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Listen Live every Tuesday at 9pm pacific and 12am eastern time.Disturbed Paranormal is a place to learn and educate yourself about the paranormal. We will cover topics on psychics, mediums, ghost, spirit communication, EVP Electronic Voice Phenomonenon, Cyptozoology, Demonology, Dangers of the Paranormal, safty, ghost hunting, paranornormal investigations, astrology and readings. Your HostsCelebrity Psychic Belinda Bentley, professional psychic and paranormal investigator for over 8 years. Interviewing the finest in the paranormal field. Former host of Belinda Bentley's Paranormal World on haunted Voices Radio "bringing paranormal to the world" and Anything Goes with Melissa Bacelar! Not only can you find her on the radio, but also on TV, E! Vh-1 and Dave Navarro's Spread TV. www.belindabentley.comJoining Belinda every Tuesday is Author and Astrologer Hale S. Mednik. Author of the sensational fictional story around historic and astrologic facts The Twelve Tribes. Gifted in picking up radio show callers mental angish and issues such as split personalities and depression over the phone. If your crazy he'll tell you so! www.12-tribes.comhttp://disturbedparanormal.weebly.com/index.html.Disclaimer:This service is provided for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantees are implied or stated. You must be 18 years or older to receive a reading, and to make a purchase. This reading is not a substitute for professional, legal, financial, medical, or psychiatric advice or care. Please seek the advice of a trained Medical Doctor about any health concerns. Any decision you make, because of a reading you do so of your own free will. You release Belinda Bentley and BelindaBentley.com of any and all liability resulting from use or misuse of information attained from Belinda Bentley for any reason. Readings are subject to the client's interpretation.


  • Free Readings by Adrien and Hillary

    28/08/2013 Duration: 45min

    Paranormal talk, discussion, laughs and free readings. Yep call in if you didn't go to Burning Man and get crazy up in here. We aren't normal we are disturbed tonight. Adrien Blackwell celebrity psychic answering questions on love, life and everything in between. www.blackwellpsychic.com Hillary Frietas psychic and medium co-hosting the show and sharing her crazy psychic insights... now she might just hang up on you... you never know with Hillary, call in at your own risk!

  • Free Readings and Psychic Discuss with Adrien and Hillary

    21/08/2013 Duration: 43min

    Looking for some fun answers and great entertainment. Then come join well known psychic Adrien Blackwell and Fremont's Hillary Freitas, giving away free readings and just giving a psychic's take on life.  If you are seeking answers on love, health, wealth, empowerment, healings, please join us on tonights show.  www.blackwellpsychic.com www.hillaryfreitas.com Psychic to the Stars and Theta Healer Adrien Blackwell is all over the world giving readings, channeling dead celebrities and give us advice on our love and sex lives. Featured in Star Magazine Inc Canada, Star Magazine, Diva Magazine, Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader, Playboy radio, Vh-1, E! Ch4 UK, NBC News and here now on radio show Disturbed Paranormal.  Hillary Freitas is a psychic, medium, clairvoyant and oracle/tarot reader. She has an amazing talent that has been notice among other psychics who makes up a large amount of her clientele. She grew up psychic, but pursued it as a profession off and on while going to school to become a nurse. Now you

  • Free Readings by Adrien Blackwell

    14/08/2013 Duration: 30min

    Looking for paranormal chat and free psychic readings... Kick off the restart of Disturbed Paranormal Radio after a long Hiatus. Back by popular demand, Adrien Blackwell hosting this event. Get ready to get your readings on! Love, romance, relationships, your path, purpose, ask your pressing questions today!!  

  • Interview with Zoe Niclaus Healer/Reader

    09/08/2013 Duration: 34min

    Adrien Blackwell and Hale Mednik are back on Disturbed Paranormal Radio for a discussion with Zoe Nicolas. There will be readings so call in early! Get ready to be seen by Zoe. http://www.zoeniclaus.com/ Readings and discussion on Theta Healing, SRT and more. Hale Mednik astrologer and tarot reader has been co-host on DP radio for four years. He has a blunt attitude and not afraid to question your sanity! Call in at your own risk! www.dreamtides.com Adrien Blackwell celebrity psychic, paranormal writer, paranormal investigator, and Theta/Reiki healer will give you answers to life questions. www.blackwellpsychic.com (Vh1, Travel Channel, E!, Ch4 UK, Playboy Radio, CBS Radio and more.)

  • Predictions for 2012 Winter Solstice and 2013 -Special show!

    19/12/2012 Duration: 44min

    We are back to shed some light for the coming Winter Solstice and to make predictions for 2013!  Will the world end on 12/21/12?  Will it be the beginning of a shift of consciousness?  What can we expect next year.  Tune in for this special episode of Disturbed Paranormal with world renowned sex psychic and ghost hunter Belinda Bentley and celebrated author, filmmaker, adventurer, and astrologer Hale Mednik.   www.dreamtides.com www.belindabentley.com