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  • Nikki Giovanni: Poetry, influencing the birth of hip-hop, and why being talented means being lonely

    18/01/2024 Duration: 34min

    Considered one of the world’s greatest living poets, Nikki Giovanni carved out a revolutionary legacy during the civil rights era with poems that uplifted the experiences of Black Americans. Decades later, Nikki’s writing and interviews have grown increasingly personal – offering insight into her childhood, health struggles and thoughts on growing older. She shares her story in the new documentary, “Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project.” Nikki tells Tom about being involved in the birth of hip-hop, why artists should go to space, and how she packed a club of 100 people, including guests like Morgan Freeman and Nina Simone.

  • Matty Matheson: The Bear, his passionate Emmys speech, and bringing his kitchen experience to the show

    18/01/2024 Duration: 23min

    This week, Matty Matheson made a memorable acceptance speech at the 75th Emmys where “The Bear” swept up several awards, including best comedy series. Matty joins Tom to talk about bringing authenticity to the kitchen environment in the series, what it was like kissing his co-star Ebon Moss-Bachrach on stage, and why he thanked the hospitality industry in his speech.

  • Jasmeet Raina: Overnight internet fame, misunderstandings about his Sikh faith, and his new show Late Bloomer

    17/01/2024 Duration: 33min

    From 2009 to 2018, Jasmeet Raina was known online as Jus Reign. His viral videos about being a first generation Indo-Canadian millennial amassed more than 160 million views on YouTube and more than a million fans on Facebook. But one day, with no explanation, Jasmeet decided to walk away from the spotlight. Now, he’s back with a comedy series on Crave called “Late Bloomer.” Jasmeet talks to Tom about his hiatus, representing his Punjabi Sikh culture and faith on screen, and what his relationship with the internet is like now.

  • Hayley Williams: Getting Paramore back together, being a woman in the pop-punk scene, and why she’s “addicted to a survival narrative”

    16/01/2024 Duration: 20min

    If you grew up in the mid-to-late 2000s, there's a good chance you know the band Paramore. Hayley Williams has fronted the pop-punk band for 20 years. She tells Tom about the band's history, the advice she’d give her younger self and what inspired Paramore’s latest album, “This Is Why.”

  • Ibrahim Maalouf: Pushing the boundaries of the trumpet, his father’s influence, and how music became a refuge to him

    16/01/2024 Duration: 36min

    Ibrahim Maalouf is no stranger to defying genre. The acclaimed trumpeter’s latest album, “Capacity to Love,” blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B, classical and Arabic music to create a unique record that sees him collaborate with the likes of Gregory Porter, De La Soul and even Sharon Stone. Ibrahim talks to Tom about his life in music, escaping war-torn Lebanon, and how music became a refuge for him as a child. Plus, he opens up about why he’s so interested in pushing the boundaries of the trumpet and why he doesn’t feel bound to the traditions he was schooled in.

  • R.L. Stine: Goosebumps, writing advice, and how he stumbled into writing horror for kids

    15/01/2024 Duration: 32min

    R.L. Stine is one of the best-selling children's authors in history, made famous by his “Goosebumps” and “Fear Street” books. For decades, he’s kept a strict writing schedule, pumping out around 2,000 words (roughly 10 pages) each morning. More than 350 books later, he’s sharing what he knows with a new book of writing advice called “There’s Something Strange About My Brain: Writing Horror for Kids.” R.L. Stine joins Tom to talk about how growing up feeling like a fearful outsider inspired him to retreat in his room and write, how he accidentally ended up writing horror books for kids, and what his best advice is for young writers.

  • Vanessa Morgan: Riverdale, Wild Cards, and receiving death threats for her character's actions

    15/01/2024 Duration: 17min

    Vanessa Morgan (Riverdale, My Babysitter’s a Vampire) stars in the new series "Wild Cards.” She tells Tom how playing high schoolers for so many years kept her young, what she remembers about her last day of shooting for the CW series “Riverdale,” and why she feels so ready to take on this new role.

  • Geoff McFetridge: Beastie Boys, skateboarding in Calgary, and designing for brands like Apple and Nike

    12/01/2024 Duration: 33min

    Geoff McFetridge has been called “the most famous Canadian artist you’ve never heard of.” As a graphic artist and painter, he’s collaborated with directors such as Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola, designed for brands like Nike and Apple, and created huge murals for Ottawa’s transit system. In a rare interview, Geoff tells Tom how the DIY culture of skateboarding in Calgary influenced him to get into art, how he ended up designing the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal magazine, and how he keeps one foot in the world of art galleries, and one foot in the world of corporate design.

  • D.J. Demers: How growing up hard of hearing and working in a used sporting good store inspired his new sitcom

    12/01/2024 Duration: 18min

    D.J. Demers is a hard of hearing comedian who’s performed on some of the most famous stages in comedy, such as “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Conan,” and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Now, the Canadian comedian is out with his new CBC workplace comedy, titled “One More Time,” which follows a semi-fictionalized version of himself who is a manager of a used sporting goods store and is also hard of hearing. D.J.tells Tom about writing a show based on his personal experience, why he wanted to write a sitcom steeped in Canadiana and nostalgia, and what it means to him to have people who are hard of hearing at his shows.

  • Nicole Byer on how ADHD can help your comedy + Mark Critch pays tribute to his dad by impersonating him

    11/01/2024 Duration: 46min

    Nicole Byer has made a living talking to people and being funny. She’s so good at it that she's got multiple podcasts and TV shows, and now multiple Emmy nominations for hosting the amateur bake-off show “Nailed It!” Nicole tells Tom about growing up as a hyperactive kid, how she initially wanted to be a dramatic actor and how having ADHD has helped her comedy career. Plus, Season 3 of “Son of Critch” premieres this week. Mark Critch, the show's creator and namesake, stops by to share the real-life story from his past that inspired a pivotal scene in the new season.

