Sammy Bilyeu's Podcast




  • Salvation from beginning to end is the Grace of God working in YOU

    27/03/2011 Duration: 09min

    Salvation is defined as "deliverance, saved from something hurtful or injurous, to make whole, to protect, to heal, etc". This is all provided for by His grace but to make it yours, you believe it is true for you! Php 1:6 I am sure of this, that He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. {HCSB} Eph 1:13 In Him you also, when you heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation--in Him when you believed--were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit. Eph 1:14 He is the down payment of our inheritance, for the redemption of the possession, to the praise of His glory. {HCSB}

  • The ONLY New Covenant Reality - In Him

    27/03/2011 Duration: 11min

    What does it mean to be "in Him"? To BE in Him is the New Covenant REALITY and that Union is the very reality in which we now live, breathe, and have our BEING. As New Covenant believers and children of God, we should never view ourselves outside of this reality. Old Covenant people 'followed' God as He led them. New Covenant people has God dwelling in them. We no longer follow God, we are in UNION with Him. How can we 'follow' our New identiy? The truth is, you can't 'follow' who you are, you just ARE in Him. It makes no sense. We simply live from our NEW BEING, this is the REALITY of the NEW CREATION.

  • Gospel of Peace

    10/01/2011 Duration: 06min

    Many of us have already heard the message of judgment and condemnation and some of us have received it as the Gospel. That my friend is no Gospel at all. The Gospel literally means "Good News". There is no good news in judgment and condemnation. Before you can come to a Holy God, there must be a way of peace. A person who believes that he is condemned can never approach a Holy God. We have been reconciled through peace. Peace is the road that man and God can travel on together in harmony. Peace is the only way that can bring Hope and God knew this, that is why He sent Jesus, to bridge a gap, to break down the wall of hostility, and to make peace between God and man. This peace brings rest and assurance that God is for me and not against me.

  • United again with God in Christ

    08/01/2011 Duration: 08min

    Did you know that we are co-heirs with Christ? Jesus qualified those who believe in Him to be an heir of God. Everything that Jesus obtained by His resurrection is ours. All the blesssing of God, actually the very LIFE of God and everything that comes from that, we now possess. There is an abundance of goodness that never runs out, a never ending supply. Man was crowned with Glory and honor when he was created, and now he is recreated in Christ with a new nature and a new future because he is a new man. All the old is gone and the new has come. Jesus paid for everything and we benefit from His finished work on the cross! It is finished, indeed it is.

  • Righteousness is the foundation

    07/01/2011 Duration: 05min

    Righteousness is paramount to receiving all of the benefits of God and His will for you. His perfect will for all humanity is Christ and being in Christ and experiencing His BEST. The paradox of receiving His righteousness is that it is probably the hardest thing to do, yet it is so simple as just to 'believe' it! The hardest, because it is the last thing the 'ego' wants to do is to submit to an authority greater than itself. The simplest because "you can if you will". I think the deception is that we cannot perceive ourselves in someone else's GOODNESS. We have a 'faulty' paradigm that has been formed by previous experiences mixed with self centeredness. This combination results in a hard heart that is incapable of perceiving God for who He really is and by the same token, the hard heart cannot experience goodness as a gift because of the blindness of pride.

  • Free from sin and death

    07/01/2011 Duration: 06min

    Do you know that between the fall of Adam and Eve and the cross of Jesus, man has been in the bondage of sin and death? Jesus has delivered us from that sin by becoming sin for us. He never sinned, yet He became our sin so that we could inherit eternal Life. Life is not just going to Heaven when we die, but eternal life begins when you receive Jesus and His righteousness. You could say it this way: Jesus became our "state' of sinfulness so we could become His "state" of sinlessnes. This is what it means when we were delivered from sin and death. Sin and death has no more power to operate in us because we now operate in the righteousness of Christ!

  • Do we need REVIVAL?

    04/01/2011 Duration: 05min

    Do you ever find yourself praying for revival? Are you seeking a new 'move' from God to sweep the land? I am hear to tell you that if you have been born again, you have the "REVIVAL" living and breathing in you via the Holy Spirit of God Himself. Instead of seeking revival to 'sweep' the land, we as believers, need to realize that WE ARE THE REVIVAL that people are seeking. Jesus has set you free from sin and death to give you LIFE ABUNDANT. God dwells in you for you to manifest His Glory .... this is the revival. In Christ, God has ALREADY deposited everything you will ever need for life and Godliness. You have been brought back from the dead, you haved been revived. You cannot be revived beyond what Christ has done in you. The "revival" is Christ in YOU, the hope of Glory!

  • Seek Wisdom above all else

    03/01/2011 Duration: 07min

    The book of Proverbs is commonly called the "Book of Wisdom'. What is wisdom? Wisdom is the practical application of learned knowledge. You can have much knowledge but for it to do you any good, you must put it to use. Proverbs tells us to seek wisdom above all else; because from it, a successful life is it's outcome. Wisdom tells us how to live a life above reproach, how to avoid pitfalls, how to deal with every day affairs while we live on this planet. It seems like we seek everything else but wisdom. Wisdom was with God when He created everything we see. So that tells me His wisdom is the PEARL of great price and all of His wisdom is found in Jesus. If Christ is in you, then you have that same wisdom. Discover the treasure within you and that will take you farther than you've ever dreamed!

