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  • Low Carb Lolita Podcast - The Premire!


    Episode 1To download the show right-click the link above and select the option "save as", then choose a place to save it on your computer. You may then import it to your Mp3 program of choice, to listen to on your ipod or other Mp3 player. If you want to listen on your PC to the direct link, you may left-click.This is Episode 1 of the Low Carb Lolita podcast! I hope you enjoy this short first show, where I talk about how to approach a low carb diet and I make suggestions to help you be successful. It is a sort of "pilot" episode, and I stumble a bit in places but excuse that, as this is my first attempt at podcasting! Please feel free to leave me any questions, comments or suggestions here or to e-mail me at LowCarbLolita at Gmail.comIn this episode I mentioned 3 Fat Chicks as a great website to get support, and The Daily Plate and Fit Day as great sites to track your calories.