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  • VOE-42 || Navigating Your Career Path - Focused QnA at CareerWithOmo

    29/08/2020 Duration: 55min

    Today on VO-Experience, Omowunmi Oyerinde, a Human Resource Professional reached out to me and Oluwatoyin to hold a focused QnA session with her community. We spent 2hrs answering questions and providing clarity around career and job questions.

  • VOE-41 || Behaviour is POWER- WAVE Academy Employability Programme

    04/08/2020 Duration: 17min

    Today on VO Experience. Osarume Akenzua, The Programme Coordinator at WAVE Academy invites me to speak to WAVE’s newest batch of young professionals at the orientation Programme live at their HQ. In this short conversation with them, I dwelt on why they need to go hard and Behaviour and execution. Behaviour is the actual power

  • VOE-40 || Owning & Mapping Your Career Growth - Millennial Professionals

    02/08/2020 Duration: 43min

    Today on VO Experience. Desiree Craig, VP Product at ULesson invites me to come speak with the community group she’s leading. In interacting with these millennials, I zeroed in on the principle of ownership and execution. Ownership begins with the state and psychology of the mind. The mind has got to create the mental picture before the body will respond in alignment.

  • VOE-39 || Fundamentals of Human Resources- HR Professionals B3

    02/08/2020 Duration: 45min

    Today on VO Experience. Bunmi Akano, a highly respected public figure in the field of Human Resources invited me to come speak to a community group of entry/mid-level human resource professionals. I took everyone back to the core and genesis of HR. We seem to have gotten so lost in the process that we subconsciously forgot that “human” comes before “resources”

  • Something NEW is coming- Day 31

    31/03/2020 Duration: 06min

    I decided to add an “xtra” bonus day. I’m moving into something new at the beginning of Q2. Its the #WeeklySpotlight. Wait for it. Follow me across social platforms; @victoronyekere. Let me know your thoughts

  • Stop PLEASING People- Day30/30

    30/03/2020 Duration: 10min

    Yes! I scored 30 over 30! Today and everyday it’s important that you stop pleasing people. Live on your own terms

  • It’s a DISTRACTION TRAP- Day29/30

    29/03/2020 Duration: 13min

    It’s a challenging season for us all globally. However I’ve got a different perspective to what is really going on. There’s a distraction trap which has been subconsciously injected into the environment. This is the real adverse impact.

  • Don’t be EMOTIONALLY Guilt Trapped- Day28/30

    28/03/2020 Duration: 06min

    It’s T-minus 2days to final day. I reinforced something I spoke in the early days of this challenge. Don’t be emotional about critical decisions within your life. It’s a great listen

  • A Message to Founders/CEOs- Day 27/30

    27/03/2020 Duration: 13min

    It’s Day 27 of this challenge. If you’re a startup founder or CEO or you lead a team you within a setting, I’ve got a message for you. You are not supposed to know how hat to do. Let me know your thoughts.

  • What drives your DECISIONS?- Day26/30

    26/03/2020 Duration: 13min

    It’s Day 26 of the 30 day podcast challenge. Today I addressed the issue of decision making. Your choices are gradually creating your destiny. It’s really worth the listen

  • Are you getting RICHER or POORER Pt.2- Day25/30

    25/03/2020 Duration: 14min

    It’s Day 25 and I started talking about the dynamics of money and how to essentially manage and convert it. Today I have given you the keys to being in control of your finances. You’re going to love it!

  • Are you getting RICHER or POORER?- Day24/30

    24/03/2020 Duration: 13min

    Yep it’s Day24 and that means we’re down with 6 days already. So today I’ve got a simple question- Are you getting richer or poorer? I shared some real practical and profound insights on the concept of money.

  • Start NOW- Day23/30

    23/03/2020 Duration: 04min

    It’s Day 23 and I dare you to get up, told your sleeves and get SHIT done! Period!

  • Relationship INTELLIGENCE- Day22/30

    22/03/2020 Duration: 10min

    It’s Day 22 and we’re 8 days away. Today I addressed the issue of relationships and how we’re managing people inflow into our lives. It’s extremely important that we pay attention to how we hire people into our lives.

  • PRACTICALITY wins in the end- Day21/30

    21/03/2020 Duration: 08min

    Yep! It’s Day 21 and I’m excited. In the end, practicality always wins it.

  • CHANGE is not the problem- Day20/30

    20/03/2020 Duration: 08min

    It’s Day 20 already. We made it here. Humans are creatures of habits so it’s hard to actually implement a change process and it’s largely how we perceive change. I look forward to your feedback

  • Eradicating CORONAVIRUS- Day19/30

    19/03/2020 Duration: 10min

    It’s Day 19 already. It’s important I addressed the Coronavirus which has become a pandemic. I bet some of you didn’t know I’m a health educator. Yeah! I addressed this from that perspective.

  • Strictly for Non-Profit Entrepreneurs- Day 18/30

    18/03/2020 Duration: 06min

    It’s Day 18 and I am speaking to entrepreneurs in the nonprofit sector. It’s possible that we’re duplicating what we should be collaborating with. I shared 3 pillars of driving a nonprofit

  • Reduce your GOALS- Day17/30

    17/03/2020 Duration: 06min

    It’s Day 17 of the 30 day podcast challenge. Please reduce your goals because that’s exactly why you’ve not been achieving them. I’ve shared a simple and practical formula to effective goal setting

  • Be LASER FOCUSED- Day16/30

    16/03/2020 Duration: 05min

    It’s Day 16 of the podcast challenge. It’s important that you bring in laser focus to what you’re currently pursing. Chasing too many things could limit your effectiveness. Be strategic about what you want and chase it

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