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Alive and Well STL is an effort focused on reducing the impact of toxic stress and trauma on our health and wellbeing. The Alive and Well STL radio show, hosted by Bethany Johnson-Javois, CEO of the St. Louis Integrated Health Network, helps community members become trauma informed and emotionally and physically well. The personal stories from community members and public health leaders reveal St. Louis health realities, disparities, and opportunities.It's great to be alive! Be "Alive and Well STL"More at


  • iHeart Jade Harrell w/ Community Trauma and Racial Equity

    03/09/2017 Duration: 37min

    Today we focus our Alive and Well STL lens on Community Trauma and Racial Equity. Jade Harrell with Khatib Waheed, founder of the Racial Equity Learning Exchange. As a national presenter, facilitator and consultant, Khatib A.F. Waheed provides training services in support of judicial circuits, child welfare and juvenile justice jurisdictions and other organizations to improve services and outcomes for children and families of color. In recent years this work has been expanded nationally to engage an increasing number of public and private agencies.Learn more Khatib A.F. Waheed, LLC

  • iHeart Jade Harrell w/ When Helping Hurts...1st Responders and Vicarious Trauma

    11/08/2017 Duration: 39min

    When Helping Hurts...Trauma effects you, me and our first responders. How do they cope to be Alive and Well?Jade Harrell with Sgt. Sally Panzer and April Casey who know first-hand what it's like to be on the front lines.

  • Alive and Well STL Ambassadors in Healthcare

    23/05/2017 Duration: 28min

    Person-centered care is a shift in the way of thinking and doing things in healthcare that sees the patients as partners to make sure the services meet their needs. Add in a trauma-informed and trained staff and the possibilities are outstanding.Dr. Caroline Day brings respect and consideration to each of her patients in family medicine. The "Alive and Well STL" message provided the piece of the puzzle that was missing from sustainable results and care with her patients. She became an ambassador and found it to be as rewarding to her as it was for those who benefited from the application of the training.Veronica Richardson is at the senior level of administration as the Vice President of Quality Improvement with Affinia Healthcare. She not only discovered the "Alive and Well STL" Ambassadors training was essential for improving the communication and relationship between staff and patients; but it also improved the well-being of their staff in their personal and professional lives. Veronica came to healthca

  • Alive and Well STL Ambassadors in the Classroom

    16/02/2017 Duration: 31min

    As occupational therapists, Denise and Carrie have years of formal training and experience with children and trauma. They signed on to be ambassadors with Alive and Well STL and found that the training not only complimented their existing body of knowledge but positively impacts their work in the classroom--with students, teachers as well as parents. What they discovered along the way was the positive impact the AWSTL training and community had on their personal lives as well. Inside this episode of Alive and Well STL we meet these dynamic ladies who's hearts and passion is to make our region's children and families healthier. Log on to for ways you can connect and tools to help you address your stress.Also in this episode:- learn ways to address your own personal tragedies and responses- how to give more of our best selves to our children and those we care for- what tools we have available to make a difference with what we have- why we should sign up for AWSTL training whether or n


    12/12/2016 Duration: 35min

    Meet the Ambassadors!!! Robert White, III, Youth Programs Worker and trained AWSTL ambassadorElle Potter, Founder and Instructor, Yoga BuzzAlive and Well STL is recruiting ambassadors to serve as experts in, and liaisons to, the community to further communicate the message of Alive and Well STL. Robert and Elle signed on and have been making an impact. The reward is more than a sense of community pride and giving, their lives have been influenced in ways that are immeasurable.Ironically, Robert learned of AWSTL from the radio commercials and decided to learn more. Elle can't even remember how she came to the knowledge of the Alive and Well STL movement, but she knew immediately that it held a place of purpose in her work as well as her personal traumatic experiences.Improving the wellness of our community is up to all of us, and everyone is invited to join in the conversation. If you are interested in being part of Alive and Well STL and helping continue the conversation in your organization, neighborhood, a

  • Toxic Stress and Chronic Disease with Ms. Anonymous

    06/10/2016 Duration: 19min

    According to the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, a chronic disease is one lasting 3 months or more. By definition, chronic diseases generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear. So how can you live Alive and Well? Meet Anonymous. Though she didn't want to disclose her name, she wanted to share her story, the stress of her chronic bipolar disease and how she's learning to cope. Her condition caught her completely off guard but she's learned to manage her life and disease with education, sleep management and stress reduction. She lives in recovery, but she's living! She offers healthy strategies for the rest of us to be Alive and Well even when living with a chronic diagnosis.

  • The Toxic Stress, Toxic Thoughts and the Toxic World of American Teens

    06/10/2016 Duration: 51min

    Alive and Well STL enters the complicated world and minds of our teens with call-in talk show host Sean Mulroney. Through his tumultuous and challenging childhood he became an advocate and place of comfort to thousands of American teens. They talk to him. And though he struggles through difficult health issues, he uses his life as a beacon of hope for the teens he meets in school assemblies and live through his show.Sean, Spanky and two of their teenage team members share their traumatic stories and how they found hope, happiness and victory on the other side of darkness. They also give the top 3 things parents can do and should watch for to be a help rather than a hindrance to their very volatile teenage children.Learn more at www.teensofamerica.netListen to Teens of America here-

  • Smiling while crying inside. Meet Greg aka MR BIGG.

    08/08/2016 Duration: 31min

    Meet Greg Kenner. Also known as Mr. Bigg. Clever, funny, dedicated and determined. A father and husband living a dual existence. On the outside, he's the happiest guy in the world. Inside he's burried under the stress and anguish of something painful and frustrating. So much so that he uses food among other things to insulate him from the hurt. His health, his weight and his heart suffer through the suppression. And though his weight has ballooned to nearly 400 pounds, he keeps trying. For anyone who might see him, they would say Mr. Bigg hardly has a care in the world. For Greg this is by design so that he may bring joy to others and maybe gain a little joy for himself as he works on the rest.

