The Mother Dance

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Bestselling Author Harriet Lerner leads you in the most magnificent dance of all: The Mother Dance!

Her phenomenally successful audio books have profoundly changed the way we think about anger and intimacy. Now psychologist and mother Harriet Lerner tackles the most emotionally charged, issue of all time: motherhood.

In her own candid, and compassionate voice, Dr. Lerner discusses this extraordinary, life-altering experience as no one before her has done. Listen as she explores:

  • his new life versus your new life
  • worry guilt, self-blame and other unavoidables of motherhood
  • how your own childhood influences your parenting
  • the unexpected feelings motherhood awakens in you -- good and bad
  • how children change your marriage
  • how to talk to kids you can't talk to
  • mothers and daughters -- mothers and sons
  • and much much more -- from labor pains to empty nest pangs

Lerner shares personal stories and vivid case examples that are both hilarious and heart-wrenching. Lerner will guide you on this lifelong journey, whether you're considering having children, currently raising little ones, or are the mother of grown-up children.

Read by the author on two cassettes.


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  • MotherDance2b_MP3_06945#634

    Duration: 47min
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