Wild Crazy Meaningful Enneagram



Stop living on autopilot and start living a wild, crazy, meaningful life! The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding your personality type, but thats only the beginning. The Enneagram also points you toward the path to unlock your highest potential, and gives you a map for avoiding the obstacles that could trip you up. Im your host Pace Smith, The Pathfinding Coach, and this is Kyeli, my feisty mermaid sidekick. You cant see her but shes totally here. Together, we GET HYPE about the Enneagram! This is not some dry, stuffy, academic podcast. Well teach you everything you need to know about the Enneagram, but well do it in a friendly, accessible way. Well explain the jargon, well show you how you can apply the Enneagram to your life, and well make lots of dorky jokes. Theres so much to say about the Enneagram that weve got something for everyone, whether youre a newbie or an Enneagram expert. (If youre a newbie, you might want to start with episode 1 before you dive into the middle.) Sometimes, the two of us will teach you about an Enneagram-related topic, and show you how it can help you live a wild, crazy, meaningful life. Sometimes, well have a conversation with a well-respected Enneagram teacher. Sometimes, well have a conversation with a normal human being (or a panel of normal human beings) about how the Enneagram shows up in their day-to-day life. Well mix it up and keep it fresh. We publish a new episode every Wednesday morning, so listen in and well explore the Enneagram together!


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