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Join Sergio as he interviews Australian and international guitarists talking with them about their about their story, inspirations and creative processes. Guitar Conversations will explore insights from master guitarists, their tips and tricks, how they practice, overcoming challenges and staying motivated. The podcast hopes to provide the listener with a window into the life of guitarists from a variety of fields including classical, jazz, latin, and popular styles of guitar.


  • GC Ep 43: Mios Karadaglic

    GC Ep 43: Mios Karadaglic

    29/12/2020 Duration: 01h07min

    I chat with guitar icon Milos Karadaglic who has been performing classical guitar around the globe over the last decade as an artist for Deutche Grammaphone. He shares insights and learnings from his time in the guitar limelight. These include recording his award winning albums, and in particular Concerto Aranjuez and his new concerto collaborations. We also go into detail about how he forged his unique path towards an international guitar career. I really enjoyed my chat with Milos I hope you do too, please let me know your thoughts on my insta page or facebook page @sergioguitarist.   

  • GC Ep 42: Irina Kulikova

    GC Ep 42: Irina Kulikova

    21/05/2020 Duration: 01h31min

    Thanks for joining me for episode 42 of Guitar Conversations. It has been a while since my last podcast episode as I decided to take a break from this project to focus on other things. As you may know, I run a busy guitar program at a school in Melbourne, I have an active performing career and examining schedule(not during a pandemic) and publish a lot of teaching content on Latin Guitar I really enjoy connecting with other guitarists who are doing interesting things so I'll continue publishing episodes as often as I can. If you'd like to stay in touch with my activities you can follow me on @sergioguitarist on Instagram. Irina Kulikova is a Russian classical guitar virtuoso of international acclaim. She has won numerous guitar competitions and has also recorded for Naxos. She has a powerful and engaging playing style and a great passion for music and the guitar. I had a lovely interview this week with Irina Kulikova. We talked about her early guitar experiences, competitions, her playing style a

  • GC Ep 41: Adam Del Monte

    GC Ep 41: Adam Del Monte

    21/09/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    Adam Del Monte is a grammy award winning flamenco and classical guitarist. He teaches at USC Thornton School of Music and alongside his busy touring schedule has written a flamenco guitar concerto, collaborated with artists such as the LA Guitar Quartet and written and recorded for numerous films. In our conversation we talk about his intriguing story so far, and his views on flamenco and classical guitar worlds, guitar education, writing for film and lots more. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Adam Del Monte.

  • GC Ep 40: Chrystian Dozza

    GC Ep 40: Chrystian Dozza

    09/04/2019 Duration: 45min

    Chrystian Dozza is a Brasilian guitarist/composer living in Sao Paolo.I saw Chrystian last year at the Adelaide Guitar Festival and also attended his guitar workshops. He has an infectious appetite for music having performed around the world and written a solid body of work and is developing a strong a devoted following. In our interview we talk about his beginnings, the music of Brasil and his influences. He also plays some excerpts from his latest compositions! "I really like to bring to my musical universe, music from all over the world, guitarists, composers and folk Muisc" Chrystian Dozza this program is brought to you by Use the promo code : conversations to get a 20% discount on courses and subscriptions. Hope you enjoy the show! Sergio      

  • GC Ep 39: Beijing Guitar Duo

    GC Ep 39: Beijing Guitar Duo

    08/01/2019 Duration: 14min

    The Beijing Guitar Duo are recognized as one of the worlds leading classical guitar duos. Both Meng Su and Yaming Wang have studied under and collaborated with the legendary Manuel Barrueco. They  continue to tour extensively internationally and have released number of CDs the latest  one called Bach to Dan Dun. I caught up with the duo on their recent visit to Australia and had a quick chat about their amazing guitar journey. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Meng Su and Yameng Wang.

  • GC Ep 38: Derek Gripper

    GC Ep 38: Derek Gripper

    06/09/2018 Duration: 59min

    My guest this episode is Derek Gripper who is a classically trained guitarist who has made waves in the guitar and world music scene with his ground breaking guitar arrangements of west African folk music. I ran into Derek at the Adelaide Guitar Festival last month and I found his stories fascinating. In our chat we explore some of the West African oral musical traditions and how they relate to this mystical 21 string harp called the Kora. We talk about Derek's recent collaborations with John Williams and kora virtuoso Toumani Diabate and how he managed to notate the highly complex and virtuosic kora music. Please enjoy my conversation with Derek Gripper.

  • GC Ep 37: Martha Masters

    GC Ep 37: Martha Masters

    14/08/2018 Duration: 34min

    Martha Masters is an internationally acclaimed classical guitarist. She is currently on the guitar faculty of Loyola Marymount University and California State University Fullerton, and is president of the Guitar Foundation of America. She has five recordings on the Naxos and GSP labels, and has published books three books with Mel Bay Publications and Alfred Music.   I caught up with her at the Adelaide International Guitar Festival last week where she was a featured performer. In our chat we talk about her recent collaborations and her current work with GFA, please enjoy my conversation with Martha Masters.

