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  • Nicole Byer: The reality of competition shows and how ADHD can help your comedy

    22/09/2023 Duration: 32min

    Nicole Byer has made a living talking to people and being funny. She’s so good at it, she’s got three podcasts, two TV shows and a current Emmy nomination for hosting the reality show “Nailed It!” Now, somehow, Nicole has also found the time to take her stand-up on the road. She talks to Tom about growing up as a hyperactive kid, how having ADHD has helped her comedy career, and what you can expect at her show at this year's Just For Laughs.

  • Bernie Taupin: Writing hit songs with Elton John, avoiding the limelight, and why he’s telling his story now

    20/09/2023 Duration: 38min

    Bernie Taupin, who wrote lyrics for Elton John’s biggest hits, has never chased the limelight. But in his new memoir, “Scattershot,” the Grammy-winning songwriter opens up. Bernie joins Tom to share how his love of music started, his memories of working with Elton, and what he credits for their unbreakable bond.

  • Leslie Jones: “SNL,” lessons on failure and getting her first big break in her 40s

    19/09/2023 Duration: 34min

    When Leslie Jones was in her late 40s, her brother — the last remaining member of her nuclear family — died. Leslie says that experience taught her to stop caring about whether or not people laughed at her jokes, and inspired her to become a more daring comic. In her new memoir, “Leslie F*cking Jones,” she details her journey to becoming a household name — the early days growing up in Memphis, the sense of identity she discovered in comedy, and her time as a writer and cast member on Saturday Night Live. She joined Tom to talk about the stories in her memoir, the advice she got from Jamie Foxx that changed her comedy career, and how she ended up on Saturday Night Live.

  • Mick Jagger: The Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts and the future of music

    18/09/2023 Duration: 39min

    The Rolling Stones are back with “Hackney Diamonds,” the band’s first album of original material in 18 years. In a Canadian exclusive interview, frontman Mick Jagger talks to Tom about the record, the changing music industry and losing their drummer Charlie Watts.

  • Paul Simon: faith, the dream that inspired “Seven Psalms,” and coming to terms with hearing loss

    13/09/2023 Duration: 24min

    One night in 2019, Paul Simon had a dream telling him to work on a new album called “Seven Psalms.” That led him to contemplating big existential questions about his beliefs. Tom visited Paul at the legendary musician’s home near Austin, Texas — in the studio where he recorded “Seven Psalms” — for a rare sit-down chat about the album.

  • Pamela Anderson on taking her story back

    04/09/2023 Duration: 35min

    Over the years, Pamela Anderson’s story has seemingly been told by everyone but herself. Earlier this year, she decided to take back authorship of her life with a memoir (“Love, Pamela”) and Netflix documentary (“Pamela, A Love Story”). Pam sat down with Tom in studio to share her story in her own words and set the record straight.

  • Shania Twain on the moments that made her + King Kruff’s new music and having Bob Marley as your grandfather

    31/08/2023 Duration: 47min

    For decades, Shania Twain has been inspiring fans with empowering anthems like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” Tom spoke with Shania back when the documentary about her life, “Not Just a Girl,” came out on Netflix. Shania talks about her humble beginnings in Timmins, Ontario, and the hard lessons she's learned about life and love. Plus, it’s hard to pin down King Cruff’s music as it seamlessly blends hip-hop, dancehall, Afrobeats and reggae. London, Ontario’s King Cruff will tell you about his hit single “Soufflé” and how his grandfather, reggae legend Bob Marley, has influenced his approach to music and life.

  • Tim McGraw on sobriety, meeting his dad in his teens, Taylor Swift and his new album

    29/08/2023 Duration: 36min

    Tim McGraw, one of the biggest country stars on earth, is back with his 16th studio album, “Standing Room Only.” Tim talks to Tom about his career, meeting his dad for the first time as a teenager, and how he knew Taylor Swift was going to be big the first time he met her.

  • Feist on Multitudes, motherhood & memories + Charlotte Cardin performs “Next To You”

    28/08/2023 Duration: 39min

    Singer-songwriter Feist on her latest album, “Multitudes,” what it was like becoming a new mom during the pandemic, and how her life changed after her song “1234” was featured in an iPod commercial in 2007. Plus, Charlotte Cardin performs “Next to You” off her Juno-winning sophomore album, “99 Nights.”

  • Hip-Hop Week: Musician, producer and Fugee Wyclef Jean

    22/08/2023 Duration: 25min

    Grammy-winning rapper and producer Wyclef Jean (Fugees) joins Tom Power to reflect on his career and the big hits he’s produced for some of the most influential artists of the last three decades.

