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  • MiamiCoin

    21/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Cryptocurrency is going hyper-local, with Miami, Florida one of the latest cities to launch its own digital currency. 

  • Microsoft - No More Passwords?

    20/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    If you're tired of trying to remember all your passwords, Microsoft is rolling out a service that might interest you. 

  • TikTok & Mental Wellbeing

    17/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    As new research suggests social media can be harmful for children, TikTok is taking some steps to support users' mental health and wellness.

  • Amazon Palm Scan

    16/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Amazon is expanding its palm-reading technology for faster entry at concert venues, but privacy experts are concerned about the new trend. 

  • Apple Announcements

    15/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Apple announces upgrades for phones, tablets, and other devices. 

  • Segway Navimow

    14/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Tired of mowing your lawn? There's a "smarter" way to cut the grass.

  • The Freedom Phone

    13/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    A new "Freedom Phone" aims to address conservatives' complaints about Big Tech. 

  • Commerce Dept. AI Committee

    10/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    A new Commerce Department committee aims to keep the US on the cutting edge of developments in artificial intelligence. 

  • Automated Job Search Problems

    09/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Many employers say they can't find quality candidates, but part of the issue may be the software they use to filter job applicants. 

  • Remote Work and 'Tattleware'

    08/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Is your employer keeping a close eye on everything you do while you work from home?

  • Uber, Lyft and TX

    07/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Ridesharing services could potentially get caught up in lawsuits over Texas' new abortion ban. 

  • Governments Shutting Down Internet

    06/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Human rights advocates are concerned about a trend of governments shutting down internet access in response to protests and civil unrest.

  • FTC 'Stalkerware'

    03/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    The Federal Trade Commission is going after a company which makes surveillance software that can be abused by stalkers.

  • Apple Digital ID

    02/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Residents of several states will soon be able to add driver's licenses and state ID cards to Apple Wallet.

  • Instagram Age Safety

    01/09/2021 Duration: 01min

    Instagram wants to know your birthday as part of new safety features aimed at protecting younger users.

  • Ceramic Capacitor Shortage

    31/08/2021 Duration: 01min

    The pandemic has caused all sorts of electronics supply issues, including some you might never think of.

  • Social Media & Misinformation

    27/08/2021 Duration: 01min

    A new study suggests that some techniques aimed at controlling the spread of misinformation on social media are not all that effective.

  • Facebook Messenger

    26/08/2021 Duration: 01min

    Facebook is trying to reintegrate some messaging features back into the company's main app.

  • Tesla Robots

    25/08/2021 Duration: 01min

    A billionaire entrepreneur is eyeing robots for his next project

  • Blackberry Vulnerability

    24/08/2021 Duration: 01min

    Blackberry warns software users about a potentially-serious security flaw.

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