  • GC Ep: 36 Stephen Goss

    GC Ep: 36 Stephen Goss

    28/07/2018 Duration: 33min

    Stephen Goss needs little introduction in classical guitar and music circles having written a large body of works for guitar, choir, chamber, and orchestra. He is currently Professor of Composition and Director of Research in the Department of Music and Media at the University of Surrey, UK, and also a Professor of Guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He is the Director of the International Guitar Research Centre, which he founded with John Williams and Milton Mermikides in 2014 He was in Melbourne last week for a week long residency at Melbourne University working alongside Head of Guitar Ken Murray and the guitar students. Last Friday I caught up with Steve before the end of week concert presented by staff and student featuring Steve's works.  We chat a bit about his writing for guitar and some interesting projects he has worked on.  Please enjoy my interview with Stephen Goss. Intro music: Piece: V. Walt Disney Concert Hall Album :Frozen Music Composer: Stephen Goss Performed by : Menuhin School

  • GC Episode 35: Brett Garsed

    GC Episode 35: Brett Garsed

    15/07/2018 Duration: 01h06min

    Hi and welcome to GC, my name is Sergio and this podcast is dedicated to bringing guitarists together from diverse fields and sharing guitar music related ideas. Starting from July 2018 I will be publishing 2 episodes a month, the first episode featuring an interview with a guitarist from the world of classical, jazz, fingerstyle or Rock. The second episode will feature a Guitar Conversation topic. I will be dipping into previous episodes to extract some wisdom and interesting ideas. If you'd like to suggest a guitar topic or guitarist to interview you can go to and leave me a message.  Now to the featured interview. Brett Garsed is an Australian guitar legend having been involved in the music industry for many decades now. He has had success as a solo fusion guitarist but also as guitarist for John Farnham and the US group Nelson. He shares valuable insights and stories from his fascinating career. Thanks for listening to Guitar Conversations podcast. Help support this podcast by

  • GC Ep 34: Stephen Magnusson

    GC Ep 34: Stephen Magnusson

    26/06/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Earlier this year I caught up with Melbourne jazz guitarist Stephen Magnusson. Stephen is one of Australia's leading jazz guitarists undertaking a busy performing and session career. He currently has a number of projects on the go including a trio with Dave Beck and Frank Di Sario called MAG, and Boundaries with Frank Di Sario. Recent highlight include a jazz prize with his Quartet MAGNET and an ARIA award winning album with Katie Noonan and the group Elixir.   We had to finish our chat a bit earlier than expected so this episode will form part 1 of our conversation and we will have a part 2 soon.   This episode is brought to you by, enter "conversations" to redeem a discount on available guitar courses. 

  • GC Ep 33: Acoustic Uprising

    GC Ep 33: Acoustic Uprising

    27/12/2017 Duration: 54min

    Acoustic Uprising is a guitar documentary by Melbourne director Drew Roller. It explores the emergence of a new style of acoustic guitar playing called Acoustic Fingerstyle guitar which has taken the internet (in particular YouTube) by storm. I'm joined by Drew to talk about his journey around the globe to discover the origins and new innovations surrounding this style of guitar playing. We talk about why he decide to make this film, how he made its the leading players of the style and recent developments. You can visit  to purchase a copy of the film and find out when it is next showing.

  • GC Ep 32: Joseph Balfe

    GC Ep 32: Joseph Balfe

    03/11/2017 Duration: 18min

    Today I talk with 18 year old finger style  sensation Joseph Balfe. He recently appeared at the Melbourne Guitar Show (where I met him) He has won a string country music of awards and recently performed with Tommy Emmanuel. This episode is brought to you by This is a unique guitar learning platform where under one simple subscription you can learn a variety of Latin Guitar styles including Bossa Nova, Flamenco, Classical and more. Visit and use the coupon code conversations to receive a 20% discount on a product or subscription.    

  • GC Ep 31: Fernando Perez

    GC Ep 31: Fernando Perez

    09/10/2017 Duration: 01h15min

    I caught up with Fernando Perez recently whilst in Barcelona. Fernando contacted m earlier in the year with a desire to share his music and his story. John Schneider from Gobal Village in Los Angeles describes Fernando : "Fernando Perez's is a long and amazing story. He learned the global music traditions one on one living in every major culture. Whether is West African, Latin American, Chinese, Hawaiian, Indian, Turkish you name it, Fernando Perez has been there, done that. He shares his artistry with an increasing list of recordings and publications which are just absolutely beyond belief." In my chat with Fernando we talk about his time in LA and his work as a session guitarist, his teachers, and his passion for guitar music from other cultures. You can find out more info about Fernando at   The Guitar Conversations Podcast is free but you can help support the show in a couple of ways. Firstly go to iTunes and leave a rating or review and secondly visit w

  • GC Ep.30 Andrea Vettoretti (in Italian)

    GC Ep.30 Andrea Vettoretti (in Italian)

    10/09/2017 Duration: 45min

    Andrea Vettoretti a un chitarrista Italiano molto conosciuto per is suo lavoro come concertista ma anche per essere il direttore della Festival Chitarristico Internazionale di due città, che si tiene ogni  anno a Settembre. Abita a Treviso dove parte della festival e tenuta (altra parte in Roma).    Oggi parleremo della la sua attività internazionale chitaristica, il suo nuove progetto che si chiama Wonderland, della Festival che e appena cominciata settima scorsa, e anche del suo processo creativo e le sue philosofie.  Spero che vi piacera la mia converzazione con Andrea Vettoretti.  

