While Bugles Blow!

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He’s a handsome American Lieutenant in the French Foreign Legion. She’s a beautiful woman who’s as fiery as the North African sun ... and as mysterious as the far side of the moon. And she’s all his—bought and paid for in the village square. Put them together and you’re sure to get fireworks.
The only reason the Lieutenant bought her was to free her from the slave trade. But now that he’s got her, he’s got trouble. Two violent native tribes are determined to get their hands on the woman ... even if it means unleashing an all-out war.
The warriors lay siege to the outpost—3000 of them versus 60 Legionnaires within. Can the Lieutenant hold the fort against the onslaught? And how long can he fend off the powerful feelings he has for the woman in his care? And, finally, does he have any idea of the secret in her past that could change everything?
The wrangling in the marketplace ... the whisper of conspiracies ... and the war-cries of the Berber all come to life as the audio version of While Bugles Blow! takes you to the wild heart of North Africa.


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