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The internationally bestselling author "squarely in the ranks of Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs" (Publishers Weekly) shows off her superb talent with this brilliantly conceived, skillfully executed tale of suspense.

In Karin Slaughter's exciting new thriller, an officer is shot point-blank in the Grant County police station and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver is wounded, setting off a terrifying hostage situation with medical examiner Sara Linton at the center. Working outside the station, Lena Adams, newly reinstated to the force, and Frank Wallace, Jeffrey's second in command, must try to piece together who the shooter is and how to rescue their friends before Jeffrey dies. For the sins of the past have caught up with Sara and Jeffrey—with a vengeance ...

Deftly interweaving present and past, Slaughter—dubbed "the new face of crime" by Book magazine—offers another brilliant knife-edge tale of suspense that cements her place among the most outstanding practitioners of crime fiction today.


  • Indelible_01_Open

    Duration: 13s
  • Indelible_02_Chapter1

    Duration: 45min
  • Indelible_03_Chapter2

    Duration: 35min
  • Indelible_04_Chapter3

    Duration: 34min
  • Indelible_05_Chapter4

    Duration: 15min
  • Indelible_06_Chapter5

    Duration: 24min
  • Indelible_07_Chapter6

    Duration: 44min
  • Indelible_08_Chapter7

    Duration: 30min
  • Indelible_09_Chapter8

    Duration: 28min
  • Indelible_10_Chapter9

    Duration: 29min
  • Indelible_11_Chapter10

    Duration: 12min
  • Indelible_12_Chapter11

    Duration: 31min
  • Indelible_13_Chapter12

    Duration: 16min
  • Indelible_14_Chapter13

    Duration: 16min
  • Indelible_15_Chapter14

    Duration: 10min
  • Indelible_16_Chapter15

    Duration: 46min
  • Indelible_17_Chapter16

    Duration: 29min
  • Indelible_18_Chapter17

    Duration: 50min
  • Indelible_19_Chapter18

    Duration: 25min
  • Indelible_20_Chapter19

    Duration: 58min
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