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  • Episode 49 This Is It (Final Episode)


    Episode 49, This Is It (Final Episode)To start with , here are my favourite vegetarian or vegan related clips from the No Agenda Podcast with John C Dvorak and Adam Curry.Dvorak made a few mistakes with my message, I do NOT own NZ Vegan Podcast, I just asked for it to be mentioned, and Im not the only vegan who listens to No Agenda, I've met a few now.Welcome to Episode 49 of Jay Wont dart's podcast. This Is It, both the Michael Jackson movie, and my final episode.Thank you to everyone who has ever listened to my podcast. I'm no longer going to update this, Im focusing on my Animal Rights show, Coexisting With Nonhuman Animals. You can find that at coexisting with nonhuman animals . blogspot.com. I'd love to hear from anyone who has listened to this podcast, my email is jaywontdart @gmail.com.If you would like to remove this podcast from your iTunes podcast section, you can just select it and hit delete. Or, if you'd like to keep the episodes for some reason, to make fun of me when I run for Prime Minist

  • Episode 48 Always Blow On The Pie!


    Episode 48 Always Blow On The Pie!thats right girls, dont work hard at school, you're just going to end up at home cooking and cleaning for your husband! That was a 1960's commercial for Suzy Homemaker, a bunch of fake household items, ovens, blenders, irons etc. How could these have been the good old days, when girls were molded into housewives! I'd much rather todays commercials, for videogames where you kill prostitutes!Anyway, welcome to episode 48 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, Always blow on the pie!Im having fun having two podcasts, although Im not sure how often each will get updated, perhaps I'll get stuck in one or the other for a few episodes in a row.This episode, a New Zealand pop culture moment thats exploded online. Always Blow On The Pie!It came from the New Zealand police show called Police ten 7In the famous clip, a police officer finds a suspicious looking man, and gives him some rather odd, rather New Zealand advice. Heres the full version of the clip. Safer Communities together is a N

  • Episode 47 My New Animal Rights Podcast


    Episode 47 My New Animal Rights PodcastWelcome to an extra short episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast. My intro was my latest mention on No Agenda, although Dvorak got my podcast wrong, I DO NOT own the NZ Vegan podcast :) I do enjoy telling people to search for "NZ Vegan" when they look for my podcast on iTunes, because searching for "NZ Vegan" shows up all the New Zealand Animal Rights podcasts. I almost uniformly love each and every one of the results.I just wanted to let everyone know, I've decided to do all future animal rights, and Vegan related episodes under a separate designation. This will make it easier to just listen to the episodes you are actually interested in, if you want to only hear me talk about NZ news or movies, or if you want to only hear vegan topics. Or, ideally you could subscribe to both!The name of my new podcast, chosen by my friend Sam Tucker, is Coexisting with Nonhuman Animals. I asked for help on Veganzchat, an email group, with a starting point of " living with animals ", a

  • Episode 46 Stand By Me, Contact, American Beauty


    Episode 46Stand By Me, Contact, American BeautyHi, welcome to episode 46 of Jay Wont darts podcast. My intro was from episode 132 of No Agenda.This episode, I'll talk about three of my favourite movies. Stand by Me, a coming of age flick, Contact, starring Jodie Foster and centred around aliens, and American Beauty, which is like a grown up Ferris Buellers Day Off. First, Stand By Me.Heres the trailer,Stand By Me is a movie a lot of people will have seen before, and forgotten about. Its truly a classic. The movie, based on a Steven King book, came out in 1986. It has a lot of fairly well known scenes, the young boys walking along train tracks for most of the movie is quite memorable.I'll read from the Wikipedia summary.The film is narrated by an adult Gordie LaChance, known as "The Writer" (Richard Dreyfuss), writing the memoir about his youth. Set in the fictional town of Castle Rock, Oregon, over Labor Day weekend in September 1959, Gordie (Wil Wheaton), and his friends Chris Chambers (River Phoenix) a

  • Episode 45 Earthlings


    Episode 45 Earthlings Hello and welcome to another fine episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast. This episode, I'll talk a tiny bit about Earthlings. I have two fairly long pieces of audio that will make up the majority of this episode. My intro is an old Australian news story of an animal who tried to escape from a zoo.Earthlings is a very important movie to me, I think it says almost all that needs to be said on the side of veganism. Earthlings shows basically all the ways animals are used in todays society. It has graphic footage, from well known animal welfare groups such as PETA, and is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, who is vegan. Instrumental music throughout the movie is performed by well known vegan musician Moby.This is a few minutes of audio from Earthlings.I first saw Earthlings because Elizabeth Collins, of NZ Vegan podcast told me to. I was lent the movie by an Invercargill SAFE member, who hadnt watched Earthlings because they had heard how graphic it is. Its true, Earthlings has a lot of viole