  • GC Ep 29: Nick Charles

    GC Ep 29: Nick Charles

    09/06/2017 Duration: 49min

    Nick Charles is an Australian blues and finger style legend. With an impressive catalogue of original music and arrangements he has a notable reputation as a true guitar master. On my chat with Nick we cover his international touring career, the challenges of being a solo guitar act, his collaborations and projects, and his goals for the future. I hope you enjoy my chat with Nick Charles. If you enjoy my podcast you may also like my guitar learning platform Latin Guitar use the coupon code conversations to get a 20% discount on a course or subscription!        

  • GC Ep 28: Matt Withers

    GC Ep 28: Matt Withers

    20/03/2017 Duration: 49min

    Matt Withers is making waves in the classical guitar scene in Australia by blending skillful solo playing with various collaborative projects. He is a member of acclaimed Guitar Trek, and Brew Duo, and is the founder of the Australian Music Composition Competition. He also performs regularly with ARIA award winning musicians and top Australian Orchestras. We caight up last week to chat about his upcoming performances and recodrings as well as the challenges of finding your niche in the guitar worls, and his beginnings in Adelaide and Canberra. More info at ` Music Zapateado by Regino Sainz De La Maza from his album Solo Intermezzo Op 118 No2 by Johannes Brahms performer by Guitar Trek on album Seren Nights

  • GC Ep 27: Mike Stern

    GC Ep 27: Mike Stern

    04/03/2017 Duration: 16min

    I had the pleasure of catching up with legendary jazz/fusion guitarist Mike Stern while he was visiting Melbourne for a residency at Bird's Basement. We talk about Pat Metheny, Miles Davis and his great band! Please excuse the audio quality which suffered from the less than ideal recording environment I am hoping to have him back for a more in depth interview later this year. Hope you enjoy my chat with Mike Stern.

  • GC Ep 26: Zoo Duo

    GC Ep 26: Zoo Duo

    20/02/2017 Duration: 56min

    Marion Scaap and Peter Constant's 25 year long career as Zoo Duo has seen them become leaders in chamber and ensemble guitar playing. They have been at the forefront in the development of the Guitar Orchestra genre in Holland and have also toured internationally as a sought after guitar duo. I recently caught up with them on the eve of their Austrlian tour and we chat about the program they will be playing, the guitar seen in Holland, the challenges of working with large guitar ensembles and lots more. For more information about the Zoo Duo you can visit www.zooguitarduo

  • GC Ep 25: Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

    GC Ep 25: Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

    28/11/2016 Duration: 31min

    UK based Aquarelle Guitar Quartet has been steadily building an international reputation since forming in 1999. Alongside the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and Guitar Trek they were one of the first guitar chamber groups of its kind and have continued to bring this dynamic form to new audiences.  They have appeared at major guitar festivals and released six albums and are known for their captivating performances. On this episode( which was a four way Skype chat) we talk about their career highlights and challenges as well as their new album release  called Aspects. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Mike Baker, Rory Russell and Vasilis Bessas from the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet. Music Featured in this episode includes: From their recent release Aspects Quiccan by Andrew York Flippen (The Flip) by Karl Mikael Marin and The Punch Brothers      This podcast is brought to you by LatinGuitar find lessons and articles on Latin Guitar styles including Brasilian, Flamenco, and Spanish Classical Guitar. Us

  • GC Ep 24:Xuefei Yang Interview

    GC Ep 24:Xuefei Yang Interview

    23/10/2016 Duration: 58min

    Xuefei Yang (Fei) is acclaimed as one of the world’s finest classical guitarists. Born in China, Xueifei was performing at the age of 14 in International Guitar competitions. She is signed to a top UK agency and is keeping busy touring, recording and collaborating with acclaimed artists. She will be in performing in Melbourne next week and in our conversation we talk about her latestCD from Bach to Brasil, her story and recent projects. I hope you enjoy my conversation with xeufei yang. You can catch Xuefei in Melbourne next week on November 3rd at the Melbourne Recital centre.   This podcast is brought to you by LatinGuitar find lessons and articles on Latin Guitar styles including Brasilian, Flamenco, and Spanish Classical Guitar. Use the code Conversation to receive a $5 off your first months membership! Thanks for listening to this episode don't forget to write a review or leave a comment on iTunes or visit to hear more great interviews which include John Williams, Manuel

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