Sweet Dreams, Little One - Part 1

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A loving MDLG, DDLG, and ABDL themed story for the age play fetishist.

Please note: This story contains mild Age Play, MDLG, DDLG, and ABDL themes. It features a diaper wearing submissive, male, and female Dominants. The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in various kinky, fun activities, and this novel is intended for adult readers only.

Emma only wanted one thing, to be loved. She had grown tired of internet caregivers, promising her the world to leave her feeling empty. Similarly, Nora and Jackson were repeatedly disappointed by the lack of littles interested in both of them.

So when Nora and Jackson found out that Emma was a little, they made one last attempt to find a little of their own. Follow the journey of Emma as she navigates merging her grown up and little worlds into one, after a chance meeting with Nora and Jackson turns out to be everything they have all ever dreamed of.

If you are looking for a story that explores what happens when life stressors threaten to ruin a relationship and how with love and support, that relationship can be saved…

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