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If you're looking for a show that caters to your psychic addiction then there's the door! Real Talk is exactly that,real talk. Here spirituality and real life connect. There are no judgments, taboos or hidden agendas. Some of things discussed on this show will be sex, religion, race relations, self help, current events, health and dating. This show's focus is to empower, enlighten, enrich and encourage you to speak on the many issues this show will address. Let's face it, we live in the real world not a fairytale. Be prepared for Real Issues, Real Conversations, Real Talk. About Leo BrownWriter, Teacher, Radio Personality, Business Man and Entertainer Leo Brown is a one man force of nature! If Wendy Williams, Rupaul and Oprah had a love child Leo would be it! He is the host of blog talk radio's own 'Real Talk with Leo Brown', Founder and C.E.O of Psychic Leo Brown Inc, Pele Inc Fierceuality Inc. A natural charmer as well as psychic reader since his late teens, Leo possesses a great sense of warmth, truth and compassion. He can be reached on his website He currently resides in St.Louis, Mo.


  • The Keys to Financial Freedom with Barbara Hofmeister

    22/07/2011 Duration: 59min

    In continuance with our indpendence month theme, Join me for in depth interview with world-famous motovational speaker and aurthor  Barbara Hofmeister. Tired of feeling blocked when it comes to you're money? Wanting to live a better, more postive life? On tonight's show find out how as Barbara and I will be taking you're calls, questions and comments. It's going to be a great show.                  About Barbara Hofmeister Barbara Hofmeister is a refugee from Communist Germany and knows first hand what it is like to be living in adverse circumstances. Severely abused and with low self-esteem she set out to live her personal dream traveling the world sharing what she learned from the “University of Hard Knocks” with a wide audience. Barbara became involved in her own personal development in 1978 when a friend gave her a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer and she has not stopped since to further her knowledge on the topic. Her never ending enthusiasm and passion for her work shine through every presentation she gives. You

  • Featured Guest of The Month: Fiona Horne

    16/07/2011 Duration: 59min

    Join Me in Welcoming to 'Real Talk' Internationally Known Singer, Actress and Author Fiona Horne. This woman is a powerhouse and is here not only to uplift us but to empower our lives.About Fiona Horne Fiona Horne is known in the USA, UK and Australia, as a television and radio personality, accomplished author, rock star, actor and worldwide authority on witchcraft and the paranormal. Born in Australia, Fiona was lead singer of Number 1 electronic rock group, Def FX for seven years before moving to Los Angeles in 2001.  She now enjoys a varied broadcasting and publishing career. Fiona wrote and hosted 2002's U.K. magical love-advice show Sexy Spells (Granada/Sky Broadcasting).  On Australia’s Nine Network Fiona was a regular guest on the most watched show in the country, Hey Hey It’s Saturday and hosted her own music show for the 10 network, Ground Zero.  Her guests included Britney Spears, Melissa Etheridge, Marilyn Manson and Tom Jones. For four years she was a regular panelist on Beauty and the Beast, Aust

  • Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

    09/07/2011 Duration: 01h08s

    Continuing with the theme of Independence. Tonight's Show is about Finding Freedom in Forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Have you found freedom in forgiving someone, if so, How did it help you to heal? Have you forgiven yourself?  Call in and share you're story with me. Callers can remain anonymous. Note: Psychic Readings will NOT be given tonight.

  • Real Talk's 1st Anniversary Show with La Toya Jackson!!

    01/07/2011 Duration: 43min

    It all started July 4th 2010, 'Real Talk with Leo Brown' made it's debut. Now, an entire year has passed. Today we're going to celebrate! Call in with you're likes, dislikes or anything else that is on you're mind reguarding the show. I cannot wait to hear from all of you. Also tune into my special interview with Singer, Actress and Best-Selling Writer La Toya Jackson! This also marks the start of 'Independence Month' each week, I'm going to pick an issue along with a featured guest to go along with the theme of the month's show. Note: Psychic Readings will NOT be given tonight.

  • Tarot, Spirit Guides and Other Stuff with Psychic Wayne

    11/06/2011 Duration: 59min

    Join me for an in-depth interview with Hello Beautiful's Own Psychic to the stars, Psychic Wayne. During the course of the show we will discuss everything from tarot to spirit guides. Join us for a fun and enlightened conversation. About Wayne Gonzalez Psychic Wayne is a third generation psychic currently residing in Southern California. He specializes in the Tarot which he began to read at the early age of 6. Today he owns over 20 different decks. He has been doing readings professionally for over 20 years and his clients come from all walks of life --including some of Hollywood's A-List Stars.Wayne is a very spiritual person, and at an early age had the ability to communicate with his spirit guides to interpret the cards to provide specific information on the individual being read.  He reaches millions through his website