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  • Brittany Howard on leaving Alabama Shakes, What Now, and growing up in poverty + New music from Mumford & Sons

    22/02/2024 Duration: 48min

    Brittany Howard’s new album “What Now” is her second solo release since a hiatus with her band Alabama Shakes. Now more than ever, she’s exploring the potential of her famous raspy voice by pairing it with surprisingly poppy songs about love and heartbreak. Brittany sits down with Tom to talk about the record and finding the courage to step into new musical territory.Plus, the boys from Mumford and Sons are back with their first new song since 2019, titled “Good People.” What you might find surprising about the track is that it features and was produced by Pharrell. Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane from the band chat with Tom about the single and what it’s been like moving ahead with the band as a trio.

  • Adam Beach: Exile, Smoke Signals, and his journey to acting

    21/02/2024 Duration: 23min

    Adam Beach has been in more than 60 films and TV shows, from Canada’s “North of 60” to the cult classic movie “Smoke Signals,” to Clint Eastwood’s “Flags Of Our Fathers.” Adam tells Tom about how he began acting in Manitoba, how he looks back on his leading role as Victor in “Smoke Signals,” and why he’s drawn to his complicated character in the new film “Exile.”

  • Shea Couleé: The Love Ball, their dance record, and life after Drag Race

    21/02/2024 Duration: 21min

    Shea Couleé is known by many as the winner of “RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars” Season 5. But in the years since their win, Shea has gone on to do some other pretty incredible things, like recording their debut studio album and being cast in the upcoming Marvel series “Ironheart.” Now, they’re set to embark on a tour called “The Love Ball,” which features original music and choreographed performances. Shea talks to Tom about some of their latest projects, what fans can expect from their tour, and their journey from small-town Illinois to selling out shows around the world.

  • Chromeo: Adult Contemporary, growing up, and what it means to be funky as you approach middle age

    20/02/2024 Duration: 29min

    Chromeo’s Dave 1 and P-Thugg started out as high school best friends making weird music in Montreal basements 20 years ago. They never could have guessed that their interest in electro-funk and ‘80s synths would take them to festival stages playing for thousands — and earning a Grammy nod along the way. Chromeo drops by to chat with Tom about their new album, “Adult Contemporary,” which poses the question: how do you stay funky in your 40s?

  • Diane Flacks: Funneling her guilt into art and mining it for comedy

    20/02/2024 Duration: 15min

    Diane Flacks is an Emmy-nominated comedy writer who’s worked on shows like “Workin' Moms” and “Baroness Von Sketch Show.” Her latest project — a one-woman play called “Guilt (A Love Story)” — is a reflection on her divorce and the grief, fear and overwhelming guilt that followed. Diane joins Tom to tell us about the play and what’s funny about going through the worst time of your life.

  • Daniel Caesar: Never Enough, the myth of success, and collaborating with Justin Bieber

    19/02/2024 Duration: 36min

    Daniel Caesar talks about his major-label debut “Never Enough,” the reality of fame, and collaborating with Justin Bieber on the song “Peaches.”

  • The Beaches: How everything needed to fall apart for everything to come together

    19/02/2024 Duration: 15min

    The Beaches are in a season of change. The Toronto-based band left their major label deal, hired a new team, and started embracing social media to reach new audiences. Now, they have a number one single, a viral hit on TikTok, and a brand new album, “Blame My Ex.” Jordan and Kylie Miller of The Beaches talk to Tom about what happens when you’re told “this is your make it or break it album,” how TikTok has expanded their audience, and how writing a breakup record felt like going to therapy with your best friends.

  • Seth Rogen: His love of pottery, The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down, and judging other artists’ work

    16/02/2024 Duration: 23min

    About five years ago, Seth Rogen posted a picture on Instagram of seven rudimentary clay objects with the caption: “So maybe I joined a pottery studio so I could start making my own ashtrays.” Now, he’s taken his love for pottery to the next level by signing up as an executive producer for the competition show “The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down.” He also appears throughout the series as a guest judge. Seth tells Tom what inspired his love of pottery, if he finds it therapeutic, and how the imagery and design around weed paraphernalia has changed since legalization.

  • Alan Doyle: Welcome Home, Great Big Sea’s early days, and his 30 years as a working musician

    16/02/2024 Duration: 26min

    Newfoundland’s own Alan Doyle is one of Canada’s great songwriters. He sits down with Tom to celebrate the release of his 20th album, titled “Welcome Home,” and reflects on the early days of his band, Great Big Sea.

  • Paul Giamatti: The Holdovers, his Oscar nom, and reuniting with Alexander Payne 20 years after Sideways

    15/02/2024 Duration: 33min

    The actor Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Private Parts) has reunited with “Sideways” director Alexander Payne for the new film “The Holdovers” — and now he’s nominated for best actor at the Oscars. Paul talks to Tom about the nomination, growing up in an academic world like his character in the film, and what sets Alexander apart from other directors.

  • Vince Staples: His new Netflix show, repping Long Beach, and luring Kawhi Leonard away from the Raptors

    15/02/2024 Duration: 14min

    The rapper Vince Staples can kind of do it all, even if he doesn’t see himself as any sort of celebrity. “The Vince Staples Show,” which Vince wrote and stars in, just might change that. It's a funny and honest semi-autobiographical story about a guy named Vince Staples who’s navigating fame while also rubbing up against his past life in Compton and Long Beach. Vince tells Tom all about it.

