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Games, Movies, Board games, all things us nerds love to do and argue about! Join us as our hosts Jarrod and Dave take you on an adventure down memory lain, drag you threw the pain of today, and help you overcome the threats of tomorrow. just two dads with a microphone and a love for pop culture.Facebook: Twitter : COMING SOON!Patreon: COMING SOON!Go Check Out Jarrod's Art work @


  • Episode 18 The Notorious B.F.G

    28/02/2018 Duration: 01h20min

    Today the Guys Today the guys ramble about, Jan Clod Vandam, Steven Sagaul, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and the moves they like that they did. Facebook: Twitter: ttw_boardgames Patreon: Kicking it With Kickstarter: Starting at 1:12:00 Werewolf By Krista Gibbard impromptu executions. Swords & Souls By Fridgecrisis Games War of Supremacy By Nathan Everett (Lost Treasure Games)

  • Episode 17: Cobra Kai " Never Die"

    21/02/2018 Duration: 01h05min

    On Episode 17"You Drank What" continues, the guys talk about the upcoming Cobra Kai YouTube red series, and some of the new Funko Pops coming out. You Drank What? Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop: Website: Facebook: Apple users: Facebook: Twitter: ttw_boardgames Patreon: 56:45 Foundation DUNGEON DRESSING DICE Knights of Fire

  • Episode 16: Bathroom Shenanigans

    15/02/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Join us as we continue the craft soda challenge, we talk about kids and bathrooms, our Segment Dang That's Nerdy, and Rumor Mill!! WE have also added Kicking it with Kickstarter at the end of our show, so stay tunes after the show for that. You Drank What? Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop: Website: Facebook: Patreon Go here! Kicking it with Kickstarter 58:16 Treasure Mountain Space Park 1,000-Year Beard: The Card Game

  • Episode 15: You Drank What?

    31/01/2018 Duration: 01h11min

    The guys take an unexpected turn, as they drink two craft sodas instead of one. and there is some other stuff also! How to get these craft sodas? Support us:

  • Episode 14: Ranch Dressing Soda

    23/01/2018 Duration: 01h12min

    in this episode the guys take on a challenge, one they are sure to regret. starting this episode they will drink strange beverages during the show! ahh yeah and they talk about some other stuff to!

  • Episode 13: Black Mirrior

    16/01/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    The guys talk about Black Mirrior, and other Tv shows. Patreon now live! Check out Jarrod's art work at @thatjarroddepugh

  • Episode 12: Bringing in the new year

    02/01/2018 Duration: 01h24min

    Join us as we bring in the new year with some basic conversation.

  • Episode 11: Tribute to the Best Podcast Ever

    25/12/2017 Duration: 30min

    A Gift from us to you, with episode 11 on this Christmas Day.

  • Episode 10: Star Wars Last Jedi theories.

    20/12/2017 Duration: 54min

    In This Episode we talk STAR WARS the last jedi, "No spoilers", and maybe we get a little side tracked.

  • Kicking it with Kickstater: The Odyssey #1

    13/12/2017 Duration: 04min

    This Week of 12-13-17 12-20-17 Kicking it with Kickstarter we spotlight The Odyssey #1, a SyFy space comic book! Go and Back this comic book now!

  • Episode 9: Super Powers

    12/12/2017 Duration: 53min

    On this episode Jarrod and Dave talk about the award winning art work Jarrod has done, What super powers would you want, and the apocalypse!

  • Kicking it With Kickstater 12-06-17 to 12-13-17

    06/12/2017 Duration: 10min

    On this episode we discover two really great games that are disserving of backing. Rebels of Ravenport: Dice Wars : Don't forget to jump over to our facebook page and like us!

  • Episode 8: Escape from ChuckE Cheese'S

    05/12/2017 Duration: 01h11min

    Your hosts Jarrod and Dave talk about thanksgiving, Black Friday, Escape from Chucke Cheeses, and much more!

  • Kicking it With Kickstarter 11-26-17 to 12-06-17

    01/12/2017 Duration: 09min

    Back for the second week, Gunfights & Gamblin' You need to check it out, don't wait, no really don't wait.

  • Kicking it with Kickstaters 11/20/17 - 11/27/17

    22/11/2017 Duration: 07min

    In or first episode of Kicking it with Kickstarter we look at the game Gunfights and Gamblin'! A Card Game On Kickstarter as of now. Note: I keep saying Fighters unknown why!! Don't Forget to like us over on Facebook and Twitters!

  • Episode 7: Real Talk

    21/11/2017 Duration: 57min

    Your Hosts Jarrod and Dave, make a complete circle when they play DANNNNG that's nerdy and end on Country Music. Dave Talks about Spandex and the future, while Jarrod holds true to his nerdy way of life. Don't Forget to SHARE and Like our podcast to the world! We are now on ITUNES: Google Play: Facebook: Earthos Facebook to sign up for play testing:

  • Episode 6: Saturday Mornings

    15/11/2017 Duration: 01h11min

    Jarrod and Dave take a look back on a few Saturday morning cartoons and some of the shows watched before heading to school. They also cast a live action film for Peppa Pig, and talk about the latest rumors in the Rumor Meal. Facebook: Twitter : Go Check Out Jarrod's Art work @ Website: Coming Soon Patreon: Coming Soon Join us soon on Twitch:

  • Episode 5: Rumor Has It

    05/11/2017 Duration: 01h02min

    Jarrod and Dave, talk about rumors that have sprung up this week, they also bring up the fastest man alive, The V, Zombies, and aw yes Kung Fu Jesus! Facebook: Twitter : Go Check Out Jarrod's Art work @

  • Episode 4: Back On Track, or are we?

    31/10/2017 Duration: 53min

    The guys play DAAAANG that's nerdy, and talk about the 3 movies they are nerding out about. Website: COMING SOON! Facebook: Twitter : Parteon: COMING SOON! Go Check Out Jarrod's Art work @

  • Episode 3 : Got to love that Candy

    25/10/2017 Duration: 49min

    The Guys talk about their favorite Halloween candy, and like always derail to much more exciting topics! Facebook: Twitter : Go Check Out Jarrod's Art work @

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