The Evolved Executive: The Future Of Work Is Love In Action

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Today’s forward-thinking leaders know that the future of work is human; it’s about catalyzing people in pursuit of a meaningful mission. By leading organizations with soul, purpose, and love, conscious leaders can heal the crisis of suffering present in many organizations and revitalize the workforce through innovative practices and deep self-awareness. In this introspective and deeply insightful guide, former healthcare executive Heather Hanson Wickman, PhD, offers practical advice, invaluable strategies, and cutting-edge practices that allow leaders to

Accelerate individual and organizational growth

Breakthrough stubborn and persistent roadblocks

Transform fears to achieve their highest potential

With The Evolved Executive, leaders and entrepreneurs can shatter the taboo of bringing love into business and, in so doing, awaken their soul and liberate the soul of their organization. It’s time to create a better way to work.