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  • Episode 8 - Foursome Action

    07/03/2011 Duration: 49min

    AP, Dcom and JC are back along with Sasky Stewart from the AIHL. In this episode, we cover the women's World Championship in Newcastle and recap the heart break loss to the Australians. We talk about the NHL's trade deadline and highlight our favourite or least favourite trades made. We also bring you import watch from around the AIHL and cover Adelaide, West Sydney, Sydney and Blue Tongues.

  • Episode 7 - The HOTcast!

    30/01/2011 Duration: 58min

    AP, Dcom and JC are back! Welcome to 2011 everyone! In this episode we'll talk about the latest news from the Australian Mens Team for the upcoming World Championships, wrap up our discussion on the Pens/Caps 24/7 HBO series and talk about the Winter Classic Game and is Crosby a marked man in the NHL? AP also gets nerdy over some advanced stats and analysing the top 3 NHL rookies. You'll laugh and you'll probably cry with this latest edition of the Auspuck podcast. This was recorded in bagillion degree temperature too. Oh the joys!

  • Episode 6 - Tis the season to be jolly!

    28/12/2010 Duration: 56min

    AP, Dcom and JC back with another amazing* Auspuck podcast. We are celebrating the silly season and bringing you all the latest hockey talk. In this episode we talk about the recent performance of Team Australia at the U/20 World Championships, discuss the Pens/Caps 24/7 HBO series, name the NHL All A-Hole team and lots more. Join us we listen to JC get slightly more wasted as the podcast goes on. *Podcast is likely not "Amazing."

  • Episode 5 - What a scoop!

    30/11/2010 Duration: 50min

    We talk more hockey from the world of the AIHL and NHL. AP, Dcom and JC are back with another action packed podcast. This episode also features Sasky Stewart from the AIHL Management Team who discusses the strengths 2010 season from a management point of view as well as letting us know what to expect in the 2011 AIHL season. BREAKING NEWS in this podcast! We talk coaching changes in the NHL, Taylor Hall in Edmonton and remember that Ilya Kovalchuk is the common denominator in all teams failures.

  • Episode 4 - AP, Dcom and JC back in action!

    02/11/2010 Duration: 01h11min

    We talk more from the AIHL, NHL and all things hockey. In this episode we cover the good, the bad and the ugly from the 2010 AIHL season. We'll talk about the Kovalchuk benching, recent NHL suspensions, players girlfriends and lots more! As always, we'll finish with the shootout.

  • Episode 3 - Featuring the AIHL awards!

    02/10/2010 Duration: 01h55s

    We talk more AIHL, NHL and all hockey news. This episode features Auspuck's AIHL season 2010 awards!! We continue our special on NHL captains for the month of October. We predict the bubble teams looking to make the NHL playoffs and as always, finish with another shootout between AP and Wcom!

  • Episode 2

    14/09/2010 Duration: 01h02min

    We talk more AIHL, NHL and all things hockey. A special tribute to the Melbourne Ice. A quick look at the world championships. NHL off-season reports and the premier of the shootout!

  • Episode 1

    31/08/2010 Duration: 59min

    Auspuck episode!