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We want to lead every student to live for Jesus Christ, every student to: KNOW Jesus personally. LIVE for Jesus in all things. INVITE their friends to know Jesus with them. Heres our weekly messages from the Wooden Door.


  • He Must Increase


    John the Baptist (JtB) made it his life’s mission that Jesus must increase through his life. He knew that nothing he had was his own, but it had all been given by God, and that his role in life was to shine the spotlight on Jesus for all to see. Plus, an important update from Cory on how he is seeking to increase God through his life.

  • Original Design: The Conclusion


    We have a panel discussion to conclude the series on God's original design for men and women.

  • Original Design: Marriage


    Most people will get married one day. What is marriage about? What should it look like? We can get a lot of input from those around us. But we would do better to learn God's original design for marriage.

  • Original Design: Dating


    Dating can be, and is confusing. Who should we date? When? How should we date? Cory has a conversation about the best way that we should date!

  • Conversation With Parents on How to Talk About Sex


    Debbie Wade joins Cory for a conversation with parents about how to talk with your kids about sex.

  • God's Original Design For Sex


    We live in a hyper-sexualized world. You don't have to look far to find someone casually promoting sex - it's just physical; it's a normal part of life; everyone's doing it. But yet, we are missing so so much from what God originally designed for sex. So what is God's original design for sex? Could it be better than what we are mostly experiencing today in our culture?

  • Male AND Female


    “Male AND Female, He created them”. It is clear that God’s original design was for male AND female to live and move together. But how does God want us to live as man or woman? What does that mean? Cory begins the discussion on that here.

  • Original Design: Our Purpose in Life


    We are a long way off from Genesis 1 & 2, God’s original design; where God said everything in the world was “very good” and the word associated with sexuality was “unashamed”. Can we move back toward God’s original design? Can we move toward God’s original design for us as men and women, as single or dating or married, toward God’s original design for sex and purity? The Bible says, YES! But we have to start at the beginning. We have to start with knowing and living God’s original purpose for our lives. The fullest life we can live is a life lived according to the purpose we were created for.

  • A Holy God, A Sinful People, And A Solution


    Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty. Compared to Him we fall short. Is there hope? Isaiah 6 gives us the answer.

  • The Secret To Being Content


    In life, it is a guarantee for circumstances to go up and down. If our joy in life is attached to the highs and lows in life, we are in for a rocky road ahead. So what is the secret to being content in all things? Paul tells us here in Philippians 4.

  • Press On


    To press on is an intentional pursuit towards a goal. We all press on towards something. What are you pressing on towards? Philippians 3:12-4:1

  • Where Is Your Confidence?


    Often times our confidence rises and falls based on how we measure up. There is one place we will never measure up, and that's before God. (Philippians 3:1-11)

  • What Would Be Written About You?


    In Philippians 2:19-30, Cory unpacks what Paul had to say about Timothy and Epaphroditus. With that thought in mind, what would be written about you?

  • Living A Life Of Faith


    Jermaine encourages the Middle Schoolers to respond to the voice of God, and joyfully and faithfully LIVE for Him.

  • Inspire With Jesus To Go And LIVE For Him


    Cory and Jermaine kick off Friday night inspiring the students with the grace of God and how it allows us to LIVE for Him.

  • In Christ, You Are The Light of The World (Philippians 2:12-18)


    Hear Jermaine Arphul, 121 Students Pastor (6th-8th Grade), share an inspiring message encouraging students to live as lights in a world of darkness.

  • Humility - The X-Factor To Unity And Love


    This week Cory teaches through Philippians 2:1-11. Paul is continuing his point on the absolute importance of unity and love among one another. In these verses, he gives us the x-factor, the key ingredient that is necessary in each of us in order to see unity and love among one another. That x-factor is humility. Paul concludes this passage with a beautiful song about the only One who has truly lived a life of humility, and offers us hope that through Jesus, we can have humility too.

  • To Live Is Christ


    When we look at the example Paul sets for us in Philippians 1, we see that our greatest purpose in life is to devote our lives to honoring Jesus, to live for Jesus. Living for Jesus will move us to then love others and to walk shoulder to shoulder with others - community is not an option!

  • Advance The Gospel


    Jermaine picks it up in Philippians 1, with the challenge to be all in, as Paul was all in, for the advance of the Gospel. Are you all in?!

  • A People And A Purpose (Philippians 1:1-11)


    Cory starts off our study of Paul's letter to the Philippians by looking at two foundational desires of the human heart: a purpose to live for, and a people to belong to. Paul will show us where we can find the answer to the quest in life for purpose and people.

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