  • Hardness of heart

    03/01/2011 Duration: 08min

    Do you know the greatest roadblock to seeing your destiny is hardness of heart. God is your destiny and you cannot perceive the things and plan of God with a hard heart. Pride only allows you to see things "one way" and that is your way. Hardness is the result of the deceitfulness of sin. Sin callouses the heart and desensitizes the understanding of love and cannot understand the goodness of God. God has a wonderful plan for you and that plan is Jesus. In Christ, we have a sense of purpose and destiny. In other words, we begin to see clearly without any obstruction. If you have a hard heart, you cannot truly enjoy LIFE. The only way to experience true Joy and peace is allow God to begin breaking down the walls in which you hide behind!

  • In Christ there is no debate

    02/01/2011 Duration: 10min

    Have you noticed that in the "church world" there is much debate. People like to argue about who's right and who's wrong. They are still 'partaking' from the 'tree of knowledge' that cause humanity all the problems in the first place. People love to express their opinion, all to prove they are right and the other is wrong. This is not of God and this is not how the church is suppose to function. If you are in Christ, you are RIGHTEOUS and do not need to prove anything because Christ has "proven" it for you. No wonder the world thinks the modern day church is irrevelant, they do not want to partake in the division they see, they simply want hope and to experience LIFE and find unity in something other than themselves.Let's not debate but be ambassadors of Christ and ministers of reconciliation!

  • One Promise of Inheritance

    02/01/2011 Duration: 10min

    There are many promises in the bible but every one of them originate in the Promise of inheritance and that inheritance is Life eternal. Life is also internal, not external. Many of us desire promises to "come" to us by believing they will, but did you know that all of these promises come from within? That's right, everything we seek in the external, originates from the internal. We seek miracles, signs and wonders but the greatest miracle is on the inside of you, waiting to come out from you. The life of Christ that is in you yearns to come out for the world to see and experience. Yes, the resurrection LIFE of Jesus is in you and everything you will ever need or desire will come from the miracle of life that is in you!

  • Grace is the Divine influence on the heart

    01/01/2011 Duration: 09min

    Grace is the Divine influence on the heart of man to transform the heart of man by virtue of it's power. The weakness of man is the hardness of his heart! Without the POWER of grace, he is self centered and most everything he does is for the gratification to his "ego". Grace empowers us to live in the abundance of goodness with no ulterior motive coming from the sense of lack. Without grace, there is always an "inner sense" of void. God created us to be "filled" by His goodness and to live with the attitude of thanks giving because of His generosity. God did this so that we could experience His love and from this experience, we could love and and receive love from others. Grace is the conduit for which relationships bind together.

  • The effectual communication of your FAITH

    01/01/2011 Duration: 07min

    Did you know that the communicating of your faith in Jesus will bring you revelation of the GOOD things that is already deposited in you by the Holy Spirit? The Gospel was never meant to keep to yourself. The joy that you experience by having abundant LIFE will flow out of you to the people you're around. By sharing the LIFE of Jesus through your presence, it will be tangible to everyone else. That is simply the radiance of His Glory shining in you to eminate from you! Sharing by speaking, reciprocates the word spoken and blesses you back. You give someone else Hope by sharing the life that has been transformed by God's goodness. If you are seeking revelation from the Holy Spirit, share with someone about what God done for you in Christ. By this sharing, you too will get more in return than you could ever give out!

  • Christ is our HOPE

    01/01/2011 Duration: 08min

    Many people feel like they are "defeated" and have no chance in Life. They seem to not have what it takes to overcome the pitfalls of life in this world. The element they may be missing is HOPE. Hope is the confident expectation of a good thing happening. It is difficult to perceive anything good where there is no hope. Christ is our only Hope in Life and without Him, it is impossible to overcome the world. Depression is the opposite of hope. There is no pill that a doctor can give that can create this "inward" desire to see a bright future. If you are not excited about tomorrow and what it may hold for you, then I ask you to consider the source of life, which is our HOPE to live it!

  • True Freedom

    01/01/2011 Duration: 11min

    What does it mean to be truly free? The definition for Freedom is "exemption from obligation". Wow, that says a mouthful doesn't it? The truth is that we have been set free from the "obligation" of trying to become something that we could never be in our own strength. This is the free gift of acceptance and righteousness and is ONLY in Christ. When we come to know our new identity of being righteous, we will stop trying to become and know that we just ARE! We are then free to LIVE the way God intended for us to live ... ABUNDANTLY

  • More than a Conqueror

    01/01/2011 Duration: 05min

    Wouldn't you like to have the ability to conquer your enemies? Sure you would. But did you know that we already have our enemies conquered? Yes, it's true if you are in Christ! Christ has already defeated our enemies at the cross by stripping them of their power. How do we see that manifest as our reality? By receiving Jesus and His free gift of RIGHTEOUSNESS which gives us a legal right to have complete authority over evil and ungodly influence that govern this world's system. Those in Christ live in the world but are not "of" this world. We have a Kingdom in which we reign in LIFE with One, Jesus Christ! Listen to this podcast and ponder on the Identity that Christ is! Are you in Him? The only way to have complete victory is to be in Him as He has overcame the world and all of it's evil influences!