Myth Matters



Co-hosts Katie and Ritchie discuss common beliefs, where they come from, and what impact they have on our everyday lives. Topics vary widely from historical matters, to natural science, to old wives' tales.


  • Does the full moon cause lunacy?

    15/05/2014 Duration: 25min

    Madness, lycanthropy, homicides, suicides: all have been blamed on the moon over the years. Does the full moon affect our behaviour? Tune in to find out!

  • Full Moon Teaser

    20/03/2014 Duration: 03min

    Our next episode is about the full moon and lunacy. But first, we thought we'd ask you what you think about this myth.

  • Do we only use 10% of our brains?

    13/02/2014 Duration: 24min

    The first full episode! Katie and Ritchie discuss our brains and whether they hold hidden, unlocked potential. For show notes and references, check out our webpage at

  • What is a myth?

    11/02/2014 Duration: 03min

    Katie and Ritchie discuss what a myth is, how it's defined, and what the Myth Matters podcast will look at as myth.