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Real conversations are the ones that move things forward in relationships, that cause growth and improvement, and which are the ones that ultimately matter. In business and in life.Being able to be authentic and real, to confront (and handle being confronted) when needed, be open and tell the truth, ask for help, even say no and speak up for ourselves, are conversations that many of us find challenging and difficult.Yet they are the conversations that count.Telana Simpson helps bright, talented people have no regrets in life by being able to have these meaningful conversations.Lets Talk Communication is Telanas podcast show where she learns how to have these types of conversations, and has some with her guests.She talks with others to learn more about communicating skills and how to improve relationships, so that more of us can change the world by changing the type of conversations we have.


  • Money Talks, with Nigel Willmott

    05/08/2020 Duration: 58min

    The key to talking about money, especially with a partner in life or business, is to remember the importance of the topic, and that it is a journey. Nigel Willmott shares from his decades of experience as a financial planner, and more recently as a money coach, some exercises and ways to have crucial conversations around money with those close to us, including our children. He also unpacks the emotions around money, our money DNA, money memories and the benefits of having money talks. For more details see the show notes here: https://www.innercoaching.co.za/talkcommunication/money-talks-with-nigel-willmott

  • Discovering Self-Worth, with John Niland

    29/07/2020 Duration: 01h06min

    John Niland knew intellectually the distinctions between self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence, yet he only started living this fundamental discovery after a significantly emotional event. John shares with Telana what he has learn on this journey, and how he discovered his true self-worth, and the benefits from this. He also relates how unconditional self-worth is the foundation for courageous conversations. Topics explored in this important episode include: Discovering self-worth; How self-worth differs to self-esteem; Relevance of self-worth in our current uncertain times, especially to the times of Covid-19; The business case for self-worth; The importance of listening; Courageous conversations.

  • Communicating Unwritten Ground Rules, with Steve Simpson

    22/07/2020 Duration: 01h07min

    How do we discuss something like a corporate culture? And in particular, in a way that we can improve that culture? Steve Simpson explains his concept of 'Unwritten Ground Rules' and how it gives leaders the language to develop the culture of their business, so that staff become more productive. Steve and Telana cover in particular how we have conversations that hold people accountable to improve their behaviour, and how to uncover the unwritten ground rules that govern that behaviour. For more info see: https://www.innercoaching.co.za/talkcommunication/communicating-unwritten-ground-rules-steve-simpson

  • The camera and the fear of rejection, with Naomi Estment

    15/07/2020 Duration: 57min

    Naomi Estment, personal branding photographer and videographer, shares with Telana what she has learnt from being on both sides of the camera. They especially focus on overcoming the fear of rejection and being seen. She helps mainly women become comfortable in front of the camera, so that they can develop their brands and shine in their lives. Naomi also shares what she has learnt about getting your message across and having difficult conversations with those close to you. And she has a gift for all listeners and viewers. For more info see: https://www.innercoaching.co.za/talkcommunication/camera-fear-of-rejection-naomi-estment

  • Brain flexibility for effective communication, with Dr André Vermeulen

    08/07/2020 Duration: 57min

    Some critical skills needed for today’s world include people management, communication and emotional intelligence, as well as critical thinking and decision making. How does brain flexibility help us improve our communication skills? Dr André Vermeulen has been studying the brain for many years, and will help us answer that question, explaining the concepts of: brain flexibility and agility; cognitive flexibility; emotional intelligence; communication vs. talking; and listening. For more info see: https://www.innercoaching.co.za/talkcommunication/brain-flexibility-for-effective-communication-dr-vermeulen

  • How to be mentally strong in a crisis, with Daria Tsvenger

    01/07/2020 Duration: 47min

    In this episode of Let's Talk Communication, Daria Tsvenger, a mindset expert, shared with Telana Simpson what mental strength is, and how to develop it, especially in a time of crisis, like we find ourselves in today dealing with Covid-19. She covers aspects of ourselves like the flight/fight mode of our brains, procrastination, depression and self awareness. She also explains the difference between inspiration and motivation, and tackles how to have conversations that count, shedding some light on the topic from the neuro-science perspective. For more information see: https://www.innercoaching.co.za/talkcommunication/how-to-be-mentally-strong-in-a-crisis-with-daria-tsvenger/