  • Episode 44 New Zealand Hunting


    Episode 44New Zealand HuntingThen I'll never visit Las Vegas. Hello, welcome to episode 44 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I talk about sad parts of New Zealands culture. My intro was from This Week In Tech episode 211. Recently I've been covering a lot of New Zealand news stories, I hope to help this information get out. Right now there are a lot of "white baiters", people who go out catching tiny fish known as "white bait" in nets along riversides. What we in New Zealand call Whitebait is actually the juvenile form of a certain kind of fish, not sure how to say the name, Galaxiid. The babies, White Bait as they are known, look like slimy little white worms. In Southland, a fairly rural area, its a big thing to go out "white baiting", a bunch of guys will go out to "the river" and catch these baby fish in nets. I find it revolting, but it seems to be a cultural thing here, and its nearly impossible to get people to agree that they are standing about a river, getting drunk, all to catch tiny little

  • Episode 43 Horse Meat, Michael Laws Bullies Kids


    Episode 43 Horse Meat ,Michael Laws bullies Kids.Hello and welcome to another episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, your number one source for New Zealand News.My intro was a youtube clip about Gay Anarchists upsetting church goers.This episode, the sale of Horse Meat intended for pets to people who eat it, and Michael Laws, a mayor and celebrity upsets some young Maori children.First, Horse Meat.Horse meat is not sold in New Zealand, at least not in a way that makes it safe for people to eat. This story covers people buying horse meat from a pet food abattoir, the meat is meant for pets to eat, and is sold in bags saying "not fit for human consumption". I really want to get some of those bags and use it for vegan activism, with toy chickens and cows inside of the bags. Maybe I could change the words to "not fit for HUMANE consumption".So called Pet food meat is not prepared to the same standard as meat designated for people. It has a greater chance of causing food poisoning, from having higher numbers of b

  • Episode 42 Anti Smacking Bill Fallout


    Episode 42 Anti Smacking Bill FalloutHello and welcome to episode 42 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I talk about being one of the Invercargill 1915. I'll explain that later. My intro was a youtube video called Flight of the Hummingbird, I just ordered the book, about doing whatever you can, no matter how small, to make the world a better place.Its been over for a while now, I'd decided to hold off covering the results of the Anti Smacking Bill Referendum, in hope that an answer would come at the end of it. So far, nothing has changed, the referendum has been for nothing.To go over the Anti Smacking Bill again quickly, Sue Bradford, an MP of the minor Green Party proposed a bill, that the defense of "reasonable force for the purpose of correction"could be used by parents charged with assaulting their children. This was very upsetting to many parents who believed in physical discipline of their children, they were for smacking, and saw the law as taking away their right as parents to smack their childr

  • Episode 41 Chickens


    EpisodeChickenshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ChickenHello and welcome to another quality episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I talk about things that live in my backyard.My intro was from over population is a myth .com . I'd mentioned overpopulation as being a danger in an earlier episode, perhaps I were wrong, going to over population is a myth.com doesnt take very long, so why not? My father recently bought home some chickens, two hens and a rooster. Im against having pets, but having spent time with these lovely birds, I'd find it hard to send these chickens on their way. I've never really liked cats or dogs, I find them noisy and messy, but birds and insects have always been very dear to me.I'll read from wikipedia,"Chickens are omnivores.[9] In the wild, they often scratch at the soil to search for seeds, insects and even larger animals such as lizards or young mice[10].Chickens may live for five to eleven years, depending on the breed.[11] In commercial intensive farming, a meat chicken generall

  • Episode 40 Don Gorske: Big Mac Lover


    Episode 40 Don Gorske Big Mac GuyHello and welcome to Episode 40 of Jay Wont darts podcast. My intro was from King Of the Hill.This episode is about Don Gorske, I'll start by reading from Wikipedia.From Wikipedia"Don Gorske of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin is an American "Big Mac enthusiast" who has eaten over 23,000 Big Mac hamburgers in his lifetime,[1] winning a place in the 2006 Guinness Book of Records in the process. He claims the Big Mac constitutes 90% of his total solid food intake. He is featured in the documentaries Super Size Me (2004) and Don Gorske: Mac Daddy (2005). He is the author of 22,477 Big Macs (2008).HistoryGorske claims that after getting his first car, the first place he went was to McDonald's on May 17, 1972[1] he purchased and ate three Big Macs at lunch time. He then returned two more times that day to consume a total of nine Big Macs the same day he discovered the sandwich. He further claims to have eaten 265 Big Macs in the following month, an average of 8.5 Big Macs per day. If true,

