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Erin Aquin is an Author, Yoga Teacher and host of The Elemental Yin Yang Podcast: A Fresh Perspective on Yoga and Life.


  • Ep 20: Surviving the Holidays

    Ep 20: Surviving the Holidays

    14/12/2017 Duration: 22min

    Although Winter is a Yin time of year designed to go inward and reflect, the holiday season is here! There is so much to do and experience and for many of us that means STRESS. Here are some of the common challenges that this time of year can hold and my personal techniques for keeping calm and grounded during this high energy time of year. *This episode is jam packed with extras so be sure to head over to www.aquinyoga.com/podcast to get the links to the many awesome things I mention*

  • Ep 19: The Art of Letting Go - Lessons of Metal

    Ep 19: The Art of Letting Go - Lessons of Metal

    21/09/2017 Duration: 28min

    If you have things in your life that have run their course you don't want to miss this episode. We are on the cusp of Autumn. It is the perfect time of year to connect to the themes of the Metal Element from Chinese Medicine. In this episode I introduce you to some of the main themes of this element before we have an in-depth exploration of how to let go gracefully. Hint: if you are a yogi you are probably already practicing this art to some degree. Share your thoughts and connect with me at http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-19-the-art-of-letting-go-lessons-of-metal

  • Ep 18: Self-Care Strategies

    Ep 18: Self-Care Strategies

    15/09/2017 Duration: 29min

    Self-care is something we all know about but may find difficult to actually find time for. Today I share some Elemental lessons from the Earth Element and strategies to actually make sure you get not only the nourishing type of self-care but the kind that helps you grow. Get the shownotes at: www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-18-self-care-strategies

  • Ep 17: Rekindle Inspiration When You Are In A Rut

    Ep 17: Rekindle Inspiration When You Are In A Rut

    03/08/2017 Duration: 32min

    When you are stuck in a rut, burned out or just feeling low it can be hard to feel inspired. As much as I love my life and my life's work, recently I had a period of time when I just didn't feel like engaging with it. Being pregnant, chasing a toddler and not sleeping very well started to take its toll on my mood. Luckily, I have some incredible tools from Elemental Yin Yang theory and today I am sharing how working with each of the Five Elements can help shake you out of your rut and reignite the flames of inspiration and joy in your life. This episode is packed with tools so be sure to get all the links and join the conversation at http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-17-rekindle-inspiration-when-you-are-in-a-rut

  • Ep 16: A Bedtime Yoga Practice

    Ep 16: A Bedtime Yoga Practice

    30/06/2017 Duration: 26min

    It has been awhile, but today I can finally share the real reason you haven't heard from me in awhile :) In this episode you will get a glimpse of one of my personal yoga routines. During the month of July I am leading a 20 Day Yoga Challenge to designed to help my students (and me too actually) get the continued benefits of a yoga practice despite the lure of all the other wonderful summer activities and vacations. I thought it would be nice to share with you one of those practices (afterall it is a yoga podcast too). Please enjoy my personal 20 minute bedtime yoga routine perfect after a long day or during a sleepless night. Please note: This yoga podcast is intended for educational purposes only. Yoga is not a substitute for medical care under the direction of a physician or medical professional. Use your own good judgement and if you decide to follow along and experience pain or discomfort stop immediately and seek the care of a trained medical professional. Always consult with your doctor before

  • Ep 15: Making Decisions Less Stressful

    Ep 15: Making Decisions Less Stressful

    01/05/2017 Duration: 26min

    If you are like many people, the process of making life decisions might take more time and energy then you end up devoting to your chosen path. Some of us wait for a sign from the universe. Others make a decision only to obsess over their choice and wonder "what if" I had only taken another route. Today I want to help you take the stress and suffering out of your decision making process with the tools I use. Leave a comment on www.aquinyoga.com/podcast and tell me what you think.

  • Ep 14: Negativity Detox - Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 2

    Ep 14: Negativity Detox - Spring Cleaning for Your Life Pt 2

    12/04/2017 Duration: 27min

    Do you find that you complain too much? Spend time with people who bring you down? Negative thinking can be a hard habit to break but today we are going to tackle it. Find out: - why most people can't express their true thoughts and feelings - why we indulge in habitual negativity and why it is so harmful - how to change the way you think and take on less negative beliefs http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-14-the-negativity-detox

  • Ep 13: Spring Cleaning For Your Life Pt 1 - Your Space and Your Body

    Ep 13: Spring Cleaning For Your Life Pt 1 - Your Space and Your Body

    28/03/2017 Duration: 24min

    In the past few episodes we have been talking about Spring and Wood energy. Today its time to put that energy to work and make room for new growth by clearing out the debris that is no longer supporting you and your life. This includes mental, physical and emotional clutter. In this episode we are going to focus on spring cleaning for your physical space and talk about the popularity of nutritional cleanses and "detox's" AND what you might want to do instead to support your body. Get my personal method for decluttering your space and recalibrating your diet at: http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-13-spring-cleaning-for-your-life-pt-1

  • Ep 12: A New Perspective For Spring

    Ep 12: A New Perspective For Spring

    19/03/2017 Duration: 29min

    Spring is about to POP and today we are continuing our work with Wood energy. Specifically this episode explores how to handle the ups and downs along the path towards your goals and how to bend in the wind. At a certain point while working towards your dreams you will reach a level where you have more wisdom and perspective than ever before. All that foundational work and focus will give way to the freedom to choose your route in a new way. But before you get there, you will no doubt encounter challenges. Check out the episode and share your insights at: www.aquinyoga.com/podcast

