Great Women Of The Apocrypha: Susanna

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Read for you by Best-Selling Narrator, Steve Cook, Susanna is found in the Apocrypha. It is sometimes called, “The History of Susanna.” She was very beautiful and feared the Lord, having been raised by righteous parents who instructed her in Mosaic law. After being wrongly accused of a crime, and sentenced to death, Susanna cries out to God, Who hears her and sends a young Daniel (yes, the very same) to her rescue. Daniel conducts a clever investigation and convinces her judges to change their minds and side with Susanna, condemning her accusers to death instead. Daniel’s wisdom was respected from that day forward.
Much debate continues over which books should be considered part of Holy Scripture to this day. Various church councils have made different decisions about what should be included and which should not. But, ALL Christians who are serious about their walk in the Christian faith should read the Apocrypha, ponder its place in Christian history, compare what the great church scholars have said concerning it, consider why Jesus himself referred to it, and above all, prayerfully understand its significant contributions to the ultimate message of salvation, made available by Jesus the Messiah.