  • Sydney Freeland: Echo, Marvel’s first “deaf Native American badass,” and the importance of getting a Chocktaw story right

    10/01/2024 Duration: 24min

    The new Marvel miniseries “Echo” is one of the first of its kind. The story focuses on a deaf Native American character named Maya Lopez, a.k.a. Echo. Sydney Freeland, the series director, tells Tom about the kind of comic books she read growing up on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico, the challenges of depicting action through the silent perspective of Maya, and how building a relationship with the Choctaw Nation helped bring the story to life.

  • Bruce Liu: The only Canadian to win the prestigious International Chopin Piano Competition

    10/01/2024 Duration: 21min

    Bruce Liu is one of the world’s most exciting young pianists. In 2021, he gained worldwide recognition for winning the prestigious International Chopin Piano Competition, making him the only Canadian to ever do so. Now, he’s released his debut studio album, “Waves: Music by Rameau, Ravel, Alkan.” Bruce talks to Tom about this new record, and also reflects on winning the Chopin piano competition and why he didn’t start taking piano seriously until he won.

  • Deantha Edmunds: The first Inuk professional opera singer, the Order of Canada, and the classical music of Labrador Inuit

    09/01/2024 Duration: 34min

    Deantha Edmunds, Canada’s first Inuk professional opera singer, was just made a member of the Order of Canada. She sits down with Tom in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador to talk about her journey to classical music, what it feels like to bring Inuktitut to the world of classical music, and how finding out she was becoming a member of the Order of Canada felt like an “out of body experience.”

  • Marcel Dzama: The fire that destroyed his early work, Group of Seven, and being drawn to nature in his new show

    09/01/2024 Duration: 22min

    For decades, the visual artist Marcel Dzama has been attracting attention for everything from his root beer ink drawings of bears, bats and flapper girls enduring the Winnipeg winter of his youth, to his wild films, sculptures and installations. Now, the Brooklyn-based artist has his first major Canadian exhibition in almost a decade at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Ontario called “Ghosts of Canoe Lake.” Marcel talks to Tom about growing up in Winnipeg, how losing his earliest work in a fire allowed him to feel more freedom as an artist, and his new-found love for Tom Thomson.

  • Colman Domingo’s journey from clown to playing civil rights leader Bayard Rustin + Kaia Kater’s new song The Internet

    08/01/2024 Duration: 46min

    After decades stealing scenes as a supporting actor, Colman Domingo is now generating Oscar buzz for his first lead role in the Obama-backed Netflix film “Rustin.” He tells Tom about playing the underappreciated civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, what he learned about vulnerability when he was a professional clown, and why acting is a form of service to the public. Plus, Kaia Kater tells the story behind her new song, “The Internet,” and how a funny song can be just as meaningful as a serious one.

  • Dan Levy: Good Grief, living with self-doubt, and breaking expectations after Schitt's Creek

    05/01/2024 Duration: 41min

    Dan Levy’s (Schitt’s Creek) debut feature film he wrote and directed is a story all about grief, aptly titled, “Good Grief.” Dan tells Tom about the self-doubt he felt creating his first feature-length film, the real-life grief that inspired him to write it, and how he went from the hilarious David Rose of “Schitt’s Creek” to his mournful character Marc in “Good Grief.”

  • Jeffrey Wright on his connection to American Fiction & Jean-Michel Basquiat + Jordan Alexander's new song

    04/01/2024 Duration: 43min

    The actor Jeffrey Wright has transformed himself into dozens of characters over the years, from Jean-Michel Basquiat in the movie about the late artist’s life, to a conflicted programmer in “Westworld,” and now a disillusioned novelist in the new movie “American Fiction.” Jeffrey sits down with Tom to talk about his personal connection to his character in the film, his journey into acting, and what it was like to be friends with David Bowie. Plus, the Canadian actor and singer Jordan Alexander has had a big few years: she's become a model for Fenty, she's one of the stars of HBO’s “Gossip Girl,” and now she’s gearing up to release her debut album. Jordan tells Tom about the heartbreak that inspired her latest single, “Leaving Toronto.”

  • Aurora James: Making AOC’s Tax The Rich dress, her memoir Wildflower, and using fashion as a tool for activism

    03/01/2024 Duration: 22min

    New York-based Canadian fashion designer Aurora James tells Tom about founding her label Brother Vellies, her memoir “Wildflower,” and the story behind creating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s famous “tax the rich'' dress she wore at the 2021 Met Gala.

  • Nick Green: How he’s helping destigmatize HIV/AIDS with his play Casey and Diana

    03/01/2024 Duration: 21min

    In 1991, a visit from Princess Diana to the Casey House in Toronto changed the way many in society looked at people dying of AIDS. That’s the story that inspired Nick Green to write his latest play, “Casey and Diana,” which had its premiere at the Stratford Festival. Nick tells Tom about the remarkable true story and why he felt compelled to put it on the stage.

  • Cynthia Nixon: The legacy of Sex and the City and the evolution of Miranda

    02/01/2024 Duration: 33min

    “Sex and the City” turned 25 last year, and for the first time since the show ended, it’s back in the form of a new revival series, called “And Just Like That.” Cynthia Nixon, a.k.a. Miranda Hobbes, tells Tom about the show's legacy, how she wanted the series to evolve, and what’s changed for her character more than two decades after the original series ended.

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