  • Joni Overcame Self-Mutilation, State Hospital and Near Death to Be Alive and Well

    13/06/2016 Duration: 06min

    Meet Joni. After spending 20 years in the state hospital, she overcame the control that the voices in her head seemed to have over her. She nearly died trying to punish herself through self-mutilation. With help, treatment, support from friends, prayer and determination, Joni was able to find hope. Though she still hears the voices, she has the ultimate voice of victory. We unite with Joni to break the stigma of mental illness."We may have a mental illness but that's not something bad. We can have a cold and get over it and with mental illness we can still get over it. There's hope. We are not alone. There is hope for us!"Alive and Well STL teams up with the For Sake of All project at the St. Louis Science Center to host a forum on emotional well-being. We extended the microphone to participants who wanted to join the conversation.


    31/05/2016 Duration: 13min

    Meet Evelyn and Gladys. Doctors, friends and wellness advocates. They come to the conversation with decades of experience, involvement and commitment. They found a renewed connection to Alive and Well through realizing the Mind, Body, Spirit and Community relationship."It's not about you, it's about how you are connected to one another and to your community. What are you going to do to make things better!"Alive and Well STL teams up with the For Sake of All project at the St. Louis Science Center to host a forum on emotional well-being. We extended the microphone to participants who wanted to join the conversation.


    31/05/2016 Duration: 11min

    Meet Ronald. In the prime of his life lost his eyesight in an unsuspecting accident on a basketball court. His story of resilience and determination helps us find pathways to Alive and Well when it may seem out of view. His message for us is powerful to stay true to who you are at your core and never give up. "Don't let anyone tell you what you cannot do or where you cannot go...If I can do it, so can you!"Alive and Well STL teams up with the For Sake of All project at the St. Louis Science Center to host a forum on emotional well-being. We extended the microphone to participants who wanted to join the conversation.

  • Sometimes you gotta fight to be Alive and Well. Meet Montrice Williams

    14/05/2016 Duration: 34min

    Meet mother, author, triumphant victor over childhood challenges, career and educational obstacles, even a 100 pound weight loss journey. She discovered a mindset, strategies, resilience and an all out resolve to be Alive and Well.Be inspired, encouraged and influenced by Montrice to carve out Alive and Well for yourself.

  • REPRIEVE! A Spiritual Wellness Oasis for Women

    10/02/2016 Duration: 29min

    Jade Harrell with Culeta Hendricks, the founder and president of Reprieve: A Spiritual Wellness Center for Women. Reprieve is a newly established non-profit organization that seeks to provide women of all walks of life a spiritual haven where they can escape their day-to-day stresses and demands. Research shows that women are juggling a great deal of responsibility with the different roles they play and are experiencing increased levels of stress and anxiety. At Reprieve women are able to relax in the luxurious suite where they can come to read, watch an inspirational movie in peace and quiet, listen to gospel music, jazz or easy listening sounds of tranquility. Women have an opportunity to take advantage of spiritual counseling and Sister Chat where they can engage in empowering conversations. Women are able to fully rejuvenate and indulge in the blessing of just being. The center has hours that will accommodate the working woman, the mom of many, and the senior citizen in retirement. They have created an

  • Help, Love and Support for the Caregivers

    24/11/2015 Duration: 33min

    Producer, Jade Harrell with Lisa Baron, Founder and Executive Director and Jill Cigliana, Program Director of Memory Care Home Solutions with Chuck Jahneke, volunteer and board member.

  • Leadership from Public Health Share Truth, Hope and Opportunity for Community Wellness

    05/10/2015 Duration: 22min

    Bethany with Dr. Faisal Khan, Director of the St. Louis County Department of Health and Melba R. Moore, MS, CPHA Acting Director/Commissioner of Health for the City of St. Louis.A frank and powerful conversation that reveals the challenges, the politics, the misconceptions and the opportunities that exist for the newest leads to public health. Hear how they are taking it on with strength and in stride to ensure a healthy region.

  • Dr. Donald M. Suggs, St. Louis American - part 2

    04/10/2015 Duration: 16min

    Bethany continues intimate conversation with St. Louis American publisher and editor, Dr. Donald M. Suggs (part 2 of 2)

  • Dr. Donald M. Suggs, St. Louis American - part 1

    01/10/2015 Duration: 16min

    Bethany with St. Louis American publisher and editor, Dr. Donald M. Suggs (part 1 of 2)

  • Mary Beth and Jennie for the mothers and babies they serve.

    30/09/2015 Duration: 22min

    Alive and Well Producers Meeting - Maribeth Hollinshead Jennie OberkromeMary Beth Hollinshead, Program Director and Nurse Navigator with Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns with Jennie Oberkrom, MSW, LCSW Prenatal Care Coordinator, Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns.Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns is a funded program through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) that aims to improve prenatal care, health care delivery, and pregnancy outcomes for pregnant women and their families. A grant to implement the Strong Start program was awarded to Signature Medical Group, a physicians group that includes six OB/GYN offices that provide excellent healthcare services in the greater St. Louis area and surrounding counties.The Strong Start program offers a comprehensive prenatal health care program for pregnant women. The Strong Start team assists women with Medicaid insurance enrollment, connects them to a Signature Medical Group OB/GYN of their choice, and provides additional care and suppo


    24/08/2015 Duration: 15min

    20 yo REGGIE and 11 yo NADIA hold vastly different AWSTL perspectives. Both feel the toxicity of racism.

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