Puzzlebooks Press Mandalas - Volume 2: A Meditative Coloring Book For Ages 8 To 108

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Color. Relax. Enjoy.

Feel your stress melt away as you print out and color in each beautiful, unique design. With each shape and color, every stroke of the pencil or pen, your mind calms, your heart sings, and your whole body relaxes into the meditative process of working with art.

These mandalas are suitable for the child within from ages 8 to 108.

This coloring book contains:

 - 35+ exquisite, creative designs ranging from thoughtful simplicity to focused complexity.

 - Patterns both engaging and rhythmical, geometric and organic, ready to accept your personal reflection, intention, and creativity.

 - High-quality thick lines, so your artistic creations will be captured easily and perfectly.

Breathe. Color. Be at Peace.