  • Reinaldo Marcus Green: One Love, what we get wrong about Bob Marley, and why being a pitcher makes you a better filmmaker

    14/02/2024 Duration: 37min

    “Bob Marley: One Love” is a new biopic about Bob Marley in the late ‘70s — a time when Jamaica was in political turmoil and Bob was conflicted about the direction of his music. Director Reinaldo Marcus Green (King Richard, Joe Bell) is no stranger to dramatizing the stories of real-life people. He tells Tom what a feature film brings to Bob’s story that a documentary could never do, why he casted a non-Jamaican and non-musician to play Bob, and how being a high-level baseball pitcher set him up as a filmmaker.

  • How Amanda Parris lost and found her way back to art + Turning the frustration of finding child care into music

    13/02/2024 Duration: 45min

    Amanda Parris is the type of artist who believes in sharing the spotlight. As an award-winning playwright, writer, TV producer and broadcaster, she’s used her success to amplify the work of other Black artists throughout her career. Amanda sits down with Tom to talk about the lightbulb moment that pushed her toward writing, how she convinced an Oscar-winning actor to drop a few bars on stage, and why her latest project has her reconsidering the direction of her life. Plus, Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava run a theatre company called Quote Unquote Collective where they create theatre that examines issues through a feminist lens. Their new production, “Universal Child Care,” is an eight-person a capella show that’s part theatre piece and part concert. Amy chats with Tom about how the show came to be and sets up a song from it.

  • Zach Woods: Public radio, The Office, and making fun of yourself

    12/02/2024 Duration: 36min

    In his new series “In the Know,” Zach Woods (Silicon Valley, The Office) plays an insufferable public radio host who interviews artists and celebrities. His character also happens to be a stop motion puppet, but the guests he talks to are very real. Zach chats with Tom about the project, public radio stereotypes, and why it’s important to make fun of yourself and the things you love.

  • Sunny Drake: CHILD-ish, listening to kids, and hope for the future

    12/02/2024 Duration: 16min

    Sunny Drake is an award-winning Australian-Canadian TV and theatre creator who interviewed more than 40 children about all manner of topics, from beauty to climate change. In his new theatre work, “CHILD-ish,” adult actors voice what the kids told him. Sunny joins Tom to share what he learned, how these kids’ words can help adults, and why this project gave him a sense of hope.

  • Pablo Schreiber: Halo, being Canadian, and sleeping in for his first day on The Wire

    09/02/2024 Duration: 25min

    The Canadian actor Pablo Schreiber (The Wire, Orange Is the New Black) stars as the cybernetically enhanced super-soldier Master Chief in “Halo” — the TV adaption of the massively popular video game of the same name. He sits down with Tom to chat about that character and some of his other iconic roles, including Nick Sobotka on “The Wire” and George ‘Pornstache’ Mendez on “Orange Is the New Black.”

  • Keyon Harrold: Jazz trumpet, star-studded collaborations, and his new album

    09/02/2024 Duration: 26min

    Keyon Harrold is one of the most sought after trumpet players in music right now. He’s played with everyone from Beyoncé to Mary J. Blige and Rihanna. On his new album, “Foreverland,” he reflects on empowerment and vulnerability, while also processing a racial assault that he and his son suffered back in 2020. Keyon joins Tom to talk about the record and how he’s using music to find his peace.

  • Cole Sprouse on Lisa Frankenstein, child stardom, and death threats + New music from The Strumbellas

    08/02/2024 Duration: 45min

    Cole Sprouse (Riverdale, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) started acting when he was just a baby. As a kid, he got his big break when he and his twin brother Dylan landed a Disney show called “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” At 18, Cole decided to retire from acting — but he later returned to star in the massively popular teen drama series “Riverdale.” Now, at age 31, he’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world and taking on his most challenging role yet as a zombie in the new Diablo Cody film “Lisa Frankenstein.” Cole tells Tom why he was happy to get a role where he doesn’t have to speak, what he remembers from his time as a child actor, and why getting death threats doesn't faze him anymore. Plus, if a band loses its lead singer, that usually means the end of the band — but not for The Strumbellas. Dave and Jimmy from the band drop by to introduce a song off their new album, “Part Time Believer,” and chat with Tom about keeping an act alive when the frontman changes.

  • Molly Ringwald: ‘80s fame, why she took a step back, and her new role in Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

    07/02/2024 Duration: 34min

    The actor Molly Ringwald (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink) has been a familiar face since the 1980s. After starring in some seminal John Hughes movies as a teenager, Molly’s fame sent her into the stratosphere. But growing up in the public eye wasn’t always easy. Molly tells Tom about what it was like being a child star, how she handled losing her privacy, and why she wanted to take on her latest role as Joanne Carson in the new series “Feud: Capote vs. The Swans.”

  • Kathy Griffin: My Life on the PTSD-List, getting blacklisted by Hollywood, and starting a new chapter of her career

    06/02/2024 Duration: 24min

    Kathy Griffin has been doing stand-up for decades, but it hasn’t always been a smooth road. In 2017, she posted a photo of herself with a bloody mask of Donald Trump, which launched a massive controversy, a Department of Justice investigation, and fears about the future of her career. Things only got worse after that. Kathy’s mother died, her sister died, she lost half of her left lung to cancer, she got divorced, and she was diagnosed with PTSD. Now, after six years, she’s finally embarking on a new tour called “My Life on the PTSD-List.” Kathy joins Tom to talk about this new chapter of her career, the intense backlash she faced, and whether Trump is still part of her material.

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