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We have just discovered the world of podcasting in the welsh valleys - hello world


  • Tudor Acrostic Poems Part 1

    21/11/2007 Duration: 01min

    As part of our study of The Tudors we wrote and recorded some acrostic poems on Tuesday this week. We had listened to the acrostic poems from our friends at The Buzz,( http://twowhizzy.podomatic.com/ ) who have just posted their second group of poems. We hope that you enjoy our efforts..... part 2 to come The music 'Greensleeves' is courtesy of Harpist - Sally Fletcher (http://www.heavenlyharpist.com/index.htm)

  • A Year 4 Podcast on The Tudors

    13/11/2007 Duration: 01min

    Maia and Shayana begin the new series of Cefn Fforest Podcasts. They introduce life in Year, and our History Topic on 'The Tudors' . They give us an idea of the podcasts to come this term.

  • Work in Progress Year6

    09/06/2007 Duration: 36s

    I have posted this piece of work even though as yet it is incomplete, my reason for doing this is : To show the main reason that we use these web 2.0 tools with young pupils - That the thought process and skills development is the most important part of any piece of work, the final product is rewarding but the route to it is always fascinating : The background to this piece is that the young lady creating the work is 11 and will be going to Key Stage 3 (High School) in September. She is on our More Able and Talented register for her ability in Literacy ( having won our Eisteddfod with a wonderful poem using evocative language). She has been using Audacity for at least 4 months now and actually said that she prefered it to GarageBand ( non of my doing honestly) in fact this piece was recorded on a MacBook using Audcaity. Jess has asked for a quiet room to work in - in fact all e could hear from across the hall was strange tapping and clapping ( we ask no questions in our podcasting club!!!) It was only later a

  • A Year 6 Work in Progress

    30/05/2007 Duration: 06min

    This is a further podcast in our creative podcast series produced by Year 6 pupils in their final term in our school before they move up to what people may call the High School. This piece is very much a work in progress with some work needing to be done to the abrupt ending, it shows some of the technical ideas that this group of creative pupils have had over the past few weeks.

  • Soccer Report

    24/05/2007 Duration: 02min

    **F.A. Cup Final Report** This report on last Saturday's F.A. Cup Final between Chelsea and Manchester United was written, recorded and edited by the boys heard giving the report, using Audacity on a Dell laptop. It is great to see how these 7-8 year olds have come to terms with using the technology - BEWARE : Digital Natives at work!!!!!!

  • ** Caution Year 6 Creative Podcast**

    23/05/2007 Duration: 02min

    Another Podcast from the same young podcaster.... enjoy

  • ** Caution Year 6 Creative Podcast**

    23/05/2007 Duration: 01min

    This podcast is the latest in a series of creative efforts by a group of Year 6 pupils who are pushing the boundaries of podcasting in an after-school club at Cefn Fforest. The maker of this podcast delights in experimenting with what Audacity can do, including in this episode reversing tracks and inserting comic voices. It is fascinating to watch a young man like this becoming skilled in the use of the technology - a true Digital Native at the age of 10.... The picture is of the creator of this podcast setting up a series of comedy film shorts that he is making for our Making The News pages. He is also pretty creative with Powerpoint using it as a vehicle for his sense of humour. He is certainly a character who we at Cefn Fforest Primary will miss when he goes on to the Comprehensive School in September.

  • Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

    23/05/2007 Duration: 01min

    We found a copy of Harry and his Bucket Full of Dinosaurs in our Library Corner the other day and as we have a Dinosaur 'Mad' young man in our class, he and a friend decided to make a podcast ... we hope that you enjoy it. This podcast was recorded edited and posted by Year 3 pupils at Cefn Fforest Primary.

  • Welsh Lesson with Nia

    22/05/2007 Duration: 18min

    Nia our school visitng Athrowes (Welsh Teacher) has been visiting Year2 and 3 classes recently.... this is our lesson from 17th May 2007. Nia covers - does dim ***** 'da fi ( I do not have a ***** with me) and Faint o'r gloch ydy hi ? What time is it ? un o'r gloch - one o'clock etc. We hope that you enjoy our podcast we really enjoy our lessons with Nia - da iawn Nia.

