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T3 Experts was created to support, inform and empower real estate agents, teams and brokers to succeed at a higher level by providing expertise on demand.This podcast includes interviews with real estate industry experts, successful brokers and team leaders, and highly productive agents.T3 Fellows is a brokerage accelerator program operated by T3 Fellows.


  • Lindsay Reishman Interview

    Lindsay Reishman Interview

    08/12/2015 Duration: 35min

    Lindsay Reishman Interview by T3 Experts

  • T3 Fellows - Leighton Dees, Better Homes and Gardens Generations

    T3 Fellows - Leighton Dees, Better Homes and Gardens Generations

    12/06/2015 Duration: 01h06min

    Leighton Dees is a T3 Fellows Mentor the Chairman and CEO of Better Homes & Gardens Generations based in Mobile, AL. BH&G Generations has 80 agents and ranks third in market share, with 600 closed transactions in 2014. Of all the T3 Fellows Mentors we’ve covered so far, Leighton’s backstory is the most improbable. He dropped out of college because he was so successful at selling cell phones. He got into real estate almost on a whim. His X factor is being great at marketing, branding and design. In our conversation with Leighton, we cover: The power of a referral-based business The competitive advantage of great design Why they chose to go from independent to a franchise (the opposite of what most do) The importance of defining roles How sharing an office was crucial The importance of “people helping people” ...and more.

  • T3 Fellows - Vanessa Bergmark, Red Oak Realty

    T3 Fellows - Vanessa Bergmark, Red Oak Realty

    12/06/2015 Duration: 57min

    T3 Fellows Mentor Vanessa Bergmark the general manager and partner of Red Oak Realty based in Berkeley, CA. She had a great position working as a team leader for a 165 agent office in the Bay Area. And she left that to take a much higher risk position with a much smaller firm. And then the market crashed. But guess what? She survived that crash, made some bold moves and difficult decisions, and now manages 84 agents, with her company ranking third in market share in the highly competitive East Bay market. Join us as we talk about: The power of intimacy Habits vs planning The best decision she ever made Standing your ground against huge pressure Going deep, not wide Organic talent attraction ...and more.