  • Sarah Polley explains why laughter was key to adapting Women Talking + new music from Celeigh Cardinal

    16/08/2023 Duration: 49min

    Sarah Polley’s Oscar-winning film “Women Talking” is a powerful story about three generations of women who sit down to debate their future after realizing they and their daughters have been regularly drugged and sexually assaulted by the men in their colony. Sarah tells Tom about her approach to adapting works of fiction, what it was like stepping back from the film industry after a concussion, and how she used her experience as a child actor to create the best environment possible for the children on the set of “Women Talking.” Plus, Celeigh Cardinal is a Juno-winning singer-songwriter who’s been praised for her soulful torch songs tinged with blues and R&B. She tells guest host Talia Schlanger the story behind her new song “Over Before It Began.”

  • John Legend on his double album “Legend” and the joy of making music

    26/07/2023 Duration: 32min

    John Legend is back with a new double album, Legend. He joined Tom Power for a feature interview about the record, his musical roots and what keeps him creating.

  • Alicia Keys talks her first big hit, self-worth and her memoir “More Myself”

    25/07/2023 Duration: 23min

    Fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, actor, producer and activist Alicia Keys tells Tom how an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” changed her life, what happened when she asked Prince’s permission to perform one of his songs, and what she learned about herself when writing her memoir “More Myself.”

  • Pop hitmaker Max Martin on the biggest songs of his career + Erez Zobary on being a highschool teacher by day and musician by night

    21/07/2023 Duration: 49min

    If you know songs like “I Want It That Way,” “…Baby One More Time,” or “Blinding Lights,” then you’re already familiar with the work of Max Martin. Max is a super producer, known for writing some of the biggest songs of the last three decades. In a rare career-spanning conversation, Max tells Tom about his process for writing a hit song and collaborating with some of the world’s biggest stars, and what it’s like to have his music in the hit Broadway musical “& Juliet.” Plus, when Toronto-based R&B artist Erez Zobary isn’t writing and releasing music, she’s working as a teacher at a local high school. She talks to guest host Talia Schlanger about how she balances being an educator and a musician, and how her two biggest musical inspirations — Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse — influenced the sound on her new album, “Healthy Habits!”

  • Carly Rae Jepsen on her latest album and 10 years of “Call Me Maybe” + Bells Larsen’s new song “Ten Hands”

    18/07/2023 Duration: 49min

    Carly Rae Jepsen is known for her upbeat brand of pop music that looks at love, life's little joys and heartbreak through danceable melodies and catchy hooks. But when the pandemic hit, Carly found herself coping with a type of loneliness that inspired a whole new sound – resulting in her latest album, “The Loneliest Time.” She tells Tom about making the album and reflects on 10 years of her first hit song, “Call Me Maybe.” Plus, Montreal-based singer Bells Larsen is gearing up to release his sophomore album, “If I Was, I Am,” later this month. While it promises to feature the same tender lyricism and intimate sound as his debut, the record is Bells Larsen’s first since transitioning. He’ll preview the song “Ten Hands” off the album and talk about singing with his new baritone voice.

  • Bruce Springsteen's latest album of soul classics celebrates the songs that made him a musician

    11/07/2023 Duration: 24min

    In a Canadian exclusive interview, Bruce Springsteen talks about his latest album of '60s and '70s soul covers, “Only the Strong Survive,” and how soul music shaped him as a performer and a songwriter.

  • Tom Holland on his rise to fame: “Billy Elliot,” “Spider-Man” and “The Crowded Room”

    03/07/2023 Duration: 24min

    You might know Tom Holland best as the web-slinging superhero in Marvel's “Spider-Man,” but now he’s taken on a new role in hopes of showing audiences a different side of himself. Tom talks to Tom Power about starring in the intense new miniseries "The Crowded Room," how he never meant to become an actor, and the unimaginable fame that comes with the role of Spider-Man.

  • Jerry Seinfeld had 45 years of jokes on scraps of paper — so he put them into a book

    30/06/2023 Duration: 25min

    Over his 45-year career in standup, Jerry Seinfeld had amassed tons of jokes jotted down on paper. He talks to Tom about compiling them into a book, called “Is This Anything?” — and along the way, they chat about how he got his start in comedy, the legacy of “Seinfeld,” and whether there’s an actual difference between day cereal and night cereal.

  • Cynthia Nixon on the legacy of “Sex and the City” and the evolution of Miranda

    28/06/2023 Duration: 34min

    “Sex and the City” turns 25 this month, and for the first time since the show ended, it’s back in the form of a new revival series, called “And Just Like That.” Cynthia Nixon, a.k.a. Miranda Hobbes, tells Tom about the show's legacy, how she wanted the series to evolve, and what’s changed for her character 25 years after the original series ended.

  • Elliot Page couldn't imagine telling his own story – here's why he's sharing it now

    26/06/2023 Duration: 34min

    Elliot Page (Juno, Inception, The Umbrella Academy) sits down with Tom to talk about his new memoir, “Pageboy,” how finally writing his story helped him heal from years of having to hide his true self, and what brings him joy now that he’s living openly as an out trans man.

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