  • Episode 39 Dog Eating=Lamb Beheading=Cat Dissection


    Episode 39Dog eating = Lamb beheading = Cat dissectionHello and welcome to Jay Wont darts podcast, where I cover shocking animal treatment worldwide, and that includes Nuclear Free, Gods Own, clean green New Zealand.My intro was from episode 100 of No Agenda.I'd been planing to talk about the topics of this episode for months, I've heard many stories of animal abuse that are all equally shocking, but I wanted to fit them together somehow. I've decided to do this episode now, because animal treatment has been in the New Zealand news. Just today, it was reported a Tongan man living in Auckland New Zealand had killed his dog. This has been on the mainstream news, and will be talked about for weeks to come. Also, a boys pet lamb had its head cut off, and he found it dead. This made national news. I would like to mention another shocking animal story, in America its apparently quite common to dissect cats, actual pussy cats, in high schools and universities. I cant imagine that happening in New Zealand, alt

  • Episode 38 Animal Farm


    Episode 38Animal FarmHello and welcome to episode 38 of Jay Wont darts podcast, where I share my favourite books, kind of like a tall white vegan Oprah.My intros were from No Agenda episode 117 and the song Optimistic by Radiohead, its one of the many songs that refference Animal Farm, I'll play another for the outro.George Orwell is known most for his story Nineteen Eighty-Four, but I prefer his earlier work Animal Farm. Animal Farm is a wonderful book mostly aimed at the Soviet Union and Communism, basically all the main characters are based on real life political figures such as Lenin, Karl Marx and Stalin. Other Farms represent the US and UK, and several collective flocks of animals represent social classes of people.In the preface of a 1947 Ukrainian edition of Animal Farm he explained how escaping the communist purges in Spain taught him quote, "how easily totalitarian propaganda can control the opinion of enlightened people in democratic countries." This motivated Orwell to expose and strongly con

  • Episode 37 First Listener Email!


    Episode 37, First Listener Email!Hello and welcome to an EXTRA special episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where for the thousand or so people who've came across my podcast, I've received one email!I use Feed Burner for my RSS feed and stats, normally I only consider iTunes subscribers to matter, people who want to hear my every episode, you guys are my real fans, who are there for the scare good episodes, and all the terrible ones! Thank you all.I have a little over 20 main subscribers, mostly Windows iTunes users. Some of my most popular episodes have been listened to by over 300 people, which is pretty cool considering I'm just some weirdo talking about nothing in particular!I dont know how many of these statistics are actual dedicated listeners, but one day recently I had 19 people in America, 5 hits from the UK, 4 from Germany, 3 from little old New Zealand, 2 from Israel, 1 Australian hit, 1 from Luxembourg, 1 from Austria and another 1 from Mexico. Its pretty amazing to think my voice has been heard

  • Episode 36 Anti Smacking Bill


    Episode 36 Anti Smacking BillHello and welcome to another episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I mention my opinion on the Trademe Message Board and made fun of for being vegan.This episode, I'll talk briefly about the Anti Smacking bill thats caused grief in New Zealand.My intro was from No Agenda 104.Before I forget, hi to anyone from the TradeMe Message Board who's listening, I wish I could have gotten some recordings from you to play, no matter what side you are on. Hi to wayne472, merrigj, mikey853nz, and anyone else who is listening from New Zealand. I could be wrong about details I mention in this episode, so feel free to correct me, I'll give out my email address at the end of this episode.A little background about New Zealand politics for international listeners. In New Zealand we have MMP, which is a system in which several small-ish parties can band together and become a government, its not "X vs Y", if party X doesnt have enough votes to govern alone, it can get support from party gamma, s

  • Episode 35 Joys of Human Invention


    Episode 35Joys of human invention Hello, and thank you for joining me on another super special episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast.For episode 35 I'll talk about some , such as Alex, the artificial voice that comes with Apple's OSX. My intro was Underwear Goes Inside The Pants, a song by LazyboyI like alot of things, both living and not alive. I like birds, bees and blueberries, but also expensive technology, cars, computers and laser death rays. To reference a prior episode about the scary old hospital here, as I walked through the old ruins, its not quite like roman era marble blocks, all weathered away over the centuries, but it sure is awfully dated inside, I started to think about how cheap a lot of man made things are. Things are made to be disposable, things get outdated from how they look. Take buildings, in just 10 years a building will be seriously out of fashion really. I remember thinking Splash Palace, the fancy swimming pool here in Invercargill, it was amazingly modern, it had an expensiv