  • Conscious Communication and the Media, with Noy Pullen

    13/06/2016 Duration: 59min

    How do we develop the the faculty of discernment and the ability to communicate consciously? Telana had a conversation that counts with Noy Pullen sitting alongside her fireplace in Cape Town. They talk about the written word and media, including newspapers and magazines, and how we can notice the force behind the media we consume, and how it may trigger us and allow us to go within to develop our inner resources and take responsibility for our growth. They also cover consciousness and creativity in this discussion around self reflection and self expression. Noy also shares a very practical self-coaching process and the usefulness of journaling. For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/conscious-media/

  • Tips for your first date – Communication styles of men and women, with Bonita - Love Coach

    25/04/2016 Duration: 43min

    How do men and women communicate differently? And what’s happening in the world of dating today? Bonita Grobbelaar, Love Coach, shares with Telana her tips on how to handle first dates, and to understand the differently communication styles that show themselves when we are attracted to someone, and wanting to make a good impression. They cover how to know if the person is into you, the roles men and women play, the dance of masculine and feminine energy, and some tips, especially for women, on getting the most out of your first date. For more info about Bonita and this show, go to: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/tips-for-first-date/ ‎

  • Triangles of Victim, Villain and Rescuer in Relationships, with Hazel Kurian

    23/02/2016 Duration: 01h01min

    One of our coping strategies to attempt to deal with conflict, is to engage in triangulating in our relationships. This is where we play the role of usually victim or villain, and bring a third party into the dynamic (the rescuer), and avoid the conflict and confronting the actual person we should be talking to. Hazel Kurian, Counselling Psychologist shares more about triangles in relationships, and how they work from us being the person doing the triangulating, and from when we find ourselves being triangled into someone else's conflict. We also cover more effective ways, than this dynamic, to deal with the issue. For more info about Hazel or the show, see:http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/triangles-victim-villain-rescuer-relationships

  • Denis Fourie on Networking & Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs

    04/02/2016 Duration: 57min

    Denis Fourie has negotiation skills that range from hostage situations, to billion dollar deals, to with his young daughter.  He also has a knack for networking and taking a business idea from conception to market, and has built and sold many companies successfully.  We discuss the skills involved in relationship building and networking, and in dealing with conflict and negotiating. For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/denis-fourie-networking-negotiation

  • Nick Christelis on Leadership Communication Skills : Episode 19

    26/11/2015 Duration: 43min

    Nick Christelis, with over 30 years of global consulting experience and many lessons in leadership, talks about his book, "The Art of the Arrow: How Leaders Fly", and shares his knowledge on leadership and communication skills with Telana. They cover topics like:* the distinction between Management and Leadership* communication and story telling* feedback skills* conflict management skills* rapport* listening* dialogue circles, master minding and conversation cafe* case study examples like Nando's, the Robyn Island Prison system, Government discussions and his own life. For more info see:http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/nick-christelis-leadership-communication-skills/

  • Communication & Relating Lessons from the Blind Scooter Guy - Episode 18

    05/11/2015 Duration: 35min

    Are you aware of how much your vision is involved in your ability to communicate?  We take it for granted that part of how we get our messages across to others, is what we gesture and what we communicate through our facial expressions.  Telana speaks with Christopher Venter, who lost his sight in 2014, about what he has learnt from this experience of having lost one of his senses, and specifically his lessons about communication and relating to others.  Topics include being specific with your choice of words, listening, patience, acceptance and trust. To hear more about his adventure and story about his challenges, plus a demonstration of the technology solutions assisting the blind to communicate online, see the Let's Talk Possibility  episode entitled: The Adventures of the Blind Scooter Guy. For more info see:http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/communication-relating-lessons-from-the-blind-scooter-guy 

  • A conversation about feminism and gender equality, with Desray Clark : Episode 17

    24/09/2015 Duration: 35min

    As an example of a conversation that counts, Telana invited Desray Clark, a women’s leadership development specialist, to talk about the topic of feminism today. They cover how being a feminist has been misconstrued and how the movement has impacted some of the challenges we face today in terms of gender equality. They explore the conversations both men and women need to be having, and how we can have more of these conversations. What are the skills we need, and the mindsets that will help us put the issues on the table, and be more curious to unpack them for change? For more info see:http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/feminism-gender-equality-with-desray-clark/

  • How to have difficult conversations with Children : Episode 16

    10/09/2015 Duration: 30min

    There are certain meaningful and important conversations that we need to have with children, but often the tricky conversations are not had, as we find them so uncomfortable to explore.  Rod and Kate Power share some ideas on how to talk with children about sensitive topics, like how to protect their private parts, in an attempt to empower children against sexual abuse.  They have created a useful tool to help parents have this uncomfortable conversation in an engaging and empowering way, helping both parents and children.  Among other tips, they talk with Telana about developing trust, giving children permission to talk up when they are violated, the importance of listening to children and tips on how to handle the situation with a child if you suspect abuse.   For more info see: www.myunderpantsrules.com and http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/how-to-have-difficult-conversations-with-children

  • Communication Skills for Leaders, with Brand Pretorius : Episode 15

    27/08/2015 Duration: 43min

    Brand Pretorius is an accomplished communicator, marketer and leader. Telana joined Brand to discuss what he learnt from his years of leading organisations in the motor industry, specifically about effective communication skills for leading others and as an Executive Director sitting on Boards. They cover feedback skills, dealing with conflict, how to confront others, the value of listening, public speaking and how credibility is a critical component to effective leadership and communication.   For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/communication-skills-for-leaders-with-brand-pretorius/

  • Expressing ourselves in challenging environments, with SAspeedqueen Wilmarie - Episode 14

    13/08/2015 Duration: 01h02s

    Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg is a force to be reckoned with in the field of motorsport in South Africa, and is known as the SAspeedqueen.  Using the context of her achievements in motorsport and business, Wilmarie shares her lessons that she learnt from racing on the track, that can be translated into life and business skills, and specifically in how we express ourselves in challenging environments.  She covers with Telana topics like speaking up, focus and passion, assertiveness, finding inner strength and being consistent.   For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/expressing-in-challenging-environments-with-wilmarie

  • Having conversations about difficult subjects, offline & on social media, with Walter Pike-Ep 13

    16/07/2015 Duration: 48min

    Walter Pike shares about how our confidence in ourselves, together with our sense of self worth (self-esteem) and ability to be non-judgemental relate to our ability to have difficult conversations, using as an example his involvement in Slut Walk and having conversations about victim blaming and rape culture. He also discusses with Telana about group think and how to spread ideas, especially for marketing purposes, using his Directed Activism methodology and social media.   For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/conversations-about-difficult-subjects-offline-using-social-media-with-walter-pike

  • How to build relationships with a community, with Emily Vining : Ep 11

    18/06/2015 Duration: 19min

    Emily Vining is part of a diverse team of the social enterprise Lumkani  making a social impact through the development of fire detection technology.  Her role is to talk with the communities who use their technology, and by building relationships with them, ensure that they meet the needs and preferences of the end users of their device.  Telana explores with her the skills, especially listening, that she uses to build these relationships, and the mindset that allows her to be so effective.   For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/how-build-relationships-with-community   For more information about Lumkani, see this Let’s Talk Possibility podcast episode with Emily:   http://talkpossibility.innercoaching.co.za/the-journey-of-a-fire-detection-startup-with-emily-vining-ep-131

  • Mike George on Emotions, Relationships & "I am" : Episode 10

    04/06/2015 Duration: 50min

    What are emotions? And feelings? And why are we so triggered by relationships?  How do we use our emotions and relationships to understand ourselves more, and grow spiritually?  What does it mean to just be who we are, our authentic self?  To say "I am"?  These are the questions Telana poses to Mike George, the author of several books, who also plays the role of spiritual teacher, coach, management tutor, mentor and facilitator.   For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/mike-george-on-emotions-relationships-i-am-ep-10

  • Guy Kawasaki on Confronting Others - Ep 9

    07/05/2015 Duration: 11min

    Guy Kawasaki is known for his directness, and his success in getting his point across in keynote talks, as an author, and a venture capitalist. Telana asks him to share about the skill of pitching an idea, and why feedback, especially negative criticism, is so important and useful, even if it feels confronting to the other person. Links referred to in the show include: http://guykawasaki.com/ten-easy-ways-to-make-your-pitch-rock/ http://guykawasaki.com/the-only-10-slides-you-need-in-your-pitch/ http://guykawasaki.com/books/the-art-of-the-start/ https://www.udemy.com/entrepreneurship-course-by-guy-kawasaki   For more info see: http://talkcommunication.innercoaching.co.za/guy-kawasaki-on-confronting-others-ep-9

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