  • Some facts about The Romans Part 1

    17/05/2007 Duration: 04min

    We are just completing our history topic on The Romans and spent an afternoon recording some interesting facts that we have found out while carrying out a webquest. Here is Part 1 of our Roman Fact Podcasts.

  • A Football Report

    08/05/2007 Duration: 42s

    A report on a recent match for Cefn Fforest Under 11 soccer team !!! enjoy....

  • A First - The first (semi) independent Podcast by Y3 (yay!!)

    26/04/2007 Duration: 25s

    Today in class as we enter the final term of the year i thought that it was time that my Year 3 pupils started to produce their own independent podcasts on a range of subjects. Today I ran a short session where we learned the basics of using Audacity to record and edit a podcast. I must admit that by the end of the 20 minute instruction Jordan the 'Techie' for the podcast was already making just the sort of value judgements that I was looking for - eg 'we could do with shortening that piece of music', 'could we do that audio again please?' Which was great to hear from a 7 year old - so even though the podcast is short it is almost all their own work - Well Done excellent work ....

  • Our Colour Poem

    17/04/2007 Duration: 30s

    Chantelle in Class 3H of Cefn Fforest Primary School has re-written the Colour Poem written by our friend Irena and her class in the Czech Republic. Today Chantelle taught the poem to us and we recorded it for our friends at the Play to Learn project ... we hope that you enjoy it.

  • Wishing Daniela a very Happy Birthday from Wales

    17/04/2007 Duration: 46s

    Happy Birthday to Daniela our friend and partner in Lazio, Rome.

  • World Book Week Visitors

    13/03/2007 Duration: 10min

    On Friday 9th March to mark the end of a week of book based activities Year 3 pupils at Cefn Fforest Primary School had a visit from Jan Woodward and Kath Jenkins ( author and illustrator) of 'Five Fairies go on Holiday' their book which has just been published ( available on Amazon.com). Jan and Kath both work for Gwent Police Force, Kath being our local liason officer. Jan read the book to Year 3 and answered a few questions, we were then able to have a quiet interview with a small group of Year 3 pupils resulting in our latest podcast.... we hope that you enjoy it, we had a fabulous afternoon and it really brought World Book Week to great conclusion.

  • Preparations for St David's Day (Dydd Gwyl Dewi) 2007

    28/02/2007 Duration: 01min

    Preparations and competitions for St David's Day ( March 1st) are well under way at Cefn Fforest Primary, as they will be at all schools in Wales as the big day approaches. We had 3D model dragons made at home by Year 3 pupils (and helpers), taking up every available shelf in Main School. Also there were musicians practicing in any space they could find - choirs and dancers using their play times to prepare as we look forward to a day of Welsh Crafts and activities and an Eisteddfod ( Cultural Competitions) - which will include the chairing of the Cefn Fforest Bard ( Year 6 poet of the Year)

  • Cefn Fforest FM ( Year 6 Podcast Group)

    28/02/2007 Duration: 07min

    A dedicated group of Year 6 pupils have been spending after-school time on a Tuesday in order to put together their own podcast. This podcast was put together by the pupils themselves, all their own editing and post production work. Well Done Gang By the way they already have plans in place to produce their next episode ... watch this space for their next effort.

  • Music for Y Delyn Newydd

    28/02/2007 Duration: 02min

    Here is the dance music to go with the Folk Dance -'Y Delyn Newydd' for our friends around the world to learn the dance .... enjoy.

  • Cuddly Kiwi's Welsh Adventure ( Part 1)

    26/01/2007 Duration: 05min

    Cuddly Kiwi has been on his visit with us here in Cefn Fforest for a while now. This short podcast tells of some adventures he has been on, visiting some of our homes.

  • Away in a manger

    21/12/2006 Duration: 01min

    Year 3 pupil sings solo - Christmas Carol Away in a manger

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