  • Episode 34 Scary Technology


    Episode 34Scary Technology!Hello and welcome to episode 34 of Jay Wont dart's podcast, where I play endless clips of other people talking for an hour straight.This episode, I've got a lot of good No Agenda podcast clips to play, about scary technology thats either out now, or coming out very soon, apparently. I dont believe all of this stuff is 100% true, then again, it always takes 20+ years to find out what America has, think about the SR71 recon plane that cruises at the edge of space at Mach 3 spying on people, or the nearly invisible B2 bomber, we know about these things, they are not really used at all now, so America must have greatly superior replacements that we'll find out about, one day in the future.My next episode will be title "the joys of human invention", it'll serve to counter this crazy and terrifying episode, so dont take that cyanide pill just yet, episode 35 will hopefully give you a reason to live.So, many of these rumoured technologies will no doubt turn out to be true. The question i

  • Episode 33 Matthew Shepard


    Episode 33Matthew ShepardHello and welcome to episode 33 of Jay Wont darts podcast, where I learn life lessons, and talk about them into a USB microphone.This episode of my podcast, I'll talk about Matthew Shepard, a young man in America, killed for the crime of being gay. I felt pretty moved by Matthews story, told by his parents mostly, and it made me think about how people use homosexuality as a negative term, its a put down to say "you're gay" for example. Researching this episode, I found this Public Service Announcement featuring Matthews motherAnd it made me think of the words I use, and that I hear other people use, and do nothing about. Recently at work I heard people walking out and talking about something that they didnt like , they said "that was gay". I felt like I should say something, maybe confront the couple "what, you have a problem with gay people?", as if I were gay myself. Im not gay, but they wouldnt know that, would they? Instead, I just pretended not to hear them, I dont like to

  • Episode 32 Freezing Works


    Episode 32Freezing Works This episode of Jay Wont dart's podcast, I talk about Freezing Works, a New Zealand occupation, basically an abattoir or slaughterhouse where the meat is frozen at the end and exported overseas.Download Episode directly hereMy intro was from No Agenda episode 104.I'll start with a quote.The meat processing industry is in a constant stateof change. These changes will continue to meet therequirements of the 21st Century. The meat plant of100 years hence will probably feature a high degree ofautomation. But this will be beyond our lifetime. If wefocus upon the immediate future the meat plant of the21st Century will probably incorporate many of thecurrent trends or developments.Operating margins will remain small with theemphasis upon high productivity and enhanced revenue.We may see the rise of the mega-plant linked with anational or international network of specialised addedvalue operations.The international demand for meat and proteins isexpected to grow. The challenge of the meat plan

  • Episode 31 Michael Jackson's Memorial


    Episode 31Michael Jackson's MemorialMJ INTRO CLIP SONGSThis episode, I'll mention the memorial to Michael Jackson that happened early this morning New Zealand time. I'll play plenty of emotional songs, interspersed with clips from the memorial service. The intro clips were, in order, I Want You Back, I'll Be There,Aint No Sunshine,Rockin Robin,Little Bitty Pretty One,Who's Lovin' You,My GirlThis is part of an unreleased song, For All Time, it was included on Thriller 25.Today there was a public memorial, it was held in the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, 17 and a half thousand tickets were given out to lucky Michael Jackson fans to attend. A private Jackson family service was held beforehand, and then Michaels closed casket was unexpectedly taken to the Memorial, it was just in front of the stage for the event. Many famous celebrities took to the stage and talked about how much Michael Jackson meant to them, some performed his songs. Notable people included Mariah Carey, Magic Johnson, Koby Bryant, Usher

  • Episode 30 NZ Pig Transplants


    Episode 30 New Zealand Pig TransplantsHello and welcome to Jay Wont darts podcast, this is episode 30, about Living Cells Technology, testing on apparently Disease Free pigs near Invercargill, where I live.My intro was from a 60 minutes episode, talking about people who eat less willingly, and appear to live longer. A little history about the Auckland Island pigs.The Auckland Islands are some sub Antarctic islands, Auckland Island is the main island from the group of Auckland Islands. The Auckland Islands are about 500 kilometres south of Invercargill, where I live.The islands are quite beautiful looking, its mostly shrubs and rock from what I can see on wikipedia, but I think it has a lot of forest too. The pigs were released onto Auckland Island in 1807, as a source of food for whalers and shipwreck survivors, they were like living emergency rations for any people who needed food. Pretty dark huh? Living in paradise, all alone, just in case some people crash a boat into a rock, they can swim to your is