listen, follow the recommendations and you will definitely see the result!