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  • YMCA Miracle League

    YMCA Miracle League

    20/02/2015 Duration: 30min

    Hear about the Miracle League baseball program that is operated out of the University City YMCA in Charlotte, NC. A program dedicated to children with physical and cognitive disabilities.

  • YEXPO 2015 and Staff Development

    YEXPO 2015 and Staff Development

    20/02/2015 Duration: 30min

    Hear Cory Harrison's Y story along with information and learnings from the national YMCA Expo 2015 conference

  • Principles and Practices

    Principles and Practices

    08/02/2015 Duration: 33min

    Hear Jordan's experiences from attending YMCA Principles and Practices at Blue Ridge Assembly.

  • Summer Transition

    Summer Transition

    05/10/2014 Duration: 25min

    Here a advice from Matt and Jordan on how to successfully transition yourself and your staff from summer to fall.

  • Expectations and Accountability

    Expectations and Accountability

    04/09/2014 Duration: 30min

    Hear a cautionary tale from Jordan and tips on how to effectively manage member and program participant expectations.

  • Success Tips for Managers Pt. 2

    Success Tips for Managers Pt. 2

    23/04/2014 Duration: 32min

    Part 2 for new YMCA staff to become better managers. Content taken from an AYP article.

  • Success Tips for Managers Pt. 1

    Success Tips for Managers Pt. 1

    18/03/2014 Duration: 31min

    Listen to part 1 of this podcast as Matt and Jordan discuss 5 of 10 tips for successful managers.

  • Storytelling


    04/03/2014 Duration: 23min

    Listen to why storytelling is important for the YMCA a well as examples of how to share.

  • Impact of Day Camp

    Impact of Day Camp

    26/02/2014 Duration: 46min

    Hear the story of how a YMCA Camper becomes a counselor and then a professional in this episode.

  • Micromanaging vs. Coaching

    Micromanaging vs. Coaching

    13/02/2014 Duration: 40min

    Discussion around the differences between micromanaging and coaching. Which is better and why both are situational. Sparked from an article written by Nathan Jamail.

  • Resident Camp Career Development

    Resident Camp Career Development

    29/01/2014 Duration: 01h05min

    Interview with Jen Deridder, a seasoned Resident Camp Director at YMCA Camp Hanes in King, NC. Learn what it takes to become a professional at a Resident Camp.

  • The C in the YMCA

    The C in the YMCA

    21/01/2014 Duration: 01h00s

    Listen to two YMCA leaders discuss how to keep the "C" in the YMCA. Recorded live at CLC at beautiful YMCA Camp Hanes

  • Starting a New Job Pt. 2

    Starting a New Job Pt. 2

    15/01/2014 Duration: 01h00s

    Jordan is 90 days into his new role as Senior Program Director at the Jerry Long YMCA. Hear what he has learned and gain insight into what to do in your first 90 days.

  • Starting a New Job Pt. 1

    Starting a New Job Pt. 1

    08/01/2014 Duration: 01h00s

    Starting as a new director at the YMCA can be exciting and stressful. Hear Jordan's thoughts as he embarks on his new role as Senior Program Director at the Jerry Long YMCA. Part 1 of 2

  • New Camp Director

    New Camp Director

    02/01/2014 Duration: 01h00s

    An interview with special guest Roderick Howard on what it is like to be a first time Day Camp Director

  • The Pilot

    The Pilot

    29/12/2013 Duration: 01h00s

    An introduction into working at the YMCA.