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From this September Baker and Kelly are back back back - on your computer, your iPod, your nerves. Baker and Kelly on football.


  • Never Write Off The Spanish Implosion

    19/06/2014 Duration: 39min

    Ashley Blaker is joined by André Vincent, Susan Calman and Darius Davies for episode 3 of Never Write Off The Germans, the comedy panel quiz that loves the World Cup even more than Roger Milla loves corner flags! Recorded twice a week in London by the ‘Crafty Rabbi’. Get the links from our Facebook or Twitter

  • ENGLAND SPECIAL! Penalties Preview

    19/06/2014 Duration: 43s

    TONIGHT Sam Delaney gets behind Roy's Lions with Alvin Martin, Mark Bircham, Phil Whelans and that EXCLUSIVE phone interview with Sepp Blatter ahead of the England match. Subscribe now on iTunes or from

  • The Crafty Rabbi Doesn't Beg

    18/06/2014 Duration: 55s

    We know you like football and we know you like podcasts, so here's Ashley Blaker to remind you that latest episode of his World Cup comedy podcast 'Never Write Off Phil Neville' is available now on iTunes or from

  • Never Write Off The Germans - World Cup 2014 Preview

    11/06/2014 Duration: 03min

    Ashley Blaker finally returns for the panel quiz that taking Brazil by storm, so much so they've staged a World Cup football competition just to coincide with it! This is the preview, subscribe to it on iTunes or at as it will be coming twice a week and we don't want you to miss it! Here's a quick look back at the Euro2012 series and with regard to England's first match, why England v Italy might be more entertaining than the average kick around. Get the latest World Cup 2014 podcast now at Produced by Ashley Blaker Executive Producers Mike Leigh and Paul Myers A Playback Media Production

  • World Cup 2014 Preview

    09/06/2014 Duration: 02min

    I'm Sam Delaney and from Tuesday the 10th of June my new World Cup podcast will be yours to keep forever, as a souvenir of the greatest carnival of futbol all year. Join me and a host of witty celebrity guests twice a week as we pick the bones of the World Cup 2014 as it unfolds. Subscribe now on Soundcloud, iTunes or whatever flavour you like your podcasts by following the links from Produced by Mike Leigh and Paul Myers Get all links for this show at A Playback Media Production

  • 04 Jan 11 - Blackburn de Janeiro

    04/01/2011 Duration: 32min

    Live from Sao Ewood, Mark Webster gets samba-ed up to ponder where in Blackburn will Ronaldinho choose to live? Adding their weight to the debate are stand up comic and Farnborough FC fan Andy Smart and Iain Coyle from the Liverpool podcast 'Not Just a Matter of Life of Death'. You get the idea. Join our Facebook group at and have your say.

  • 09 Nov 10 - The Back Four Tops

    09/11/2010 Duration: 43min

    Soul crooner Mark Webster brings in the power of three and brings in Jonny Owen, Jim Read and Jeff Young. Arsene's away record, Gareth Bale, Andy Carroll's budding England call up, QPR and in the words of Boney M "those Russians". Follow us on Twitter @footballpodcast

  • 05 Oct 10 - The Future's Bright The Future's Amber

    05/10/2010 Duration: 42min

    Mark Webster is joined by the Chels' Ceri Levy and The Spurs Show's Mike Leigh to discuss the third coming of Sven, Super Super Sunday, The Killie Pie, and a new Kevin Davies England. Oh and Dion Dublin's Dube.

  • 04 Oct 10 - Brassed Off Osgood

    04/10/2010 Duration: 38min

    There's so much to talk about this week, we hardly have time to mention the victory against the French. Phil Daniels and Ceri Levy welcome Andy Saunders to discuss Chelsea's worse manager, Dong the thug, Robert Fleck for Chelsea, Alex's right foot, Song's old ladies wig and Bobby Moore's middle name. Oh, and Arsenal.

  • 15 Jul 10 - The Clip Show Wrap Party

    15/07/2010 Duration: 23min

    Mike Leigh invites you to puff your pillows, take a comfy chair, pour a drink and join him for the best of 'It'll Go To Penalties'. Hear the gems, rants and witticisms of Henning Wehn, Sam Delaney, Keith Dover, Ashley Blaker, Paul Whitehouse, Paul Tonkinson, Phil Cornwell, Alex Lowe, Kriss Akabusi, Paul Hawksbee, Theo Delaney, DJ Tayo, James Brown, Phil Whelans, Iain Coyle and Eamonn Holmes - the entire World Cup dream team! Hear more from this lot on our regular weekly Premier League podcasts at

  • 22nd March 10 - Nil by Mouth; Ray Winstone and Mido's diet. Two Nil by Mouth

    22/03/2010 Duration: 41min

    Phil Whelans and last week's greatly lauded host, Jim Grant welcome 'The Daddy', Hollywood's Hardest Hammer, Mr. Sexy Beast himself, Sir Ray Winstone. In a flashback to Scum, Ray calls for the return of Julian Dicks to kick the s**t out of the boys, tells us how Danny Dyer scrubs up, calls for a return to old fashioned British football, fingers sneaky Fabregas, Millwall or Chelsea and the best goal celebrations.

  • 9th March 10 - Shower of ...

    09/03/2010 Duration: 46min

    With a rousing call to arms / raving diatribe, Iain Coyle presents from his soapbox with John Ryan. As we browse the odds of a new Liverpool manager and discuss the adoption of continental hand gestures, it's a marathon episode that needs no come and get me plea. For more Liverpool podcast episodes search for 'Not Just a Matter of Life and Death'.

  • 1st March 10 - The Shawcross Redemption

    01/03/2010 Duration: 34min

    Turn down your headphones. Warn your neighbours. Keep a safe distance. Alan Davies rants loudly and relentlessly about the unnecessary on-pitch violence committed against Aaron Ramsey this weekend, while Ian Stone and Keith Dover cower under furniture until the tempest that is 'Alan', passes over. It nearly does (eventually), as the campaign for 'KEITH FOR PRESIDENT' gathers pace, with even Keith's bowling ball polishing activities overlooked. Word of the week: MUD. For more Playback Media podcasts go to

  • 10th September - The ManYoo Redcast First Show

    10/09/2009 Duration: 29min

    Eddie Nestor and Paul Tonkinson meet for the first time and poke fun at that other Manc team.

  • 13th May - Phill Jupitus - Hammer of the Year?

    13/05/2009 Duration: 51min

    Phill Jupitus joins Phil Whelans and Jim Grant in the studio for a marathon episode.

  • 25th November - Jol Speaks

    25/11/2008 Duration: 35min

    Robbert Jol is our special guest for this week's show, as we run through the current fixtures and read more of your emails. For the Spurs Show Shop, visit

  • 07 Dec 07 - Today's Service Cancelled

    07/12/2007 Duration: 14min

    Bus Replacement Service, with your driver, financial expert David Kuo.

  • 30 Nov 07 - Sausage, Chirpy, Candlestick, Bohemian and Rhapsody

    30/11/2007 Duration: 53min

    "Vampire Hunters, no. Vampire Enthusiasts, yes..."

  • 23 Nov 07 - Umbrella, Arch, Shareholders, Moribund and Biggins

    23/11/2007 Duration: 01h03min

    "Ding dong, the Wicked Witch is dead!"

  • 16 Nov 07 - Cuckoo, Subbuteo, Shed, Patent and Mascot

    16/11/2007 Duration: 57min

    "Dad, who is Leapy Lee?"