Giants' War Novel



The Giants' War is an original novel by


  • Chapter 05 - A Mission

    02/06/2011 Duration: 10min

    The mysterious water-woman imparts to Hannah some words of wisdom: but why are they so important? And what must Hannah do now?

  • Chapter 04 - The King

    26/05/2011 Duration: 14min

    What's so scary about the King of the Beasts: except that the King of Narnia is also the size of an elepant?

  • Chapter 03 - Friends? Foes?

    19/05/2011 Duration: 07min

    Hannah learns that not all is as it seems - as their party is ambushed by powerful assailants. But is that any worse than fleeing from an enemy you know next-to-nothing about?

  • Chapter 02 - A Forest Journey

    12/05/2011 Duration: 06min

    Talking animals in a weird forest are abnormal: but friendly enough, and all treat Hannah kindly. So why is Hannah still in dreadful danger?

  • Chapter 01 - Walk into a World

    05/05/2011 Duration: 12min

    It's just another day as Hannah walks out the door to go to school. But her normal route lands her without warning in a very un-normal destination. So just where in the world has she ended up?