  • Ep 11: Get Motivated

    Ep 11: Get Motivated

    14/03/2017 Duration: 25min

    Welcome to Season 2 of the Elemental Yin Yang Podcast. After an amazing month in Hawaii its great to be back. However, all that time off in beautiful (yang) sunny weather, coming home to the cold and dark (yin) makes it a challenge to feel motivated. In this episode we are invoking some Spring energy and talking about how the Wood Element can be a powerful tool on the path to living your dreams. Share your thoughts at: http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/ep-11-get-motivated

  • Ep 10: Happy Low Drama Relationships

    Ep 10: Happy Low Drama Relationships

    03/02/2017 Duration: 44min

    Last weekend Steve (my husband) and I were teaching a meditation and yoga retreat together and a few of the participants asked when we would be teaching a "couples" specific workshop. It took me by surprise because a few short years ago I could not have imagined anyone would be asking me for advice on how to have a happy, low-drama relationship... BUT it's exactly the kind of marriage we have. I asked Steve to be my co-host on this season finale and we talk about some of our (very personal) realizations and challenges that have led us to create this wonderful partnership. We also share the key things that are important for everyone who wants to cultivate truly happy, low drama relationships. Share your insights at: www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/happy-low-drama-relationships

  • Ep 9: Stop Struggling for a Balanced Life

    Ep 9: Stop Struggling for a Balanced Life

    26/01/2017 Duration: 24min

    The concept of balance is one many yogi's strive for. And of all the possible goals of this practice "balance" is by far my least favourite. In this episode I share some reasons you too might want to give up this concept for good and save your energy for a different and more gentle approach to life. http://www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/episode-9-stop-struggling-for-a-balanced-life

  • Ep 8: Dealing with Negative Opinions

    Ep 8: Dealing with Negative Opinions

    15/01/2017 Duration: 29min

    Do your big dreams never see the light of day because you are afraid of other peoples negative feedback? When it comes to working towards your goals one of the things that stops many people in their tracks is the attitude and opinion of other people. Today's podcast is designed to help you find a fresh perspective when it comes to getting negative feedback or opinions from the different critics you will meet on the path to realizing your goals. Share your experiences with us and get the show notes at: www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/8-dealing-with-negative-opinions

  • Ep 7: Priorities

    Ep 7: Priorities

    06/01/2017 Duration: 27min

    Building on the past few episodes, this week is all about how to define your main priorities across the different areas of your life. This exercise is one you can revisit often to help keep you aligned and on track with what matters most to you. BONUS: Leave a comment on the show page before my offer expires and you will get a little gift from me www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/priorities

  • Ep 6: Resolutions That Actually Work

    Ep 6: Resolutions That Actually Work

    30/12/2016 Duration: 31min

    If the prospect of letting another year go by without realizing a big dream or goal leaves you feeling un-easy, this episode is for you. Over the years I have figured out the ingredients that are key to achieving goals and making changes. In this episode I share that recipe along with some resources to help you make the upcoming year better than you can imagine. Get the show notes, links and share your thoughts at: www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/resolutions-that-work

  • Ep 5: How to Realize Your Dreams No Matter How Busy You Are

    Ep 5: How to Realize Your Dreams No Matter How Busy You Are

    22/12/2016 Duration: 32min

    Are you living the life of your dreams? Do you dream of writing a book? starting a business? having more connected relationships? Whatever your dreams may be, one of the biggest obstacles many people face is feeling like they are too busy to make it happen. In this episode we look at how to outsmart some of the things that might be holding you back and how to use even your limited resources to your advantage and an exercise to help you get started. Head to www.aquinyoga.com/podcast/5

  • Ep 4: Why We Click With Some People...and Not With Others

    Ep 4: Why We "Click" With Some People...and Not With Others

    15/12/2016 Duration: 36min

    Have you ever wondered why you get along right away with some people while others kind of bug you from the moment you meet them? In the Elemental Yin Yang system this has a lot to do with our constitution, or "element of primary influence". Today I shed light on how the 5 Elements manifest in people and offer a new perspective on your interpersonal relationships.

  • Ep 3: How to Cope When Someone Else is Doing it Wrong

    Ep 3: How to Cope When Someone Else is Doing it Wrong

    07/12/2016 Duration: 22min

    Do you ever feel like someone else's approach at work or at home is just "wrong"? In this episode I give my thoughts on this predicament and share some ways you can handle your inner critic and figure out how to cope when you feel like you could handle a situation or task better. AND just in time for the holidays we will be talking about how to deal with all the personalities you will meet next week. Head to www.aquinyoga.com/podcast and share YOUR thoughts.

  • Ep 2: Welcoming Winter (A Water Intro)

    Ep 2: Welcoming Winter (A Water Intro)

    30/11/2016 Duration: 24min

    Did you know that Winter is related to the Water Element? This season can bring up a lot for us and over the next few weeks the podcast will be all about awareness, purpose and how to conserve your energy during the winter season.

  • Ep 1: What the Heck is Elemental Yin Yang Yoga?

    Ep 1: What the Heck is Elemental Yin Yang Yoga?

    23/11/2016 Duration: 26min

    Elemental Yin Yang Podcast - Episode 1: What the Heck is Elemental Yin Yang Yoga? In this episode we look at what makes this form of yoga so impactful on and off the mat. Learn the basics of Yin and Yang and find out more about this incredible practice