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  • Affirmations for Teachers


    Anne celebrates the beginning of the school year by saluting teachers. She provides affirmations for teachers who want their students to be the best behaved and the smartest!. Listen here. Advertisements

  • The Prosperity Commandments


    Anne discussed the Prosperity Commandments in a recent teleseminar. These Commandments are taken from Dr. Catherine Ponder’s book “The Millionaire Moses” which is available on Amazon. Listen as Anne discusses them.

  • More Emmet Fox Stories


    Anne and I journey down the Emmet Fox road again and discuss two special stories of Emmet Fox – one is “Life’s Special Assignments” and the other is “Cafeteria”. Listen here.

  • Motivational Memo: Poverty is not spiritual


    Listen as Anne discusses how it’s virtually impossible to achieve your goals or bring your dreams to fruition if you are in poverty. You must be prosperous to have the freedom (both mental and physical freedom) to do all that you wish to do. Whether what you want is for yourself or for others, you […]

  • About New Thought


    Anne and I have published our first Podcast! You can listen to it here. We've tried to address the fact that people tend to get overwhelmed when they first begin to study New Thought because they want to learn it all "right now". And you can't do that. In addition, there are so many things […]