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  • Pop hitmaker Max Martin on the biggest songs of his career + Erez Zobary on being a highschool teacher by day and musician by night

    21/07/2023 Duration: 49min

    If you know songs like “I Want It That Way,” “…Baby One More Time,” or “Blinding Lights,” then you’re already familiar with the work of Max Martin. Max is a super producer, known for writing some of the biggest songs of the last three decades. In a rare career-spanning conversation, Max tells Tom about his process for writing a hit song and collaborating with some of the world’s biggest stars, and what it’s like to have his music in the hit Broadway musical “& Juliet.” Plus, when Toronto-based R&B artist Erez Zobary isn’t writing and releasing music, she’s working as a teacher at a local high school. She talks to guest host Talia Schlanger about how she balances being an educator and a musician, and how her two biggest musical inspirations — Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse — influenced the sound on her new album, “Healthy Habits!”

  • Carly Rae Jepsen on her latest album and 10 years of “Call Me Maybe” + Bells Larsen’s new song “Ten Hands”

    18/07/2023 Duration: 49min

    Carly Rae Jepsen is known for her upbeat brand of pop music that looks at love, life's little joys and heartbreak through danceable melodies and catchy hooks. But when the pandemic hit, Carly found herself coping with a type of loneliness that inspired a whole new sound – resulting in her latest album, “The Loneliest Time.” She tells Tom about making the album and reflects on 10 years of her first hit song, “Call Me Maybe.” Plus, Montreal-based singer Bells Larsen is gearing up to release his sophomore album, “If I Was, I Am,” later this month. While it promises to feature the same tender lyricism and intimate sound as his debut, the record is Bells Larsen’s first since transitioning. He’ll preview the song “Ten Hands” off the album and talk about singing with his new baritone voice.

  • Bruce Springsteen's latest album of soul classics celebrates the songs that made him a musician

    11/07/2023 Duration: 24min

    In a Canadian exclusive interview, Bruce Springsteen talks about his latest album of '60s and '70s soul covers, “Only the Strong Survive,” and how soul music shaped him as a performer and a songwriter.

  • Tom Holland on his rise to fame: “Billy Elliot,” “Spider-Man” and “The Crowded Room”

    03/07/2023 Duration: 24min

    You might know Tom Holland best as the web-slinging superhero in Marvel's “Spider-Man,” but now he’s taken on a new role in hopes of showing audiences a different side of himself. Tom talks to Tom Power about starring in the intense new miniseries "The Crowded Room," how he never meant to become an actor, and the unimaginable fame that comes with the role of Spider-Man.

  • Jerry Seinfeld had 45 years of jokes on scraps of paper — so he put them into a book

    30/06/2023 Duration: 25min

    Over his 45-year career in standup, Jerry Seinfeld had amassed tons of jokes jotted down on paper. He talks to Tom about compiling them into a book, called “Is This Anything?” — and along the way, they chat about how he got his start in comedy, the legacy of “Seinfeld,” and whether there’s an actual difference between day cereal and night cereal.

  • Cynthia Nixon on the legacy of “Sex and the City” and the evolution of Miranda

    28/06/2023 Duration: 34min

    “Sex and the City” turns 25 this month, and for the first time since the show ended, it’s back in the form of a new revival series, called “And Just Like That.” Cynthia Nixon, a.k.a. Miranda Hobbes, tells Tom about the show's legacy, how she wanted the series to evolve, and what’s changed for her character 25 years after the original series ended.

  • Elliot Page couldn't imagine telling his own story – here's why he's sharing it now

    26/06/2023 Duration: 34min

    Elliot Page (Juno, Inception, The Umbrella Academy) sits down with Tom to talk about his new memoir, “Pageboy,” how finally writing his story helped him heal from years of having to hide his true self, and what brings him joy now that he’s living openly as an out trans man.

  • On his new album “Michael,” Killer Mike is ready to show the man behind the MC

    22/06/2023 Duration: 34min

    Michael Render, a.k.a. Killer Mike from Run the Jewels, is over 20 years out from his first solo album. Now, he’s released a new one, called “Michael” – for his real name, and it opens up the story of the man behind the rapper. In a personal and emotional interview, Killer Mike talks to Tom about why he decided to tell his own story – and about the family and the city that helped make him who he is.

  • Paul Simon literally dreamed up his newest album, Seven Psalms

    20/06/2023 Duration: 50min

    One January night in 2019, Paul Simon had a dream telling him to work on a new album called “Seven Psalms.” What came next were big, existential questions about his own beliefs. Tom Power visits Paul Simon at the legendary musician’s ranch near Austin, Texas – in the studio where Paul recorded “Seven Psalms” – for a rare sit-down chat about the new album and his early days in music.

