Why Disney?



Listen in as Lauren, Sarah and Jessica give you all of the inside information on Walt Disney World and explain why it IS cool for adults to like Disney!


  • Why Disney Episode 1

    06/03/2010 Duration: 01h07min

    In this Episode, Sarah, Lauren and Jess talk about the music companies related to the Disney name and many of the artists that are associated with them. Some of the people will definitely shock you! Next, a recent movie on the Disney Channel, Star Struck, will be reviewed. In the last segment, the girls will talk a little about the parks, including the recently announced Summer Nightastic and the Celebrate Volunteers ceremony that took place in Mid February.

  • Why Disney Sneak Peek

    27/02/2010 Duration: 12min

    What is Why Disney all about?? Give a listen to this preview podcast to find out!