Wink And Grow Rich 2

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"Wink and Grow Rich" is the fable of a nine year old boy being raised by his carpenter father who is both sick and tired... In fact, he is tired of being sick and sick of being tired. Every day for the last twenty years the carpenter has visited the Well of Wealth and spent a dollar there, because it is generally known by the townsfolk that if they give generously to the Well, it will give generously to them in return. On this day, the carpenter is so ill that he is unable to visit the well, so he entrusts his nine-year-old son Richard with a crumpled but treasured dollar and sends him in his place. Along the way, Richard discovers that the Well of Wealth is not where he thought it would be – so he follows a different, more overgrown path, on which he meets an old woman, an optometrist, a plumber, a gardener, a fisherman, a rower, a musician, and an innkeeper. These intriguing and mysterious characters act as guides for Richard and share their wisdom with him. They have all built their wealth in very different ways, yet there is something about each that is common to all. This fictional tale makes one think more deeply about the dynamics of wealth creation. The keys to wealth are in the story behind the story; the lesson behind the lesson. That means that to find the key, the reader needs to become better at seeing – a philosophy the author sums up as: "What you see is always what you get."Each time the reader reads this book, they will discover new keys, one by one, until finally they unlock the doors to their own wealth.