Deep Motives'



Welcome to the Deep Motives' Podcast.Deep Motives simply means, "When The Motives Are Deep,The Music Makes Sense...."Hosted by Mlindo Da Beast & my fellow crew members are GERHARD from Pretoria(South Africa) & Dj Sbenga.


  • Deep Motives Vol 017 Mixed By Da Beast

    04/11/2016 Duration: 55min

    Halla Everyone,we back once again,would like to apologize for our disappearance which we last released last year December but lets let by gones be by gones,we up and running now promising to deliver music for the soul and mind. Am up with Gerhard on this episode,Dj Sbenga will be joining us on the next coming release,thank you to everyone who has been supporting and pushing us to get back up and deliver,hope you will enjoy this release…..When The Motives Are Deep,The Music Makes Sense!!!!!!! I’ve kept this mix down low with a bit of relaxing and flexing,it is set at 116bpm,its nothing but good music for the mind and soul,hope you enjoy!!! Playlist: 1) Ben Werchohlad-Means are the end 2) Fred Everything & Atjazz-Hayden's Dance (Original Mix) 3) Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z - Time to Treasure (Guy J Remix) 4) Henry Rodrick - Into The Sunshine (Jacques Renault Edit) 5) Laurence Guy - Hutch 6) Luca Musto Amalv 7) Mano Le Tough - Energy Flow (DJ Koze Miles and More Remix) 8) Wolta - Party Horse 1 (Original Mix) 9) Rom

  • Deep Motives Vol 017 mixed by GERHARD

    03/11/2016 Duration: 01h09min

    Hellooo MOTIVATED family, its been a while, but once again we are back delivering some good music. On this release i felt like taking all my house lovers down memory lane. So sit back, relax and enjoy it. Tracklist: 1)Nastee Nev-Working Hard(Instrumental) 2)Larse - Hallelujah Anyway(Larse Vocal) 3)No Better Love 4)Distant People & Nickson - You Are My Joy (Lilac Jeans Vocal Mix) 5)Brighter Days 6)Room 806, Holi - Darkness 7)Uber Vibes (BlackJean,Big Boss & CavoDeep Afro Mix) 8)Bhabha Betasweet - Luv Comes Around (Betasweet Teabg Perc Mix) 9)Bucie - I Need You Connect with Gerhard: Facebook page: Gerhard

  • GERHARD's Birthday Edition, Mixed by GERHARD(Vol016)

    26/10/2015 Duration: 01h02min

    Hello Family back again at it with my Birthday Edition. Once again would like to thank each & everyone who took the time to download Vol 015 your loyal support is highly appreciated. I would also like to dedicate a special thanks to the Deep Motives Family.I officially joined the group last year this time, it is a true honor being a part of such a progressive Family.To many more... On this episode I decided to be versatile and play some international bombs, not limiting myself to one genre. Hope you enjoy it & please feel free to drop some feedback as I took a step out of my comfort zone on this one. Tracklist: 1-Edmund feat Sacha D'Flame - Move Your Body (Alvaro Hylander Remix) 2-Deep Future - You Need It (Detroit Swindle's 'Never Enough' Interpretation) 3-Bas Amro - Let Me Be You 4-Fassbinder - Ask My Heart (Deeprider Remix) 5-Above Smoke - Grooving You 6-Purple Velvet-flashways 7-Zoo Look - Down With You 8-Tomson & Benedict Ft Bantu Soul - Blind(Alton Miller Remix) 9-Jimpster-2 Close 10-Tesla Boy- Und

  • GERHARD's Birthday Edition, Mixed by Dj Sbenga(Vol 016)

    26/10/2015 Duration: 01h07min

    Gerhard's Birthday Edition,Mixed By Dj Sbenga(Vol 016) Greetings everyone,apologies for not releasing on the previous episode,I'm now up and running,we on Vol 016 this time celebrating our partner's birthday(Gerhard) he's been a great asset in the D-motives crew. This mix is dedicated to him.I've featured 3 of my unreleased tracks. ENJOY!!!!! 1.Etu Beats,Rona Ray - Only Between us 2.Dj Vitoto Feat. Danzly - Deeply Love(Original) 3.Da Capo feat Clara Hill - Inner light(Da Capo's Touch) 4.Dj Sbenga - Silent Talk(Original Mix) 5.Dj Fale - Visions(Original Mix) 6.Maero - African Child(Original Mix) 7.Dj Mshega - Butterflies(Mellowmental Mix) 8.Dj Sbenga - Break and Tie 9.Dvine Brothers - Something About You(Da Capo's Dub Touch) 10.Unitie Boyz feat Bar - Conspiracy 11.Dj Sbenga - Heart Of a Soldier(Original Mix) Contact Details Twitter:@DjSbenga BBM:2AD35DD3 BOOKINGS:0793329450 Page:Dj Sbenga

  • The 15th Step Mixed By Mlindo Da Beast

    09/10/2015 Duration: 53min

    Hala Everyone….We back once again, I know its been long but the wait is finished. We took a lot of time for this release reason being is that this is our 15th release and we wanted to acquire all the tunes possible to make this release rememberable.Once again its Dj Sbenga,Gerhard and Mlindo Da Beast up on this release. Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting and downloading our episodes..Hope you enjoy this release!!! Would like to apologize for the previous release where about I couldn’t release due to certain issues but am here again ready to lounge you once again..Please do enjoy!!! Tracklist: 1)Untitled 2)Untitled 3)Bonobo - Stay The Same (feat. Andreya Triana) 4)Naohito Uchiyama-Solea 5)Untitled 6)Fish Go Deep-Blue Flame(vocals by tracey k) 7)Jake Childs-Forgotten 8)Untitled 9)Nicolas Jaar-Love You Gotta Lose Again 10)Untitled 11)Good Natured Threat-Beacons(keosz remix) Get connected with Da Beast: Cellphone: 0729008518 BBM: 566DE01F Facebook: Linda DaBeast Mndebele Instragram: linda_dabeast_mn

  • The 15th Step mixed by GERHARD

    09/10/2015 Duration: 56min

    Hello family it has been awhile, it is our 15th Step thank you for always being there and supporting us. This mix was done the old school way not about exclusives yet about the art behind it, please enjoy the story behind the mix,the track selection and mixing. Tracklisting: 1>Qb SMith-Yes No Maybe 2>Nathan Ft Doll Combers 3>SoulDeep- Moments 4>VPS- You & Me 5>Beebar ft Komplexity-Night After 6>Graveyard ft Komplexity & Jay Sax- Dead Rose 7>Komfort Blendz- Girl under the tree 8>Jaquar Paw-Broken 9>ZuluMafia ft Komplexity-Beautiful Connect with GERHARD BBM: 264A6497 Whatsapp: 076 767 6666 Twitter: @GERHARD_PILLAY Facebook: