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How do landfills work? How do mosquitos work? Join Josh and Chuck as they explore the Stuff You Should Know about everything from genes to the Galapagos in this podcast from


  • Short Stuff: What's a mudlarker?

    29/05/2024 Duration: 14min

    Mudlarking is a uniquely British hobby, though you can dig through river mud anywhere there's a river. But the Thames has the good stuff. See for privacy information.

  • The shameful and harrowing story Unit 731

    28/05/2024 Duration: 48min

    Unit 731 was a secret group within the Japanese Army in WWII that committed unspeakable atrocities against humans in the name of scientific research. Listen with caution. See for privacy information.

  • Selects: How Vomit Phobia Works

    25/05/2024 Duration: 29min

    No one - no one - likes to vomit, but there are some people who would prefer to die rather than vomit, people who spend their days worrying they will vomit at any moment and become so obsessed they curtail their lives to prevent it from happening. Learn all about it with Josh and Chuck in this classic episode.See for privacy information.

  • J. Edgar Hoover: Evil G-Man Pt. 2

    23/05/2024 Duration: 45min

    In the exciting conclusion of our two-part episode on Hoover, we come in at the Cold War and end on a strange note.See for privacy information.

  • Short Stuff: Hobo Signs

    22/05/2024 Duration: 14min

    By definition hobos are people who travel from town to town taking odd jobs as they go. But some towns are friendlier than others, and hobos developed a system of symbols they left one another to know what to expect from a town.See for privacy information.

  • J. Edgar Hoover: Evil G-Man Pt. 1

    21/05/2024 Duration: 40min

    It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that J. Edgar Hoover was perhaps the most powerful American of the 20th century. By the time he established the FBI as America’s police force, presidents were afraid of him. Just exactly how did he get to be so puissant?See for privacy information.

  • Selects: The Great War of the Worlds Panic Myth

    18/05/2024 Duration: 46min

    On Halloween 1938 young radio star Orson Welles scared the pants off of America with a fictional news bulletin claiming Martians had landed and were destroying the country. People across the nation ran wild with panic in the streets – or did they? Listen to this classic episode to find out.See for privacy information.

  • The Silurian Hypothesis

    16/05/2024 Duration: 49min

    The idea that we aren’t the first advanced civilization to live on Earth sounds like a fringe theory, but it raises a good question: How can we be so sure that a civilization didn’t arise and die on Earth so long ago that any trace of it has been erased?See for privacy information.

  • Short Stuff: Zambonis!

    15/05/2024 Duration: 13min

    Even the dullest hockey game is worth seeing when the Zamboni comes out to resurface the ice.See for privacy information.

  • NYC Trash: A study in persistence

    14/05/2024 Duration: 50min

    Taking care of 12,000 tons of residential trash every day is a hard job. But how does that even work? Listen in to marvel at the NYC sanitation system.See for privacy information.

  • Selects: How Stuttering Works

    11/05/2024 Duration: 50min

    Despite as much as one percent of the adult population having the condition, science doesn't actually know how stuttering works. The best it's come up with so far: there seems to be an issue between the physical process of speaking and the thought process that underlies it. Find out what science means by this in this classic episode.See for privacy information.

  • 10 - Yes, 10! - Dumb Criminals

    09/05/2024 Duration: 45min

    Sometimes you just have to turn it off for a while – all the thinking, and overthinking, analyzing, and figuring out. Sometimes it’s nice to just breathe through your mouth and talk about dumb things criminals do for an episode.See for privacy information.

  • Short Stuff: Titanic Survivors!

    08/05/2024 Duration: 16min

    We all know the story of the Titanic and the tragedy of lives lost. So hey, let's talk about the survivors for a change!See for privacy information.

  • Misophonia: More Than an Annoyance

    07/05/2024 Duration: 47min

    Misophonia is a condition in which certain sounds trigger people in very negative ways that can really disrupt someone's life. Listen in today to learn all about this fairly recently recognized condition.See for privacy information.

  • Selects: The Legends of Lost Nazi Gold

    04/05/2024 Duration: 46min

    As if being murdering SOBs weren’t enough, the Nazis were also thieving rats. During WWII, they stole billons in gold from countries they overran and moved it to Germany. But at the end of the war, only part of it was recovered. Where’s the rest? Find out the extent of our knowledge in this classic episode.See for privacy information.

  • Atomic Clocks, Ahoy!

    02/05/2024 Duration: 51min

    The only thing more complicated than an atomic clock is researching how they work and then figuring out how to explain it to other people. But believe us, they are fascinating. Even if you don’t care about clocks or atoms you’ll still like this episode.   See for privacy information.

  • Short Stuff: Getting Winded

    01/05/2024 Duration: 11min

    Getting the wind knocked out of you is scary, but passes quickly. Learn exactly what's happening with all that today.See for privacy information.

  • The Village People Episode

    30/04/2024 Duration: 54min

    The Village People were a smash hit singing group that came and went in under two years. Then other people performed under that name for several decades. This is their story. See for privacy information.

  • Selects: How the Beagle Brigade Works

    27/04/2024 Duration: 48min

    If you've ever been to an international airport, you've probably seen one of the keenest spotters of illegal contraband - The Beagle Brigade! These cute dogs aren't after drugs or bombs, they're carefully trained to sniff out agricultural products. Learn all about this furry group of crime stoppers in this classic episode.See for privacy information.

  • The Awful Crimes of Georgia Tann

    25/04/2024 Duration: 46min

    Georgia Tann was a bad human. We feel safe in saying that because she kidnapped babies from poor families to sell to wealthy ones. Listen in if you can stomach it.See for privacy information.

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