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Hi, I am a Natural Healing Consultant/Chiropractic Physician. My interests are anything to do with health, nutrition, and anything natural! My intent is to lift and inspire others to come to optimal health in all aspects of their lives.


  • The Sun Shines in Sagittarius

    08/12/2010 Duration: 50min

    This will be the final show of the Sun Series, as we will have completed a full year. Please join me as we discuss this archetype, and the mood that will become a bit more stressful by the day. We have a total lunar eclipse on the winter solstice, which is very important. We will talk about the Sagittarius needs and this festive season! Thank you everyone for joining me this past year, it is time to get the book done on AstroCleansology! In the interim you can check out AstroCleansology.com, as I will be starting a new series on new moons and full moons

  • How to let go of Stress and Depression during the Holidays

    01/12/2010 Duration: 01h06s

    Join Quin Stringham and Diane Stark as they talk about and teach ways to let go of stress and depression during the holidays. They will be talking about how to use the Feelings Kit from Young Living Oils.

  • Talkin' Scents about Whatever You Want

    17/11/2010 Duration: 01h02min

    It is that time of the month again when we will answer your questions about whatever you want. Send them to www.ylwisdom.com or email them to Dr. LeAnne at talktodrleanne@gmail.com. I reserve the right to choose which questions will be aired on the radio.

  • The Sun Shines in Scorpio

    10/11/2010 Duration: 52min

    It's November, and this month is perhaps the most delicious of all 2010, the aspects are harmonious, and the Scorpio Sun invites you to go deeper within and realize your inner power and drive. Scorpio rules life, death, transformation, empowerment, healing, and this archetype is highly intuitive and psychic. It rules the extremes of our experiences, our highest highs, our lowest lows, and that transformative process that happens deep within as we evolve into something more. Scorpio also rules politics, and "other peoples money" so if you are having problems with debt, loans, or financial obligations in partnership, this is Scorpio touching your chart. The good news is that Scorpio can bounce you as proportionally high as you are down!Scorpio rules the hidden organs of elimination and sex organs, too. Great time to support your bladder, colon, and reproductive organs.

  • Natural Ways to Overcome Overeating This Holiday Season

    03/11/2010 Duration: 50min

    Join Dr. LeAnne and Quin Stringham as they give all kinds of wonderful ways to avoid overeating and gaining weight this Holiday Season.

  • Ask Dr.LeAnne - Her monthly Tithing Show!

    20/10/2010 Duration: 01h20min

    Today's the day that Dr.LeAnne takes your questions and answers them live! You can send her a question at talktodrleanne@gmail.com or post at the cleansing forum at www.YLCleansers.com

  • AstroCleansology: The Sun Shines in Libra!

    13/10/2010 Duration: 52min

    Fall has arrived and now we are turning our focus inward and where we stand with ourselves in relationship to the world. Much of the tension we experienced this summer is being relieved by the ushering in of this sign as it was a key player in all of the intensity. Libra is symbolized by the scales, so it seeks harmony, balance, and justice. In terms of AstroCleansology, Libra rules the kidneys,their pH and thus the body's alkaline balance. There is much we can be doing to support kidney health this time of year.Did you make your new moon intentions? If you are a Libra, you still have time to leverage this powerful energy! http://astrocleansology.com/?p=978Do you have a question for Regina? Please post them at: http://ylcleansers.com/index.php?topic=2105.0

  • Talkin’ Scents about Thieves Products

    06/10/2010 Duration: 57min

    We would love to have you join us and tell us your story about Thieves Products. If you have a great story to share please email me at talktodrleanne@gmail.com and we will call you out!This is a great opportunity to have your friends and family come to a Young Living Party without pressure! Send them this email or voicemail to tell them you are going to tell your story then make sure you follow up afterwards to see what they liked about what they heard!If you have a great testimony that you would like to share but can't be there, please call this number and record your testimony for me and I will play it on the show. Please remember to state your name and where you are from! (512) 827-0505 ext 5073

  • Talkin' Scents about Whatever You Want

    22/09/2010 Duration: 01h21min

    Have more questions about Progessence Plus? I will tell you what I learned from Dr. Purser at the Super Saturday in Indianapolis. Get your questions in to www.ylwisdom.com and we will get them answered!! Please note time change to 1 pm central time!

  • The Sun Shines in Virgo!

    15/09/2010 Duration: 44min

    Today we'll be talking about the Virgo archetype, which purifies, organizes, and enjoys detail-oriented work. Virgo's ruler,Mercury, is retrograde so this is good time for going within and re-analzying one's goals and catching up with unfinished business. The hectic pace of the summer has simmered down, and we will slowly wind down and relax into less stressful times. Virgo will help us tend to our health needs, set new fitness and health goals, and organize us for the fall. An excellent time to be planning a colon cleanse or doing a deeper tissue cleanse if you are already in a great cleansing routine.