Sacred Sleep: Psalms

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"I slept like a baby."

~Certified Amazon Review

"Sacred Sleep: Psalms", the fifth volume in the popular Sacred Sleep series, was created with a biblical model of peace in mind.

It presents the Psalms with soothing music to help you get the rest you need while deepening your faith and drawing you closer to God through the unique power of His Holy Word.

You'll hear all 150 Psalms read from the Revised Geneva Translation of the Holy Bible by 7-time #1 Amazon best-selling narrator, Steve Cook.

The RGT is a faithful, 21st Century update of the very first widely-distributed Bible in English, the #GenevaBible of the 1500's. It is the text of Luther, Tyndale and Calvin, faithfully revised and updated to be heard and spoken by this generation. (Matthew 7:24, Luke 8:21)

Relax, turn off the day, and invite the Lord to lead you into a peaceful time of rest with Sacred Sleep: Psalms.


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