Craps: How To Play Craps: A Beginner To Expert Guide To Get You From The Sidelines To Running The Craps Table, Reduce Your Risk, And Have Fun

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You’ve heard the sudden bursts of cheers as you’ve strolled past the crowded Craps table.

You have even seen the countless TV shows and movies with the dice flying in slow motion over the green felt before knocking against the wall. The dealer barks out, “Winner!” and then the table roars with applause.

Now you want in.

But as you step up to an empty, unused craps table in a Vegas casino just to survey the complex boxes with terms like “Field” and “Pass Line”, you’re hesitant. You have second thoughts about going to an active table and putting $20 down because it just seems so impossible to play.

And then there isn’t just one dealer like at the blackjack table or roulette wheel, but four!

A bead of sweat tickles your brow and you walk away from the intimidating Craps table and decide to invest your money at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine or tackle a few hands at the three-card poker table.

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This book is designed for the beginner who has always wanted to experience the thrill of throwing the dice but was too afraid to learn how to play.

Worry not, shooter, this guide will have everything you need to step up to the table with confidence and have fun playing the wild game of Craps!

What This Book Will Teach You

  • The Absolute Basics

  • The Table

  • Playing the Game

  • Beyond the Basics

  • Fun Lingo

  • What not to do or say at the table

  • Tips for your first time