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  • Let’s BUILD & NOT BURN

    30/03/2023 Duration: 26min

    In this episode I hit relationship stuff hard! Ever had something you said be misconstrued or taken wrong? Ever been wrongly accused? Ever been lied about? Yup. Jesus has too! I share today on WHY our lens view is critically important on WHAT we CHOOSE to SEE. You’ll SEE others how YOU see yourself. You’ll SEE people through things others have said about them. The TRUTH is in WHO that person truly IS. This episode I feel is gonna set A LOT of people FREE and start to build bridges that once were burned.

  • How much SLEEP do YOU NEED

    28/03/2023 Duration: 20min

    In this episode I DIVE DEEP into SLEEP! If you don’t get adequate amount of QUALITY sleep it’s hindering your fat loss goals, muscle recovery, brain cognition and rejuvenating cells and MUCH MORE! I share my tips to get GOOD sleep including getting yourself… ooler @ for cooling your bed Oura ring @ - use that link for a discount!


    03/03/2023 Duration: 23min

    In this episode I dive DEEP into VISION. Your vision is either making or breaking you. If you don’t know how POWERFUL sitting in silence and VISUALIZING your BEST YOU is then this message is for YOU! I teach you HOW to get your vision on and WHY it’s THAT IMPORTANT! Be blessed! For more info go to and/or follow me on IG @ natalieflowers.livefit

  • UPDATE: School Board LISTENED

    22/02/2023 Duration: 17min

    I share the latest from my past podcast episode about my oldest son. I share HOW I handled the situation and WHY I handled it the way I did. I work backwards- always. Outcome of what I want to then KNOW what to SAY to get the RESULT! Thank you for ALL your messages & prayers! Xo

  • Yup. That REALLY Happened

    31/01/2023 Duration: 13min

    In this episode I discuss something that I REALLY wanted to open up a dialogue about! My IG handle is natalieflowers.livefit PLEASE DM me your thoughts and WHAT YOU would do in my situation! This CRAP MUST STOP!!!


    26/01/2023 Duration: 22min

    This is my NEW favorite podcast I just busted out in my car for you all! In this episode I get REAL REAL with you chicks out there! Your TIME is VALUABLE and if you’re spending it on stupid crap and crappy friends…YOU NEED to revaluate YOUR LIFE!!! Let’s DIG in and do some CLEAN UP work TOGETHER!!!

  • Happy 2023!!!

    18/01/2023 Duration: 12min

    New ME and hope you’re excited for this year as much as I am! Shine in your gifts and don’t waste the talent God has placed in you!!!

  • Visualize the OUTCOME and then CREATE the PROMPT

    11/10/2022 Duration: 14min

    In this episode I share how visualizing is KEY for the outcome of what you want! The next step is creating prompts to help you build the NEW habits to fulfilling YOUR outcome!


    27/09/2022 Duration: 11min

    In this episode I share about owning your FAILURES & SUCCESSES! Do you blame others for the failures in your life? Then, they OWN your SUCCESS too! If you’re READY for a WAKE UP call this podcast is for YOU! Go to to START the life changing journey to the NEW YOU!

  • Are YOU A Redwood in YOUR life?

    20/09/2022 Duration: 19min

    In this episode I share about Redwoods vs Eucalyptus trees. I compare these trees to our lives. Do you live a life that’s focused on the roots of your life being strong to withstand the pressures of life? Do you have weak roots that when pressure comes you fall flat on your face? This episode is gonna slap you out of your comfort zone and PUSH YOU to start planting those roots down DEEP!

  • Too MUCH Water CAN Kill YOU!

    01/09/2022 Duration: 22min

    Did you know you can overdose a house plant with water!? Yup. I killed a house plant with TOO much water! Got me thinking…we LIVE in a OVERDOSE generation! Consumed with social media, news, food and garbage information! It’s killing us! I share in this episode WHAT to do with areas of your life you’re overdosing in and HOW to CHANGE it!

  • They SEE. They HEAR. They KNOW.

    16/08/2022 Duration: 27min

    I’m back! In this episode I give a recap of our summer and some GREAT stories you’ll want to hear ALL the way to the END! Your kiddos do HEAR & SEE YOU! Your heart is a mirror of your life- I share a great picture of this I got from our trip to Montana! You’ll laugh and cry in this episode! Like every time, I hope you take away a nugget or two for inspiration and encouragement to LIVE your BEST LIFE!

  • ONE Person CAN Make A Difference

    22/06/2022 Duration: 27min

    In this episode I share a follow up from the podcast I did previously (go back and listen to that one first) Standing up for my son CHANGED the entire camp! Sharing my faith on my podcast allowed MANY others to question theirs. This led me to share my own personal faith journey in this podcast. My hope is this episode gives you encouragement and strength to stand up in hard times and press into the things that you question.

  • You Have A Voice. Use IT!

    20/06/2022 Duration: 31min

    In this episode I share with SERIOUS PASSION & CONVICTION on the topic of USING your voice. Standing up for what you believe, your values and your truth. Stand strong in your personal convictions. STOP complying to things that are NON-NEGOTIABLES in your life!!! Raise UP this next generation to be warriors! Let’s be INTENTIONAL with our lives and how we live. Deal with the roots and wounds of your past so that it’s NOT transferred into this next generation! This episode I am FULLY my BOSS LEVEL self, so buckle up!

  • You Can’t LEAD What You Don’t LIVE

    14/06/2022 Duration: 24min

    In this episode I dive in on the KIND of life you’re living us by HOW you’re leading it! If you want a life you LOVE, it starts with LEADING yourself in habits and how you think!

  • Sacrifices, Setbacks and Small Beginnings

    07/06/2022 Duration: 29min

    In this episode I share about our Boston trip for my hubs Harvard Business School 10 year reunion. I share about the sacrifices, setbacks and small beginnings that we made during that season and how it’s catapulted our lives. If you don’t make the sacrifices NOW for your DREAM then, ultimately it’s the DREAM that gets SACRIFICED!

  • You are NOT meant to BLEND IN. You were MADE to STAND OUT!

    31/05/2022 Duration: 13min

    In this episode I share about the “Poppy Syndrome” in Australia. They cut down the taller poppies to blend in with the rest of the poppies in the field. I share how I felt this analogy was in our life. Where we will allow others to “cut” us down to blend in rather than standing out and chasing our God-given dreams!


    25/05/2022 Duration: 23min

    In this episode I’ve tackled a topic a lot of you asked me to share…how to raise kids in this crazy world?! I decided to share it through a failing moment as a mom. How I learned from it and WHAT a beautiful moment it created for our boys. Power in the sucking. Teaching kids to suck and fail because it means they are trying! Allow failing to be a place where they grow. Teach them this and watch them GROW into everything God has for them! Hope this fun episode gives you a good laugh and permission to FAIL EPICLY!

  • What Is Your Thermostat SET At?

    23/05/2022 Duration: 28min

    In this episode I share about WHY you are SELF SABOTAGING your OWN LIFE based on the internal THERMOSTAT YOU have SET for your LIFE! Change your thinking. Change your life. Starting with your LEVEL of the thermostat YOU SET!

  • ZERO Attachment. GIVE It AWAY

    18/05/2022 Duration: 15min

    In this episode I share about how the loss of a child opened my eyes to truly SEEING opportunities to GIVE. Allowing money to have ZERO attachments to you. IF it does or you’re feeling squeezed- it’s the BEST time to GIVE it to someone else in MORE NEED than YOU!

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