Break Free From Shyness And Social Anxiety: Overcome Shyness, Gain Confidence, And Start Living The Life You Deserve

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Break Free from Shyness and Social Anxiety:Overcome Shyness, Gain Confidence and Start Living the Life You Deserve is a premier audio program created by Linda Strick, M.A., who is a Nationally known Expert on Shyness, and Founder of The Center for Shyness. She has appeared on Good Morning America, and numerous television and radio shows across the country
This easy to use and practical program includes 10 digital audios that will take you through 7 Steps to Overcome your Shyness and Social Anxiety. Audio 1 is Understanding Shyness, that will teach you what Shyness really is, and the causes, and even tells you who some some shy celebrities are. Audio 2 is Goal Setting to Overcome Shyness where you will learn how to face your fears and expose yourself to what you're avoiding. Audio 3 is Positive Self Talk where you will learn how to get rid of your negative thoughts and self-consciousness. Audio 4 is Developing Social Skills where you will learn a variety of skills like "How to Make Small Talk". Audio 5 is Relaxation that will help you alleviate your physical symptoms associated with shyness. Audio 6 is Visualization where you will learn powerful techniques to overcome your shyness. Audio 7 is Being Assertive to teach you how to ask for what you want. Audio 8 is Building Self Esteem and Confidence.
There are also 2 Bonus Audios. Bonus 1 is Love-Shy, and will teach you how to overcome being shy in the area of dating and love. Bonus 2 Audio is Career-Shy related to how to overcome being shy in the workplace, like going on job interviews or attending meetings. This program will open the doors for you to create new exciting opportunities, to start living the life you deserve today.