Seattle Investors Club Podcast: The Nuts & Bolts Of Real Estate Investing



The Seattle Investors Club podcast provides the nuts and bolts for your real estate investing game.Julie & Joe have been in the real estate investing arena for over 20 years, through up markets and down markets, and they are passionate about sharing their story with you. The Seattle Investors Club is an actual real estate meet up, run by Julie & Joe, and this podcast is an additional arm of the Club, that’s intended purpose is to reach more real estate investors, in an attempt to impact more people in a positive way. In our real estate business we do wholesaling, rehabbing, listings, and creative real estate transactions. Over the years it has become necessary to be able to identify real estate deals, and take them in the direction that will add the most value to us and the sellers we work with. Should you ever be compelled to reach out with a question, we encourage it, and hope that you will. All real estate, real estate investing, and general investing questions are fair game.


  • SIC 035: Deep Dive on Hard Money with Nghi Le

    25/07/2018 Duration: 01h01min

    Nghi Le has been all over the lending and real estate investing world, and shares his experience with us. If you’re looking for a deep dive into hard money... this is a really interesting listen.

  • SIC 034: Syndication Investing and More with Tamar Mar

    12/07/2018 Duration: 01h13min

    Real estate syndications are somewhat of a unicorn. People always talk about wanting to do them, but rarely do they actually get executed. Well, Tamar Mar has found the unicorn and is actively doing real estate syndication investing.

  • SIC 033: Deep dive into lending & investing with Albert Bui

    05/07/2018 Duration: 57min

    Albert Bui is commonly referred to at “the smartest guy in the room”, and on this show we get deep into lending and investing. Including buy and hold and airbnb.

  • SIC 032: Husband & Wife Powerhouse Team Christine Kwon & Olivier Rigon - How we "Do It"

    28/06/2018 Duration: 54min

    Christine Kwon & Olivier Regon talk about how they’ve made their relationship work all while running an extremely successful real estate rehabbing business in the Seattle Real Estate market.

  • SIC 031: How I Quit My Day Job with Min Qiu

    21/06/2018 Duration: 54min

    Every month we see students funnel into our investors club looking for a way into a better life. Well, Min Qiu has found it, and in the podcast he share the story of How I Quit My Day Job.

  • SIC 030: Rehab Specialist Donna Gronvold of KD3 Home Solutions

    14/06/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Donna Gronvold is the rehab specialist of KD3 Home Solutions, a Seattle based home renovation company. Donna has rehabbing houses down to a science, and if FULL of ideas that can improve your real estate rehabbing business.

  • SIC 029: Frank Rolfe of Mobile Home University

    07/06/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Have you ever wondered about what it would take to invest in mobile homes? We have. And because we would love to know about investing in mobile homes, we asked Frank Rolfe of Mobile Home University to join us on the podcast.

  • SIC 028: 15 Year Title & Escrow Expert Podcast

    31/05/2018 Duration: 01h14min

    In real estate investing it seem that having a Title & Escrow Expert on your team gets overlooked. If you want to have a great real estate investing business this is a major error, and you could be overlooking a large opportunity for business growth.

  • SIC 027: Multi-Family Investing with Scott Price

    24/05/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    What’s the hottest topic in real estate right now… Multi-Family Investing! That’s why we got an expert on the topic, Scott Price to join us on the Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate show. Scott has been in the multi family and commercial real estate business for some time, and shares so much knowledge with us on the show.

  • SIC 026: Who is responsible on a bad deal

    17/05/2018 Duration: 33min

    As you should know… not all real estate deals are created equal, AND from time to time (hopefully not too often) you will have a bad deal. In this podcast you’ll learn exactly Who is Responsible on a Bad Deal.

  • SIC 025: You've closed a few deals, now what

    10/05/2018 Duration: 51min

    At this point, you’ve had some success. You’ve closed a few deals. Now you need to know how to scale up to keep the business growing. In this podcast we share how we’ve done that in our real estate business.

  • SIC 024: 3 Ninja Investor Strategies to Use in a Competitive Market

    03/05/2018 Duration: 50min

    When you're in a HOT real estate market what do you do..? Give up? Heck no! You find some strategies that are going to give you a competitive advantage. And, on this podcast, we are giving it all up. We are giving you OUR 3 Ninja Investor Strategies to Use in a Competitive Market. Enjoy!

  • SIC 023: Competition for Deals; Where Do YOU Fit in?

    26/04/2018 Duration: 40min

    When you're looking for real estate deals things can seem intimidating, but when you can figure out where you fit in, you'll have the opportunities coming to you in droves. In this podcast we help you to figure out exactly where that is.

  • SIC 022: How To Build Your Success "Team"

    19/04/2018 Duration: 49min

    In real estate you can try to do it all yourself, but I can guarantee that you won't be able to accomplish as much as if you have a "team" of people around you. In this podcast we give you the inside info on how to build your success team, so you can maximize your real estate efforts!

  • SIC 021: Time Management Systems to Get More Done, FASTER

    12/04/2018 Duration: 35min

    Time management systems are something that a lot of investors that I talk to don’t consider. They are just working on getting the next deal done. This usually happens for a few years, then they burn out and get out of the business, or they figure it out. In this podcast I’m going to teach you the time management systems that have kept me in the business for over 8 years.

  • SIC 020: Wholesaling Rules of Engagement for Broker/Investors

    05/04/2018 Duration: 34min

    When you're in real estate you will have much more success if you know the rules of engagement. This is doubly true if you're a Broker/Investor, and maximizing your real estate opportunities.

  • SIC 019: First 10 Steps for a New Real Estate Investor

    29/03/2018 Duration: 53min

    Every new real estate investor needs some guidelines. In this podcast we give you the first 10 things that you should do. Just follow the path to success, and try to avoid the shiny objects that pop up along the way.

  • SIC 018: Wealth creation beyond real estate with Brian Fouts

    22/03/2018 Duration: 52min

    Real estate is only one strategy for creating the wealth that we all are looking for, and Brian Fouts teaches us about his journey into real estate, and from real estate to other asset classes.

  • SIC 017: Money, money, money with Travis Wandell

    15/03/2018 Duration: 48min

    In this podcast we talk with our favorite hard money lender Travis Wandell of Veristone Capital. Travis has been lending money for years, and knows the real estate industry inside and out. In this podcast you are sure to learn something (even if you're a seasoned investor)!

  • SIC 016: How to Work Relationships for Deals

    08/03/2018 Duration: 42min

    If you think that the only way to get deals is through mail or the internet... you are very wrong. In this podcast we teach you how your relationships can bring you deals that you never would have with traditional marketing.

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