  • Past Lives director Celine Song + Matt Andersen’s new song What’s on My Mind

    08/06/2023 Duration: 25min

    After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, “Past Lives” received rave reviews for its depiction of love, fate and connection. Director and writer Celine Song tells Tom about the real-life moment that inspired the film's nuanced love story Plus, Matt Andersen tells Tom the story behind his song “What’s on My Mind” off his new album, “Matt Andersen and the Big Bottle of Joy.”

  • Tom Hanks wants you to know the magic behind moviemaking

    09/05/2023 Duration: 52min

    Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump, Philadelphia, A League of Their Own) on his new novel “The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece,” the insecurities he’s felt throughout his career, and what drives his passion for filmmaking when it feels like “the odds are stacked against you.”

  • The Mandalorian’s Paul Sun-Hyung Lee + The National’s Matt Berninger

    04/05/2023 Duration: 51min

    Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Kim’s Convenience) on his lifelong love of “Star Wars,” the unusual story behind how he got the role of Captain Carson Teva in “The Mandalorian,” and what the franchise needs to do better when it comes to Asian representation. Plus, Matt Berninger (26:00) on The National’s latest record, why he thought the band would never make a new album again, and their collaboration with Taylor Swift.

  • New York Times bestselling author Angie Thomas + Saeed Teebi on his debut novel

    26/04/2023 Duration: 51min

    Author Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give) on her new novel “Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy,” how showing your kids fantasy books might be the best way to talk to them about racism, and the time Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes from TLC saved her life. Plus, Saeed Teebi’s (37:05) debut story collection, “Her First Palestinian,” is up for the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. We revisit Tom’s conversation with Saeed.

  • Mae Martin on their comedy special SAP + Anosh Irani on his new play

    20/04/2023 Duration: 47min

    Comedian Mae Martin (Feel Good, Baroness von Sketch Show) on their new Netflix special “SAP,” dropping out of high school to pursue comedy and the significance behind their oatmeal tattoo. Plus, Anosh Irani (32:30) on his new play “Behind the Moon,” feeling haunted by his characters, and how no two immigration stories are the same.

  • Kiefer Sutherland on his analog life + visual artist Shary Boyle

    12/04/2023 Duration: 47min

    Actor Kiefer Sutherland (The Lost Boys, Stand By Me, 24) on his love of playing characters facing insurmountable odds, starring in the new TV series “Rabbit Hole,” and what living without the latest technology has done for his happiness. Plus, visual artist Shary Boyle (25:07) on feeling like an outsider, watching people shriek at her piece called “White Elephant,” and how she wants her latest exhibit, “Outside the Palace of Me,” to start a conversation about white supremacy.

  • Daniel Caesar on the myth of success + Bad Sisters creator Sharon Horgan

    10/04/2023 Duration: 51min

    Daniel Caesar talks about his major-label debut, “Never Enough,” the reality of fame and collaborating with Justin Bieber on “Peaches.” Plus, Emmy-nominated writer and actor Sharon Horgan (Pulling, Divorce, Bad Sisters) (36:22) on laughing through pain, turkey farming, and the significance of writing women as angry.

  • Dallas Green + Debby Friday

    03/04/2023 Duration: 46min

    Dallas Green (Alexisonfire, City and Colour) on grief, questioning your faith and the honesty that goes into his songwriting. Plus, Debby Friday (26:11) on feeling rootless, Montreal's club culture, and how sobriety changed her life and art.

  • Guillermo del Toro + Jeremy Dutcher

    29/03/2023 Duration: 49min

    Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth,The Shape of Water, Nightmare Alley) on the darkness within Pinocchio, why he included facism in his retelling of the classic story and the time he may have encountered a ghost. Plus, composer Jeremy Dutcher (35:24) and his mother Lisa Perley-Dutcher on the importance of language preservation and why they want to create the first-ever Wolastoqey immersion school (which is now up and running since they last spoke!!).

  • Sheila McCarthy + Vir Das

    27/03/2023 Duration: 50min

    Actor Sheila McCarthy (Women Talking, I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing) on working with Sarah Polley, meeting Robin Williams, and the best acting advice she’s ever received. Plus, comedian Vir Das (37:35) opens up about being labeled a ‘terrorist,’ turning criticism into comedy, and holding onto love during moments of hate.

  • Taye Diggs + Cliff Cardinal

    23/03/2023 Duration: 42min

    Actor Taye Diggs (The Best Man: The Final Chapters) on his role in the Tony award-winning musical “Rent,” the universality of Black stories and whether or not he’ll return to Broadway. Plus, playwright Cliff Cardinal (21:25) on his confrontational play “The Land Acknowledgement, or As You Like It,” subverting the audience’s expectations and laughing in the face of trauma.

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