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Like Anime? How about "Otaku Culture?" Well your in the RIGHT place! My name is Tokyo Tyler and welcome to the "Weeaboo WonderLand!" This show focuses around anime,manga,cosplay and EVERYTHING! In between. You can follow me a Instagram @tokyo_tyler / also on YouTube TokyoTyler! / So get you're pocky and ramune and take a seat next to you're body pillow and relax! ?(^o^)?



    28/11/2017 Duration: 04min

    WELCOME TO THE WEEABOO WONDERLAND! This is the debut episode of the Podcast! We go through the host's terrifyingly spooky backstory and lay down the ground work for the "otaku joyride" Sooooo if you enjoy (anime,manga,Japan,games) etc. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE TO THE SHOW ON and _________________________Also check me out on and @tokyo_tyler /// ⚡️

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