How To Play Piano: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Keyboard, Music, And Techniques

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Make Music on the Piano – Today!

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When you read How to Play the Piano, you’ll learn how to get started with this beloved musical instrument:

  • How the keys and pedals work

  • Proper body and hand posture for easy playing

  • The basics of reading piano music

  • How to get started one hand at a time

  • Span the octave with a finger pattern for the entire C Major scale

  • Methods for coordinating your two hands – you can do it!

  • Easy chord techniques for beautiful sounds

  • and so much more!

Inside this fascinating book, you’ll learn about the different kinds of pianos available today. You’ll find out how the piano works – and how the black and white keys are laid out. With the simple fingering techniques in this book, you can get started playing without reading music. Of course, as you progress, you’ll learn how to change hand positions, read piano notation, and enjoy the full sound of the piano.

This book marks the beginning of your lifelong piano adventure!

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